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Gu Xiaojun Wenleyanggen stopped talking nonsense and immediately set out on the road. Suddenly, there was a sharp baby.

Tattoon Te came running and stretched out his hand and stopped all the people, screaming with a gesture, but he wanted to follow all the people into the mountains to avenge his own kin.
"It would be nice not to kill you. Go home!"
Tutatun Te is trying to throw it far away than a pangolin …
It’s an emergency. Wenleyang and others have no time to talk nonsense with their African brothers. The three monks are carrying their bags and don’t say anything. They are also carrying a China agent. They keep blinking and disappearing at the foot of the mountain.
Tuttle’s eyes are always so sad and sad. He got up and patted his body with a hard bite and ran towards Tanggula Mountain …
Wenleyang or ground-breaking beasts, they are all used to the mountains and rivers. When they first entered the first male mountain in this plateau, they were slightly disappointed. There was no such thing as a rugged mountain without their imagination, but after running for a while, the feeling of low sky seemed to fall at any time, and the new feeling was firmly on their heads.
The white clouds overhead seem to bloom in Bai Lianhua auspicious and friendly.
However, the cold in Tanggula Mountain has no friendly meaning. This kind of cold is not as harsh as the howling of the evil wind in December, but it is so thick that ordinary people bear heavy burdens and squeeze the explorers’ bodies mercilessly, making them pay a great price for every step.
Wen Leyang didn’t expect Tanggula Mountain to be as lush as his hometown, but he didn’t expect it to be so heavy. It didn’t feel like they were climbing the mountain, but it felt like the mountain was climbing them …
None of the three monks try to be brave. Every day, they travel during the day and stay at night for six hours. When they rest, they are all in vain. Soon there will be a series of fierce battles.
On the third day, when crossing a famous mountain, I finally crossed the snow line, not far from the main peak of Tanggula, Gladanton, just like a sleeping beast, curled up its towering body into a ball and lay down quietly, but no one knew whether the lion was really asleep or had already narrowed his eyes and secretly looked at the people entering the mountain!
Wenleyang couldn’t help but let go of his footsteps after crossing the snow line, and even dared not speak loudly. He didn’t suck the water and was poisonous, and he didn’t want to collapse Xuefeng and then punched it out by mistake.
It’s a little hard to laugh at the cold and lack of oxygen in the mountains. "There’s no need to talk so carefully and there’s no avalanche. It’s related to melting glaciers and natural gravity. In fact, even the helicopter wind pressure is not enough to cause an avalanche! Shouting a few snows will collapse, and this chance will not help! The main reason is that the avalanche is too terrible, and everyone will be too careful! " Say that finish also evil drama shouted a.
Xiaosha turned around on the big Lama and shouted at Wenleyang, "The avalanche that words can trigger has long been triggered by the footsteps of former climbers! Those climbing snow peaks are jingling in the ice, and the movement is much more exciting than talking! "
Wen Leyang quickly took two steps with caution and said to Xiaosha, "Be careful! In recent years, I have encountered low probability events! "
Walking in the front of the pangolin, he threw his tail back and snorted with disdain. "Can you have me more?" You can dig up an old demon if you hide in the ground! "
Wen Leyang has rarely heard such heartless words recently. One couldn’t hold back and laughed loudly. After a while, he kept echoing on the top of the stacked snow. Hahahaha. It sounded like a ghost. Just as he was getting lower and lower, he suddenly’ clicked’ a clear ice surface and cracked into everyone’s ears.
The three’ vehicles’ immediately stopped and looked at each other, saying that they were not so clever …
Cracks appeared in front of everyone about ten meters, but the cracks did not spread as quickly as landslides, but more like someone chiseling and knocking carefully on the ice … After a while, an ice sheet finally snapped a hole the size of a wellhead, and a white figure emerged like a fish.
Old Gu Xiaosha and Fei Fei saw that it was not an avalanche, and they all breathed a sigh of relief. They looked at the people coming out of the ice sheet with great interest.
However, Wen Leyang, Jean Jiong and Pangolin were full of surprises. They looked at each other’s faces one by one. Three people were more ugly than one. One was sanctified by poison, one was a tantric practitioner and one was a great sorcerer. Their consciousness had been firmly covered around for a long time. But until now, their eyes have been able to see each other’s five senses and eyebrows are condensed. However, their consciousness is still swaying, failing to notice each other’s presence!
Suddenly, the man is not very old. He looks like a boy of thirteen or fourteen. He is thin and short. There is nothing special about his appearance, but the whole person is as bright as ice sculpture and snow. With the white robe from head to toe, it seems that the whole snow mountain is integrated.
The white-robed teenager also looked at them carefully. After a while, he looked at the oldest Gu Xiaojun. "Where are you going?"
He startled everyone with one bite. A voice like a snow doll was hoarse and suffocating, as if a sharp blade was embedded in his throat, and every word he uttered was cut into two parts!
Even if Wen Jiu and Wen Shi San all know that it is not common to suddenly drill people out of a dozen meters thick ice sheet.
Gu Xiaojun’s face has long been blue with cold and you can’t see what it is. "Who are you? Hidden repair of Tanggula Mountain? " When talking, Gu pinched the pangolin’s shoulder to signal him to get ready. If the white-robed teenager comes to be too evil, he may not let him go with Xie Xiu.
At the same time, Wenleyang also quietly made a sign to the big Lama, and the two men slowly staggered around each other.
