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It is unrealistic to say that Lin Farrero didn’t know it was in such danger. Lin Farrero is an absolute loyal warrior, and he will definitely return to St. Zeronte according to the emperor’s will.

At the gate of St. Zeronte, Ponte Emperor Dickenbeier ordered the army to camp ten miles away from the king’s capital, and did not let the soldiers station in the city. In respect of the emperor, Lin Farrero camped according to the order and entered St. Zeronte with Nelson’s aides.
General Lin Farrero, you are guilty of fighting privately. Dickenbelle seems to have got up the courage to say this to Lin Farrero.
Lin Farrero knelt in front of the emperor and calmly said that I am dedicated to protecting Ponte’s land and people.
King Dickenberg looked at it, and Oske seemed to be confirming the other side’s meaning. Oske stepped forward and said that General Lin Farrero was loyal.
Hearing this, King Dickenberg seemed relieved. The long-term court struggle has caused him a headache. It would be unexpected good news if we can rely on this victory to resolve the struggle between the two sides.
However, King Dickenberg was not happy for a long time, and Oskema took the second sentence. However, the national law is the national law, and it is a fact that General Lin Farrero used force privately. This denied the king Ponte’s majesty and punished General Lin Farrero.
Osk’s words are strict, but if he insists on lifting rules and regulations, Lin Farrero has no foothold
Osk, you little man, if my general hadn’t risked his life in the front line, would you be able to show off here safely? Former aide Kwachet and now aide Linfarrero Nelson got up and pointed at Osk’s nose and cursed.
What kind of class are you? This is your attitude towards the class. Osker said without moving, Lin Farrero dares to be arrogant in the court. If he is appeased, I am afraid that General Lin Farrero will become more and more courageous. If one day,
In the middle of his speech, Oske looked at Lin Farrero, and the meaning couldn’t be more obvious. Dickenbelle also heard it. Oske implied that if Lin Farrero defected, the Ponte Mountains would shake.
I, Lin Farrero, will never do anything against my loyalty. Lin Farrero waved Nelson to kneel and said to him.
Well, let’s just say that Osker seems to have a plan.
Dickenbelle looked around and swallowed a mouthful of saliva, then said that General Lin Farrero was loyal, but but the national law could not be disobeyed. Now I intend to retrieve the front-line command style of General Lin Farrero and give it to the current generation of soldiers, General Adia Osto.
Adia, Marxism-Leninism, said he was still dressed as a magician and saluted.
Adia hasn’t been back since he was injured in the Pasteur surprise attack. On the one hand, he robbed Long kopis. On the other hand, his injury is really serious. He has been recuperating peacefully in St. Zeronte.
I still know about Adia Lin Farrero. Although Lin Farrero doesn’t like Adia’s style of doing things, he still speaks highly of the strategy and tactics he specified in Paster’s surprise attack. When his own soldiers moved into his hands, he was always quite uncomfortable. Lin Farrero was loyal. Just now, he said that he wouldn’t go against King Dickenberg’s wishes. This time, he didn’t refuse the excuse.
I obeyed Lin Farei Ronai and nodded.
General, you just gave in, Nelson asked.
This is my will. I have no complaints, replied Lin Farrero
There was no sound in the words, and Osker won this move.
Adi Yama quickly set off to take over the soldiers of Lin Farei Luo, and others unexpectedly pointed the finger at Ponte’s army to the south.
The fortress of Karlslon has now been recaptured, and the Garland Germans are struggling hard. At this time, if we are in the north, we will definitely be forced to split the Garland Germans and reunite. The purpose is to allow Chen Li to take this opportunity to capture the passage from the city of Belladonia to the eastern continent and then occupy the northern part of the eastern continent. Garland is a rival, Adia said
But Belladonia has always been a vassal of Ponte, said Dickenbelle guiltily
Back to Belladonia, they were ostensibly subordinate to Ponte, but in fact, they always transported a large amount of materials and minerals to Aasland in Tasmania by land and sea. On the surface, it was a commercial business, but in the eastern continent, a large number of weapons and grain made them put pressure on Pontefrenia for a long time, especially in recent years, Lord Belladonia has repeatedly paid less late taxes. Big Ponte sincerely allowed me to levy Adia on them completely.
What do you think of King Dickenberg? He is a man who has no opinion at all. At this moment, he has to rely on the strength of his ministers.
I think general Adia’s suggestion is to choose Osk to answer.
Then according to General Adia’s instructions, the emperor Belladonia replied.
Walking down the hall, Adia took a look at Osk and said, Prime Minister Osk, I will take good care of the Linfalero ministries.
Well, if you meet reinforcements from the eastern mainland, you should kill the best one well. Don’t leave Osk, he said with a smile
Obviously, this time, the soldier was not for any political purpose, but to completely domesticate Lin Farrero to command Ponte’s army.
Adia Ma will be stationed in the Ponte army of San Zelente to command the frontline troops to mix as much as possible. A large number of commanders have replaced commander Lin Farrero to digest Lin Farrero’s strength layer by layer. He is operating quite quickly. It can be seen that such actions have long been planned.
When the Silver Eagle arrived at the gate of St. Zeronte, Adia had already made full preparations. The Silver Eagle did not enter the city of St. Zeronte. He did so because he was afraid that St. Zeronte would be like a huge black hole with a king’s destiny. Once it entered it, things would become due to the absolute king’s destiny.
Silver Eagle stationed its own rangers on the hillside outside St. Zeronte, and then sent Kira into St. Zeronte to inquire about information. Kira is a businessman who has been engaged in trade activities in Pontefrinia Cassin for a long time, and she is the best at inquiring about information.
Kira went and came back in a hurry. Now the situation in St. Zeronte is no secret. Anyone who wants to enter it can hear the wind and rain.
What father soldier was revoked and decided to attack Bella Dolia Luke was very surprised and asked Kira, who seemed to think Kira was joking with him.
Silver Eagle silently thought about something beside Luke. He had expected that Lin Farrero would have trouble when he returned to San Zelente, but he didn’t expect the trouble to wave to Belladonia and attack Belladonia. Obviously, Silver Eagle wanted to run counter to it.
Silver Eagle, I advise Luke to suddenly say seriously that when my father left, I said that you are the wisdom of the Covenant and that you can help Ponte solve the disaster.
Brother, you know everything. Joyce said to his brother Luke
Luke nodded and said, Sister, when my father asked you to look for the Bible, I counted it. This time, when my father returned to St. Zeronte, he told me all about the Bible. I believe my father chose.
The silver eagle silently watched Luke. He took a metal-edged book from his close-fitting oiled paper and said that this was the Bible of the Covenant.
Silver Eagle played this book page by page, and the pages with strange colors were displayed in front of everyone. Silver Eagle continued to say that there was no way to tell our department, and so was the Bible of Covenants.
Every page in the book of the Covenant is white and there is not a word. People have wide eyes and can’t believe this fact.
The Silver Eagle slowly closed the Book of Covenants. He looked at the people around him, Luke Joyce, the martial god Aaron, the half-elf, the Teniers knight Turawi, and Chila, and then said that the Book of Covenants is just a symbol. Things still need our wisdom to solve.
Silver eagle was silent for a moment. He seemed to be in a clue. He wrapped the book of the Covenant and silently put it in his carry-on pocket. He moved slowly and carefully. It seemed that he was thinking while moving.
Luke, what would you think if I said coup? Silver Eagle suddenly said something like this.
This is another bombshell. No one expected that Silver Eagle would deal with the problem in such a drastic way.
Silver eagle, are you kidding? Aaron, the martial god, pulled the sleeve of the silver eagle and said