7, Jun 2024
Looking at the joy Helen Liu Anfeng smiled lightly.

Think of Helen’s frowning words just now. What does this manager Lu mean? Is it Helen who is so daring to dig her up, or does she feel that he is the president’s younger brother who does everything with fear?
Recently, she has heard a lot of rumors that the president’s younger brother entered Lushi just to compete with him for inheritance.
Private employees in the company are also divided into three factions: one is to support the president, the other is to support manager Lu, and the other is to remain neutral.
Liu Anfeng took a sip of Helen’s coffee, frowning and frowning, or making coffee in the evening.
Reject and push aside
In public and private, she hopes that the president will be the future Lu heir.
Not only is she the president’s bearer, but she also helped her before the affair.
She’s not an ungrateful reporter.
Should she take the initiative to talk to the president about it?
Sue asked Mou Xun to send her to the palace directly after the evening shift. This time, she didn’t try to be brave and asked Mou Xun to wait for her outside.
Mou Xun wanted to go in with her, but Sue refused.
If she’s here to play, she’ll definitely take Mou Xun with her, but she’s here to find Director Xu, and it’s always bad to take him again.
Sue came to the second floor to find Xu Changbao, hold the bottle in her hand and gently knock on the door.
The door was full of excitement, and no one heard anyone knocking at the door.
Sue didn’t respond at night, frowned and knocked, but no one answered.
Yan Muqing saw her coming. "Mrs. Lu, what is this?"
"I’m looking for someone."
Yan Muqing glanced at the red wine in her hand. Who made Mrs. Lu so bloody after two years of Lafite?
Sue knocked on the door again and still didn’t respond. I was thinking about whether to directly push the door and go in.
"Let me take you in" Yan Muqing suggested.
"I’m the boss. It’s not weird to go in and propose a toast. You can just come with me."
Sue moved her eyebrows and pulled her lips. "Thank you, General Yan!"
"Don’t be so polite. Yichen and I grew up together. Just call me by my name." Yan Muqing waved and took a glass of wine from the clerk. At a glance, she pushed the door.
The people inside looked up because of the sudden intrusion of outsiders.
Sue’s scalp is numb when she comes into contact with a black eye. How can she meet Liu Yichen wherever she goes?
Yan Muqing is also one leng. What are these two playing with?
Did Mrs. Lu come to this bag to find Liu Yichen?
Xu, director of the school, saw that Sue was in a big mood last night. How did she catch up with this?
In the bag, besides Liu Yichen and Director Xu, there are two men Sue doesn’t know.
A beautiful woman sat beside each of the four men.
Sue night light glanced at Liu Yichen and saw that half of the beautiful women around him were exposed, and her face sank.
"Miss Su, we have something to talk about tonight. Come and see me another day." Director Xu said and glanced at Liu Yichen.
At the racecourse this afternoon, he didn’t forget that General Manager Lu was interested in Miss Su.