The white-robed young horse found their hostility and smiled. "Don’t get me wrong. Recently, there are quite a lot of people in the mountains. Let me ask if you have any good things …" His smile was refreshing but creepy.
Old Gu refused to tell the truth, of course, and he was thinking with a hey hey smile about how to make a long whistle from the top of the snow, echoing and rushing into the depths of their eardrums. The white-clad teenager suddenly changed his face when he heard the long whistle, just like a vigorous seagull plunged into the ice!
At the same time, Wen Leyang, Jean Jiong and Pangolin broke ground and drank one or three people at the same time, and they rushed to the white-robed boy to ask the landing person for support!
Chapter seventy-five Ice gap
Wen Leyang, Jean Jiong and the ground-breaking suddenly challenged the white-robed teenager to move fast, but he was far worse than the three of them, and he had not touched the ice yet. The six big hands had just caught him in front of him and started.
Gu Xiaojun watched and caught the origin. For many years, three people, such as Wenleyang, suddenly screamed a layer of frost together, and quickly reached their hands from the juvenile body. Wenleyang and others were suddenly frozen!
Frost glitters in the weak sunshine, and the magnificent splendor spreads rapidly towards the arm along the hands of Wen Leyang and others. When Wen Leyang and others first encounter a surprise attack to protect themselves, they are really energetic. At the same time, they launch almost no effort to shatter the ice, but the arrest potential is also slowed down. Everything happens when the body of the white-robed teenager with flint has hit the thick ice sheet of everyone’s feet.
The pangolin, which broke the ice the fastest, broke the ground, leaving a white swinging robe in his hand.
When the white-robed boy escaped, he didn’t break through the ice sheet like he did when he appeared, but when he touched the ice sheet, it was like falling in the fire and the snowflake disappeared.
Breaking the ground, Kenai shook off his robe and curled his mouth with a smile. "This little spell is nothing but too rare to accidentally let him escape. Say nothing and he won’t get away."
Wen Leyang is still surprised that when the other person’s face hits the ice sheet, he will point to the place where the other person disappears. "What spell was that just now?"
Let Jiong Lama frown and look thoughtfully at the boy when he appears.
Breaking the ground just now is embarrassing to hope that someone can say something and explain to Wenleyang "This is a dun technique, which is similar to our soil dun, but he is …"
Wen Leyang tried the excuse "Ice Dun?"
Breaking the ground and laughing, "What’s ice hiding? This is the water hiding method. You can also escape the ice when you practice it …" Said breaking the ground and flipping the robe to find some clues.
The robe is white in color and occasionally turns up a trace of silver in the sunlight. It is in the venue that everyone is well informed and can’t guess what the texture of this robe is. Just now, the teenager and the ground-breaking escaped and grabbed the ground. The monk’s true yuan pulled and swayed with great strength. This robe is not damaged at all, which shows that the texture is strong and abnormal.
The pangolin fiddled with the robe and couldn’t see why. He handed it to the right and wrong and walked over and said, "It’s always a good thing for you, girl …" Before he finished his words, he suddenly jumped up with a white shadow and took away the robe in his hand. When everyone was attacked by the enemy, he retreated and disappeared into the ice, leaving a series of strange smiles. "Give me back the robe!"
No one thought that teenagers had been lurking at their feet waiting to get their robes back before they left! This time, Wenleyang and others’ spiritual knowledge still did not notice him at all.
The earth-breaking beast was so angry that his chest and lungs suddenly burst into a huge body full of fighting spirit. He jumped high with his hands crossed into hammers and bombarded the ground hard, trying to accumulate a thousand years of demon power to blow the white-robed teenager out of the ice sheet.
The first time I was not familiar with the juvenile achievement method, it was still understandable to be escaped by others. This time, I was actually robbed of my robe by that little boy.
Especially, it’s hateful to see that he’s really yuan from the young man’s skill of freezing ice, but it’s because of his ability to hide his body from being detected and his water escape spell that he has ventured to escape in the hands of several strong people twice.
Wenleyang and master Jiong were so scared that they jumped up and pulled the crazy pangolin from the middle.
Breaking ground was dragged by two companions, gasping for breath. Two bronze bells flashed like fierce light and glared at Wen Leyang and Jean Jiong. "Why are you pulling me!"
Let Tim’s face smile peacefully. "Can you find you when you dig in the soil?" People have fled, and you can’t catch people when you smash the ice sheet! " Five-element dun technique is a way to break through five elements. Soil dun is not to drill water in the ground like earthworms, nor to swim in the sea like hairtail. If so, fire dun will be barbecued directly … "The Dalai Lama also explained the five-element dun technique to Wen Leyang and others by the way when he broke the land.
Wenleyang quickly nodded with Lama’s words. In fact, he was worried about an avalanche just now.
Ground-breaking eyes are full of disdain. "I’m not trying to smash the ice, but I always want to break the law of other places …"
Just then, a pale old face suddenly leaned out from the pangolin’s shoulder and grinned at others. I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. Wen Leyang was about to punch out as soon as he could react. At this time, a crisp sound woke up behind him with a smile. "That’s our leader!"
Just now, the three master rabbits jumped up and down, and their body speed was as fast as the wind. Old Gu Feifei and Xiao Sha were all lying behind them, but they didn’t come, especially when they broke ground and made the biggest noise. Gu Xiaojun’s eyebrows cramped behind him and he gasped for a long time before he recovered.