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What’s going on? Maybe it’s hatred in Su Qinglian’s eyes or Lin Chengtian’s kind of humiliation. People who win are not happy or sad, no matter how they always win.

Zhang Ranran ran to embrace Lin Cheng Deng’s family patriarch Deng Jianwei and his brothers all surrounded Lin Cheng with excitement.
The iron fist Deng family won the title of the first clan in Fujian again after decades.
2 first to the sea
Lin Cheng of Dengjia Village has been regarded as the most popular guest in Dengjia Village, not half the owner now. Uncle Hua, the old head of Dengjia Village, almost awarded Lin Cheng the title of honorary villager in Dengjia Village just now.
The villagers in Dengjia Village are actually very simple, and the clan concept is particularly important. If you are kind to him, he will regard it as the honor of being a generation of close friends and the first clan, which will make them happy for several years.
The banquet was held in Dengjia Village. One day, people came, ate, walked and came again. All day, the dishes kept drinking and the dishes kept going.
Zhang Ranran Lin Cheng had another day’s rest. When he left, Uncle Hua, the old clan leader, took out a big handbag and smiled. "Just say it a few days ago. We will give you 100,000 yuan to help you with boxing. Now everyone knows that it is unreasonable not to give money?"
Lin Cheng refused to be subject to the old clan’s insistence. Lin Cheng said, "Well, I’m also in Dengjiacun, and I can’t afford to give this money to children who can’t learn to eat at the ancestral temple."
The old clan will no longer insist on seeing Lin Chengqi’s sincerity.
On the third day, Lin Cheng and Zhang Ranran returned to Fujian Road and Bridge Construction Group with Deng Jianwei and signed an agreement on the same day. All cables and optical cables of Fujian Road and Bridge Construction Group were given by Hongan Group.
After the successful conclusion of Zhang Ranran’s trip to Fujian, Deng Jianwei said goodbye and left for the sea.
Fujian is more than 900 kilometers away from the sea. Zhang Ran is also very happy to drive all the way. Although tired, he is also very happy. Lin Cheng’s left arm injury is not good. Lin Cheng will not insist on Zhang Ranran’s height.
After passing Ningde Fuding, it will enter the scope of Zhejiang, and it will take more than seven hours to get to the sea.
The sea is an international metropolis, the largest city in China, with a population of more than 20 thousand. It is a meeting place for Chinese and foreign cultures and a window for the integration of Chinese and Western cultures.
On the way, Zhang Ranran gave Lin Cheng a detailed explanation of what to do in this trip to the sea.
Hongan cable industry has done a lot. Many areas in northern China recognize Hongan cable, and Zhang Hong lives in society. The story of Huaxia Guohua is an old acquaintance. Zhang Hongan’s friends met Hua Yingmin, the president of Haihua Construction Group, through the introduction of friends all over the world, and naturally gave cables to the Chinese group. At that time, the Chinese Construction Group was building Huaxia high-speed rail industry, and Huaxia high-speed rail runs through the north and south of China, which is a national-level project. Thousands of tons of cables are needed. This is a big single Hongan cable staff who work overtime regardless of holidays and are afraid of delaying the country’s construction of high- Over the past year or so, Hongan Cable has been giving 200 million cables to the China Construction Group. It is known that the first batch of goods will not be paid, and the first payment will be made until the second delivery. This is still a good situation. The worst case is that the goods can’t get the money until the project is completed and profits are generated.
The 200 million yuan of China Construction Group has been settled one after another with the end of the project. For a big month, the Chinese group suddenly stopped ordering Hongan cables. It was the more and more Zhang Hongan that sent their elites from all walks of life to expand their businesses. Zhang Hongan was also anxious to send her daughter Zhang Ranran, who studied economics, to Deng Jianwei of Fujian Luqiao Group in the south to see if she could expand her business. Why did she unilaterally tear up the agreement by dropping by the headquarters of Haihua Construction Group to see what was going on?
Expanding business is a top priority, and I will go to sea until Fujian has happened.
