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Ji Yu sighed and made a gesture to the two prostitutes behind him, which means don’t make a move. The cold eyes glanced at Hong Yi again. He really went back on his word and brought him here. It’s a shame to steal chickens and costly rice.

Degree of hongyi with a wave a face of nai he also don’t want to get like this, his pathetic eyes back to the season.
The first policeman watched them move slightly and growled, "Put your hands up."
In this way, a group of people together with Gui Ruirui were taken to the police station and sat in the interrogation room to tell them that he was the chief of police, but the interrogators turned a deaf ear to his words. Although these people had seen his ID card and confirmed that his real name was Du Hongyi, they just refused to believe him. He had been asked so much that his anger was boiling and he was about to explode.
On the contrary, when the police saw Ji Yu’s ID card, they immediately bowed to him, pouring tea and delivering water. Who doesn’t know that the black and white characters in the city are called Ji Yu, and it is well documented that such a big man can see him better than a star. I have heard of him. There are not many people looking at him.
It was not until the deputy director of A city came to the police station of Y town to evaluate Hony’s identity that he was proved to be contemptuous of him. The police became dog-legged. Of course, these people’s hearts were full of apprehension. Who knows if the director will dismiss them all?
It’s already 1 o’clock in the evening in front of the police station in Y town. Hony has bitten his teeth. Some people are upset. It’s this woman who killed this enemy and didn’t report it to you. Besides, this season is too brotherly. She left early and left him here alone:
Chapter 17 Dead pervert
Du Hongyi quickly edited a short message with his mobile phone in his hand and sent it to Ji Yu. "Brother, believe me, I will ask Xia Yu from Xiao Ni’s mouth. Just wait for my good news." Since he promised Ji Yu that things will be completed, you will wait and see. Dare to scold him for being a sissy. This is the word he hates most since he was a child. At this time, Du Hongyi has resentment in his eyes.
After half a ring, a message came from Hony’s mobile phone, "It’s more than enough to lose."
"Depend, it really pisses me off to hit him like this and don’t believe me at all." Du Hongyi kept muttering in his mouth that he wouldn’t believe in evil spirits, and this Xiao Ni Du Hongyi quickly edited a message and sent it to Ji Yu Tian. He promised to personally ask Liu Xia in one afternoon, not only to prove his ability, but also to worry that if Ji Yu personally did it, it wouldn’t be a simple question.
This is the third consecutive day that Xia Yu has been hit by a decent blow. She is not only physically and mentally exhausted, but also full of confusion and unknowns about the future. Can’t she stand on her own feet? Can’t she live well after leaving the barrier of the season? Xia Yu’s face is so depressed and depressed that she is too tired to lie in bed and don’t want to move.
"Benedict, Benedict, Benedict" suddenly there was a knock at the door. Xia Yu couldn’t help but get a tingle. She stood on tiptoe and walked slowly at the door. There was no cat’s eye at the old wooden door. She couldn’t see who was outside.
"Who’s calling, please?" Xia Yu tugged at the tone urn airway
"Xia Yu, I’m Aunt Lin."
When I heard that it was Aunt Fang Donglin’s voice, Xia Yu immediately hit the door.
"What’s the matter, Xia Yu? Do you have a cold?" Aunt Lin moved into the door with questions.
The landlord is a woman who is nearly sixty years old. In her later years, most women are easy to lose their shape. Aunt Lin is no exception. Her figure has changed slightly, but she is not too fat. Her round face has been covered with wrinkles. A pair of reading glasses has been put on her nose. Aunt Lin and Wu Ma have completely different personalities. Aunt Lin’s face base is more indifferent than Wu Ma’s. At this time, Xia Yu can’t help but compare Aunt Lin and Wu Ma in front of her eyes.
"Without Aunt Lin, please sit down and drink some water?" Xia Yu said urgently.
I haven’t waited for Xia Yu to finish. Aunt Lin sat in a chair and said indifferently, "Did you find a job?"
Xia Yu slowly handed the cup to Aunt Lin and said, "No"
"I knew you didn’t find a job. You’re a pot-bellied woman, and it’s strange that people don’t want you." Aunt Lin scolded Xia Yu for not finding work-related syndrome.
Xia Yu nodded his head in embarrassment after listening to it, and the mood was even heavier. What about this aunt Lin?
Aunt Lin took the cup and took a sip. She looked up and said, "Sit down first."
"Oh" Xia Yu found a chair to sit next to Aunt Lin, although I don’t know what medicine is sold in Aunt Lin’s gourd.
"I don’t think it’s like you’re traveling here alone. You must be in conflict with your husband’s family. It’s not easy for you to be pregnant alone. If you really want to earn some money to make a living, I suggest you go to our D city and put up some small stalls at night. We are a tourist town. Small businessmen like this don’t look at it," Aunt Lin said slowly
Aunt Huan Lin will continue to say some cursing words without thinking that the surface is very cold. Aunt Lin’s heart is actually warm-hearted. Although she has never done it, the stalls selling gadgets are always crowded before passing through the night market street. Xia Yuxin is full of hope for the future. It’s true that everything will work out in the end.
