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"They’re coming out!" Lin Sheng they are resting outside with a ghost laugh. A person looks inside at the door from time to time to see Chang Fa and Dongfang Bai. They come out. They hurriedly shouted at Lin Sheng and his party. When they saw the door, everyone came out. It seems that things should be finished.

"Wang Tuanchang kept you waiting …" Chang Fa came over and said with a smile.
"You are important there, and we have nothing to do anyway …" Lin Sheng said with a wave and a smile.
"Colonel Wang, it’s really hard for you this time." Jifa also came out with Qian Kun at this time and gave Lin Sheng an arch hand and came along.
"There, there should be a person’s money, so it’s natural to eliminate disasters." Lin Sheng was a little surprised. Just now, this guy was still freezing cold. How did he become so enthusiastic at the moment? But I didn’t take it to heart. I heard Master Chang tell us something, and I was interested in attracting it.
"Come on!" Jifa and Lin Sheng exchanged a few commonplaces, that is, Qian Kun shouted that Qian Kunma reached into his pocket and took out a money ticket.
"I heard that Colonel Wang’s hand to defend our goods was heavy casualties. It’s nothing to show respect." Then he took the money ticket from Qian Kun and handed it to Lin Sheng Lin Sheng. You’re welcome to pick it up. It was actually a five hundred thousand-ling money ticket, but it was much more than the original agreement. Lin Sheng was just about to ask Chang Fa, but it was a mouth.
"Colonel Wang’s information about the mercenary trade union is just a matter of people’s eyes and ears. This five hundred thousand spirit coins are indeed worth the money. But you have a large number of brothers who are working with you."
"So that’s it ….. then I would be disrespectful. My brothers thanked me first." The knight mercenary group suffered heavy casualties this time. Lin Sheng also knew that their pay was really worth the price, and there would be no shirking. You are welcome to put the money ticket in your pocket.
"What thanked the brothers in advance for this money? The tribe has done your pocket!" Jifa a cold smile in my heart is still filled with this bright smile.
Of course, Lin Sheng doesn’t know what’s on his mind, but Lin Sheng understands that this guy is so enthusiastic that he is urging himself to go. No wonder he still has a bitter gourd face in the afternoon, but Lin Sheng is naturally happy. He has long been reluctant to get involved in this muddy water and wants to leave this place early. Now he is paid and naturally happy to leave here.
"Now that we have delivered the goods and got the reward, we will leave now, so we won’t bother you here. See you later!" Lin Sheng arched his hand, but he said goodbye to Chang Fa and Dongfang’s father and daughter. He turned around and took two dozen mercenaries to leave …
"Mr. Wang, wait!" Oriental Phoenix is in a hurry. After getting along with this for more than a month, Xiao Ni has long had a strange feeling for Lin Sheng. I don’t know if I can see you again then. Naturally, I have to go to the individual well.
"You wait for me in front with your brothers first." Lin Sheng said to Liu Pojun and Ghost Smile, that is, he turned around and looked at the Oriental Phoenix, and finally ran to Lin Sheng. This is the mouth and asked, "Miss Oriental has something to do?"
"the amount? It’s okay. Be careful all the way. Which Duanmu home "Oriental Phoenix was suddenly thought of saying goodbye by this Lin Sheng question. It was a mess and said intermittently.
"Well, I will, and you should take good care of yourself." Lin Sheng patted her on the shoulder and said that she immediately blushed for the Oriental Phoenix. Lin Sheng was nothing. He always treated her as a little sister and didn’t think it was wrong to do so.
"By the way, you almost forgot the last time you bought rouge gouache here!" Lin Sheng looked at the red-faced Oriental Phoenix, and this is the time when I remembered buying rouge gouache in the store on the road. I have been so busy that I almost forgot that I would not remember it if I didn’t see the red face of Oriental Phoenix at the moment.
"This ….." Oriental Phoenix looked at Lin Sheng’s rouge gouache box in amazement, and suddenly remembered the sacrifice that was almost killed by the bodhi old zu in The Hunger. I didn’t expect Lin Sheng to buy gouache for her, and my heart suddenly jumped up …
"Well, I almost forgot and I don’t know if I can throw it away." Lin Sheng handed the rouge gouache box to Oriental Phoenix and said with a smile.
Oriental Phoenix’s heart is as sweet as eating honey, so you can still listen to Lin Sheng’s words. It’s silly to be alone with that box.
"That’s all right, I left." Lin Sheng patted Oriental Phoenix on the shoulder again and said, "Say that finish, I turned around and hurried to the big army. In fact, after this battle, so many people can’t be called big troops …
Until Lin Sheng took the Oriental Phoenix, she still didn’t return to absolute being. When she returned to absolute being, she could see Lin Sheng’s back.
"Aye …" The Oriental Phoenix stamped its feet heavily and looked at Lin Sheng’s back angrily. I really want to rush to punch him, but it can also be just thinking about it.
"Go home, they have gone away …" Oriental White pulled Oriental Phoenix lightly and said how could he not know what his daughter was thinking …
In this way, Lin Sheng and his party and the alchemist were divided, and Lin Sheng still didn’t know the identity of the people who often sent them, just guessing that they were well-connected, but now he has nothing to do with himself. Now that he has received the reward, he should take his brothers back to Beizheng. He still has a beautiful old father waiting for him!
Chapter 60 Ghost Laugh Adult Plan
? Chapter 60 Ghost Laugh Adult Plan
As dusk approached, the sun was about to set. At this time, Lin Sheng took two dozen mercenaries to wander around this Yelang country, saying that it was actually a city the size of Yelang, and there was no other force interested in it. It was a very different country in this remote place.