China Construction Group is located in Baoshan District, Haibaoshan District. It is located in the north of Haibaoshan City. It is adjacent to the Yangtze River in the northeast and the Huangpu River in the east. Four central cities, Yangpu, Hongkou, Zhabei and Putuo, are adjacent to the border of Xijiading District in the northwest corner. Taicang City, Jiangsu Province, is adjacent to the middle of the Yangtze River. It will be divided into two parts: Wusong Bridge, Ruochuan Road Bridge, Jiangyang Road Bridge and Hutai Road Bridge, which straddle the gate of Haibei.
Zhang Ranran’s new Audi A4 is equipped with GPS navigation. It’s already past 4: 00 when journey to the south arrives at the headquarters of the China Construction Corps in Baoshan District. Everyone first turned around in front of the imposing 2-story building of the headquarters of the China Construction Corps, and then Lin Chengyi is inconvenient to go now. After going to work soon, the boss may not necessarily pay more attention to Lin Cheng’s opinions when he returns them to others in advance even after the horse shift. Second, he found that Lin Cheng’s thinking problems are as deep as his fist through contact.
Boxing pays attention to attacking what the attacker doesn’t defend, so he has no time to defend, and so does negotiation skills, so he has no time to plan and calculate.
They found a hotel around Huajian Group and arranged to live in a Sichuan restaurant next to the hotel. Zhang Ranran got a car but didn’t see any fatigue. The assistant was very discerning to see that Miss Zhang seemed to invite Lin Cheng to take the initiative to say that she was tired and asked to go back to the hotel to rest.
In big cities, the night economy is very developed, and many shops are open until after midnight. Many food stalls are open all night. Seafood is sweet. Northerners are really not used to Zhang Ranran’s personality. Lin Cheng likes Lin Cheng and Zhang Ranran very much. They have never been in love, but they all feel that they have a good impression on each other, but they don’t know how to express their feelings. Zhang Ranran is curious to see everything. He bought this and that, and even bought small gifts for a bunch of people. This can be bitter. Our Lin has become a left hand.
Zhang Ranran ran all the way and stopped in front of a food stall. "How about giving you a chance to invite a beautiful woman to eat a kebab?"
Lin Cheng smiled, "If I say no, isn’t it a wet blanket?" Lin Cheng’s words also made a difference. Zhang Ranran smiled at once, "Then I’ll take you as a promise to invite me."
Said will sit "and so on" Lin Chengyi voice to Zhang Ranran got a fright.
Lin Cheng went to Zhang Ranran and pulled a white plastic chair for Zhang Ranran. "I heard that gentlemen are all such ladies."
Zhang Ranran ha ha smiled cuttlefish disorderly fibrillation "I didn’t expect our martial arts master Lin is not so serious"
"You mean I’m not serious?"
"You said it yourself. I didn’t say hehe."
Two young men and women who like each other, whatever they say seems to be love words.
A glass of draft beer to Lin Cheng was turned over by Zhang Ranran from childhood to martial arts, but Zhang Ran also hit his own box.
Zhang Ranran has been Zhang Hongan’s little baby since his life. Although Zhang Ranran has a brother, Zhang Hongan loves Zhang Ranran.
Zhang Ranran slowly complained.
My father treats my brother as an heir, but he loves me as a baby. Everything is the best since childhood. It is better to eat than ordinary people. Toys are the latest and most expensive. Often cartoons have just come out. My father himself or his client bought them for Zhang Ranran. This kind of life is still so slow in junior high school and high school. I feel unhappy and happy to go to college. I want to think about a school that is far away from home. I want to live independently. I really want to go abroad to study in college, but I find that my father has helped me. After school, the teacher also helped me to connect with the university. Qingdao Ocean University Qingdao is not far from Wendeng, which is about three hours’ drive. Every holiday, my father sends a driver to take me home to study and then sends the driver back to school. Not only that, but even on weekends, I feel that I don’t have a lot of classmates who envy me at all. I know it’s all because my family is rich. In fact, I think that if these universities don’t chase me, I can row from school to school, but many people can’t muster up the courage. Perhaps it’s nothing else, of course,
Zhang Ranran took a sip of beer. "Do you know what I just saw the food stall and wanted to come and sit down? That’s because when I was in college, I often saw my classmates go to the food stalls for dinner on weekends. When I came back, I talked about it. I have been thinking about what the food stalls taste like. Is it really so delicious? "
Lin Cheng is a good listener, so Zhang Ranran said. Lin Cheng’s heart didn’t interrupt or interrupt.