I chatted with Aunt Lin for a while. Xia Yu learned from Aunt Lin what kind of vehicle to take at the place of purchase. She carefully remembered the place one by one and asked Aunt Lin many suggestions about what she should take first. I didn’t expect Aunt Lin to tell Xia Yu everything, and promised Xia Yu to take the goods back to help her ask for a booth.
This is really great. Xia Yuxin is full of hope, looking forward to the future with confidence, thanking Aunt Lin frequently, and then returning to the house, calculating the distance and how much it will cost, and so on.
After everything was taken care of, Xia Yu packed some things with him and put them in a bag. One night, Xia Yu couldn’t hide his excitement. After a few days of gloom, I didn’t expect that the world was still a good person. From returning to Rui to now, Aunt Lin slept particularly well and had a sweet dream.
next day
At the first alarm clock, Xia Yu got out of bed with a grunt. Although his eyes were still sleepy, the excitement of thinking that he could stand on his own feet drowned everything.
According to Aunt Lin’s line, Xia Yu stumbled all the way to the destination. Wow, this wholesale market is so big. It is estimated that there are about several thousand square meters on the three floors inside and outside. Although it is only 1 o’clock here, it is crowded here. The wholesale market has already been crowded with people of all shapes and sizes in the passage, either pulling goods in a hurry or stopping at the door of the shop to pick out the goods.
Xia Yu asked people all the way and found the small wholesale area where Aunt Lin suggested to buy small ornaments. It’s really a big area. Xia Yu turned around the area with paper and notes so as to want to buy the model and price of the goods. Xia Yu was really tired, but he could bear hunger if he could finish this matter quickly. Take paper and pens and circle the price relative to the cheap shops.
After a battle, Xia Yu was unfamiliar with the store and had some bargaining, and finally got almost 5 thousand yuan of goods. These ornaments were packed in a big bag, and the heavy Xia Yu roots could not spend money to call a car and went straight to the car. I bought a bread and a bottle of mineral water to alleviate my hunger and thirst while waiting for the bus.
Sitting in the car back to Y town, Xia Yu finally took a breath of air, which really trapped her and fell asleep as soon as she got off the bus.
In order to help Ji Yu find Xia Yu early, Hongyi came to Gui Jirui’s residence early. This time, he learned a lot and brought two policemen with him. However, he was stubborn and didn’t want to wear a policeman, which simply affected his charming image.
However, when I came to Guiruirui’s rental house, I knocked on the door myself, but there was no response. My hand was swollen. This smelly woman Du Hongyi had scolded Guiruirui n times in her heart.
"Hit the door for me" Degree Hongyi’s face has been stained a little angry and violent. He has always been good-tempered, but now he has no regard for his image.
Du Hongyi’s two policemen knocked the door neatly, but there was one person inside. This woman was so angry that she dared to play hide-and-seek with him. If I find her, I will definitely crush her face into an ugly face. Bao Hongyi secretly swore in my heart.
Don’t hide, I won’t find you. "Let’s go to Kanger Company." Du Hongyi ordered the two hands.
After more than a minute’s drive, the three people arrived at Kanger Company, where Guiruirui was located. The three people directly showed the police officer’s card to the receptionist and then expressed their intentions.
The receptionist didn’t dare to neglect. She immediately dialed the words of Guiruirui Marketing Department and arranged Du Hongyi and other three people to wait in the company meeting room.
"Why did the police find me again?" Returned to Rui Nene. Her face was puzzled and her eyes were full of panic. She didn’t know what the police found her again.
Although she was afraid, Gui Ruirui hurried to the conference room with swift steps.
"Hello, are you looking for me?" Gui Ruirui politely knocked on three doors and then entered the conference room.
"Yes, miss, please sit down." Hony hung his arms around his chest and crossed his legs. Although his face tried to pretend to be serious, he betrayed his quality slightly.
When I saw the man sitting in front of me, I couldn’t help but scream, "You’re a dead pervert. You’re the ghost of a fake police chief. Haven’t you had enough time in the detention center? What are you doing here?"
Gui Ruirui said a lot in one breath, and her face revealed her disdain and disdain for Du Hongyi.
Please pay attention to your words, comrade. Stop when a policeman wears a policeman.
Just because I was excited, I saw another person’s annoyance. Hong Yigen didn’t notice that there were two people sitting next to him, both wearing blue police uniforms, and their faces were solemn and in line with the police’s rudeness.
But don’t try to fool her with such inferior means. You can do anything for such a sinister person. For the first time, you played the director, and for the second time, you still didn’t give up. You didn’t know what else you would do next time, but it was terrible that Gui Ruirui had investigated all her details and found a company.
"Dead pervert, don’t buy two sets of clothes online and hire a few people. You are the police chief, and I also said that I am the mayor." Gui Rui’s voice is still very big and his face does not reveal a trace of timidity:
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