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Ye Feng suddenly found that at the moment when Pojun and Wu Yue moved, the whole person’s momentum changed. When he slipped and leaned slightly, he reached the left side of Ye Feng. wood blade hit Ye Feng in the left arm "24", followed by wood blade’s pulling and pulling, and two swords were chopped in Ye Feng’s abdomen "13" and "2".
After the three swords were cut, Pojun Wu Yue stepped back and looked at Ye Feng with 79 points of blood left. Hey hey smiled. "Sorry, I didn’t expect a crit."
"crit is nothing, I will!" Ye Feng corners of the mouth a young body with footsteps a range is xiao qing put close-fitting chase.
Pojun Wu Yue looked at his eyes in an instant, and Ye Feng was frightened by the butterfly step MD and underestimated him!
As soon as the left hand shield shrinks, it will be protected on the chest, trying to hard resist Ye Feng’s blow. Who knows that as soon as Ye Feng’s body is moved and a "Z" is placed, people will flash behind Pojun Wu Yue.
Pojun Wu Yuegang wanted to roll on the spot, but Ye Feng knocked on his back with a sword faster.
"Violent thump!"
Greatly red se value emerged from Pojun Wu Yueshen double crit!
Tragedy Pojun Wu Yue hasn’t come yet. The original trough full of blood has seen the bottom.
Pojun Wu Yue froze.
Brother Fei also froze.
Ye Feng didn’t expect the battle to end with one sword, but he had to cut three or four swords to chop Pojun and Wu Yue, but suddenly a sword with double crit and 4% damage killed Pojun and Wu Yue.
Master Ye looked at his mouth as wide as a toad’s myth, and suddenly there was a flash in his mind-that sword style!
Yeah, that sword style! This situation is so appropriate.
Chapter 14 Forming a Team
"MD is mistaken, this little one is really a master." Brother Fei came to my mind and sighed with a great sigh at a limit. āo Wen Da, a senior hunter player in Huaxia Game Alliance, was not surprised by Ye Feng’s double crit. This is normal in the game. Who doesn’t have a personal outbreak?
But Ye Feng’s sharp āo makes Feiyue’s displacement not calm down. The master butterfly’s step sewing connects the Z word, and there is no stagnation in one move. What level āo is this? Even already beyond the master category.
"I’m sorry, Brother Fei, I lost." Pojun Wu Yue looked depressed. "Today is too bad."
"It’s okay, Pojun. I don’t blame you. If it were me, I wouldn’t have won him." Brother Fei didn’t blame Pojun Wu Yue for comforting him. "This little one is the best of the best."
"I am a rookie!" Ye Feng continued to pretend that the big-tailed wolf reached out and said, "Can you cash the bet first? The rookie is very poor."
"You idiot, you don’t know the common sense that you signed the contract PK ended the bet and automatically earned the winner’s backpack!" Pojun Wu Yue angered that it would not be too comfortable to change who was killed by a sword at the beginning of the game.
"I am a rookie and I don’t know it’s normal!" Ye Feng is very resistant to the stall hand loading 13 dozen backpacks to check the battle, so it looks as bad as it looks.
"Can you MD stop disgusting me with a rookie?" Pojun Wu Yue was so angry that he couldn’t wait to tear Ye Feng into pieces.
"OK, if you insist on this, I can’t help it. It seems that being a rookie is glorious. I am willing." Ye Feng looked at the bag with twenty coppers and two primary equipment appraisal papers. He was in a good mood and didn’t care about Pojun and Wu Yue.
It’s the shortest way to eat others and take their hands short. Although it was won by themselves, I saw that two people who were originally quite rich were suddenly tossed into poverty by themselves. Ye Feng was still very sympathetic
Pojun Wu Yuegang wanted to swear by the ceiling that "I think your ya just feels very glorious" but was pulled by Fei Ge.
"Brother, to be honest, how long have you played several games?" Brother Fei asked
"Where did you just play this" Eternity "?"It’s been playing for almost seven hours. "
"Seven hours?" Brother Fei looked at Ye Feng in surprise and couldn’t believe it. "What kind of freak is this? It took seven hours to practice to this extent. It seems that praising his genius is insulting him."
Brother Fei is constantly looking at Ye Feng, but what do you think of him? I don’t want to be a bullshit sample. If Ye Feng is pretending, this J and NG Zhan acting alone can be enough to win the world film emperor.
Pojun Wu Yue listened with his heart broken. Why don’t you go out today and look at the Gregorian calendar? It’s such a big pervert that you just let yourself hit him. After a back and forth analysis, it’s more and more certain that the guy who blew himself off with this sword is really a rookie.
Lack of common sense in the game is killing me, but the game āo is handsome and boundless.
"Rio Tinto brothers can add a friend and communicate more with us. This is no discord, no concord." Brother Fei thought for a moment and had a dispute in his heart.
"ok!" As soon as Ye Feng heard it, he immediately promised to come to, a stranger in Eternity. After making two old friends in the game, he can always find general game knowledge and be happy!
Ye Feng conveniently sent Friend Request to the two.
Brother Fei is naturally happy. Agreed.
Pojun Wu Yue looked at the request and tangled his eyes, vacillating between agreeing and rejecting.
This is an enemy who sickens himself to the point of collapse. Suddenly, it’s almost bitter to add friends with himself. What’s the matter with you throwing Friend Request here? Brother Fei wants to be your friend. That’s brother Fei’s business. Why did you send me here?
"Pojun, be generous. This man is great to both of us. Maybe he can help us. Don’t you want to get revenge for the war?" Brother Fei saw that Pojun and Wu Yue were still hesitating, so he knew what he was thinking and quickly sent him a secret message.
"agree!" Pojun Wu Yue was a little lost after adding friends and felt that his position was too shaky.
"That Pojun."
Pojun Wu Yue heard Ye Feng shout that his heart was shaking and that what was hit was too hard and there was a shadow of Y and N.
"After change temper don’t a whiteboard to bully rookie more! You said that since you followed Brother Fei, somehow it was considered that people with status did something without status. "Ye Feng was serious.