"I have been in love for three days in college. Do you believe it? I finally got a boy who was not scared by his father’s luxury car bodyguard. It happened that I could see this boy, so I tried to promise to associate with him. This guy dared to hold my hand the next day and kiss me the next day. "After that, I looked at Lin Cheng with my eyes tied and tied." We have known each other for so many days. Do you dare to hold my hand? "
Lin Cheng looked at Zhang Ranran’s slightly drunk eyes stimulated by alcohol and hesitated. "I am going to skip these two steps and get to the point."
Zhang Ranran listened to Lin Cheng say that finish a little one leng and then laughed. "I found that you are definitely not as dull as you look. You haven’t heard my three-day love history. The boy who wants to kiss me on the third day when his horse wants to kiss my mouth.
I suddenly hid. I felt that his eyes were impure. No matter how he explained it, I resolutely ended this three-day relationship. This is the only time I have been in love for three days since I grew up. "
21 iron hand flash
It may take a glance to like someone, but it takes a generation to forget someone.
Lin Cheng can feel the nostalgia and regret for his first love in Zhang Ranran’s heart. Zhang Ran is already drunk and drunk. Zhang Ranran has the characteristics of unsteady steps and blurred eyes.
Lin Cheng holding Zhang Ranran walked to the hotel. The food stall was not far from the hotel. Zhang Ranran leaned on Lin Cheng’s arm and was approaching the hotel. I don’t know where a few young people with colorful hair jumped out, whistling and just about to jump off a motorcycle. Suddenly I found Lin Cheng holding Zhang Ranran’s shout and surrounded him.
Today, Zhang Ranran wore a casual long-sleeved tunic shirt and jeans, which set off her figure just right. Is her chest chest hip or hip?
Lin Cheng found that a few young people surrounded him with a look of bedroom eyes as if they were their companions, and they didn’t look at themselves at all, but they all gave vent to Zhang Ranran.
"This girl looks good."
"Tell this girl to stay with our brothers for one night." Several hooligans clamored for Lin Cheng to hold Zhang Ranran and stood quietly and coldly looking at these hooligans with yellow hair. They grinned wildly and suddenly saw the hooligans’ yellow teeth laughing. "You said you should dye your yellow hair. Why did you dye your teeth yellow?"
When a few hooligans heard the great anger, "You beggars don’t want to live", they swore and were about to rush.
A Mercedes ML35 stopped with a screeching brake.
There came a big man who was nearly 1.9 meters tall. He couldn’t tell his age was thirty or forty years old. His face was black, his eyes were heavy and his figure was tough. His Armani suit was tight and tight, and his muscles were tight, so he had to break his clothes.
"Don’t make trouble around here, you little monkeys, and get out of here." The big fellow seemed to thunder.
"Is iron uncle dare not make trouble dare not make trouble" A few little beggars cold sweat straight drop estimate that a little wine strength with sweat flow out.
Lin Cheng, look at this big fellow called Iron Uncle. His purple face is also full of alcohol.
The big fellow turned to Lin Cheng and said, "Go home after dinner and don’t wander around here."
Lin Chengchao big fellow nodded "good thanks"
The big fellow turned the car and slammed the throttle. The ML35 tire ground rubbed violently and left.
A few yellow-haired punks didn’t dare to disperse in a hubbub until Chen Zhongtie drove away before he dared to leave. When he left, Lin Cheng listened to several punks muttering, "This is the famous iron uncle in Haidao, who is known as the Iron Hand Flash."
Lin Cheng held Zhang Ranran back to the hotel and the quilt went back to the room to rest.
The next morning, Lin Cheng got up early and finished washing the pile. Zhang Ranran came to knock on the door. Everyone packed up and drove to the imposing front door of Huajian Building, the China Construction Group Building. The parking lot is vast, and it is a symbol of strength.
Lin Cheng, Zhang Ranran and his assistant just parked the car. A security guard came to look at the license plate and shouted, "Take the car away quickly."
"Hello, we’re here to talk about business, so we’ll stop for a while." Zhang Ranran pointed to the "P" sign, which means that I didn’t park in the parking space indiscriminately.