It’s getting late and I’m very tired after such a long time. Although Lin Sheng is eager to go home, he decided to rest for a few days in this place. Moreover, it’s the first time for him and these people to come to this place. I’ve heard about the beautiful scenery and strange scenery in this scenic area for a long time. Now that I’m here, I can just enjoy it.
Now that I’ve decided to stay for a few days, I have to find a place to stay first. Now it’s a light thing. Lin Sheng feels great at ease.
"There seems to be an inn in front of the public!" After walking for a long time, I was actually unscathed. When I finally saw an inn not far ahead, I couldn’t help but feel happy. I finally found everyone. I just stepped up my pace and walked into the inn in front. It was very cold and cheerless, so one or two guests were drinking a little wine.
No wonder there are so few inns in this place. Lin Sheng self-care sighed that he saw a guest at the door, and the store showed a bright eye and quickly greeted him in person.
"Can the store have a room?" Lin Shengxiao asked.
"How many of them are staying at the hotel? Although my inn is small, there are plenty of rooms." The shopkeeper looked at such a large group of people behind Lin Sheng and replied happily.
"How many?" Lin Sheng turned to smile and asked so many mercenaries. He was a little worried about staying in this inn.
"Let me talk to the boss. I’ll do the little things. Let’s go to the desktop over there and have a rest first." Ghost smiled and said before he left.
Lin Sheng nodded his head and acquiesced in this respect. He was indeed not as good as Ghost Smile. He pulled a bench next to a table and sat down. There is also a Han sitting next to him drinking wine. Seeing Lin Sheng sitting next to the table, he glanced at it faintly and said nothing. When he approached a lamp of tea, Ghost Smile finally finished bargaining with the boss and sat down with all the mercenaries around.
"There are a total of seven rooms here. Our department has decided to take you to your room for dinner later." Ghost laughed and said while pouring a cup of tea.
"Well, let’s eat first, and the brothers are hungry. Have a good meal today, and then each person will send five hundred ringgits to spend money to play wherever they want." Lin Sheng said to the ghost smile while greeting the store food, and took out two ten thousand money tickets and handed them to the ghost smile.
"Five hundred? Is it a little too much? We may not be able to get so much in the previous year! " Ghost smile looked at the hands of two money tickets murmured
"What’s more? We’re spending money here to go back. We’re paying for this hard money. It’s all brothers’ lives. Naturally, we have to let them spend it happily!" Lin Sheng eyes a clot said
"But …" Ghost smile was prepared to say something but was stopped by Lin Sheng motioning with his hand.
"Well, then, I’ve heard that my first brothers thanked me!" Ghost laugh saw that persuasion failed, so I didn’t say much more. I did it according to Lin Sheng’s instructions. While the food was not ready yet, I asked the boss about the bank and changed the money ticket department into Lingbi. The brothers distributed so much money at a time. At this time, the mercenary hands were all full of laughter, but they were strengthened. After following Lin Shenggan’s determination to ghost laugh, they took thousands of Lingbi and prepared to return it to Lin Sheng, but they were rejected by Lin Sheng.
"You have to give half of this to Brother Liu and keep half of it. You need to spend some trivial things in the group, too, don’t you?"
"Oh, then I’ll send the money to Brother Liu later." Ghost smile and put away the Lingbi. At this time, the food in the store is also ready. Good wine and good dishes are all brought to the table. The mercenaries cheer. All of them are eating and drinking. The drinks Lin Sheng is not strictly controlled, or they can get drunk. After all, this place is a stranger. It would be bad if one department gets drunk and meets any emergency.
These mercenaries are naturally white, and they have just spent money. One by one, they are still ready to go out and have some fun. Naturally, they won’t get drunk. A few drinks will be enough for their brothers. There are still many people who come to worship Lin Sheng’s wine. Even if these people drink the most, they are already a little drunk. It’s really infuriating to force the drinks out, but that’s not too interesting. Lin Sheng is paralyzed by those drinks.
After satiated with food, the mercenaries went out to hang out with a group of 351 people. It feels good to have money in their hands, even if it is not spent in their pockets, but the waist is a little harder than usual. In a short time, there are only three people left in the inn, Lin Sheng and Ghost Smile Liu Pojun. It is hard to imagine that this ghost smile is still a virgin, Lin Sheng and himself. But it is no wonder that this ghost smile was originally a killer and naturally no woman dared to approach him and become a robber. Hou is eating a meal, but also … Liu Pojun is an old hand. Where is he telling a dirty joke and his romantic history that provoked Lin Sheng and the ghost smiling face to blush with embarrassment?
"I just observed that although this place is remote, there are quite a few places for fireworks. Why don’t I take you two out to be adults later?" Liu Pojun stared at the ghost smile and Lin Sheng teasing.
"I think I’ll forget it. I’m still young and I’m not in a hurry. It’s a ghost laugh. You should go to adulthood." Lin Shengduan pointed at the ghost and smiled.
Liu Pojun is also deeply staring at the ghost laugh, which means that nature is self-evident.
"I …" Ghost smile one leng and then face hot don’t know what to say.
"That’s settled. Anyway, you have a lot of money. I’ll take you to haha later." Liu Pojun didn’t refuse to smile, but patted the ghost smile on his shoulder and said that even the shopkeeper heard it and smiled.
"If you really want to go, go to the Baihuahui, where the girl is gee," said the shopkeeper with a face of nostalgia.