30, May 2024
Mo Yifan will never say that again. Those crazy people immediately turned around and slipped away from the corner door and fled far away. If he stays here, he will feel like a street performer selling powerpills in the old club.

This kind of paradise water has just been experimented by biotechnology company, but this experimental project was also brought by Mo Yifan himself. The predecessor of this potion was Mo Yifan, who scraped it from the doctor’s personal small laboratory in the experimental base in Hong Kong. But now Mo Yifan’s potion is completely different. At that time, after he got this potion, he found that it can really replenish his physical fitness quickly, but the toxic side effect is quite large. It can be said that this potion is quite good for me, but it is not a must.
Mo Yifan, however, was inspired by this potion. Some time ago, after reading a lot of information, he found a key plant potion that can stimulate human potential. Finally, he issued a physical supplement potion that is completely free of toxic ingredients and will not be addictive. But then he found that although this potion has no toxic side effects, human potential can’t be endlessly stimulated. This potion is still not good after drinking too much, so the researchers of biotechnology companies began to develop this low-concentration daily formula. Of course, this. Low-concentration daily assembly can not simply dilute the high concentration once, but some low-efficiency drugs instead of the formula. Although the drug effect produced in this way is much worse, it is good that the fine water can keep people in the best condition every day
The clinical experiment of this paradise water has just been completed, and it has been patented early, but it has not been put into production so far. However, today’s terminally ill challenge is also an opportunity to make this new product shine in front of the world
Chapter three hundred and fifty Establish a hospital
For a long time after the second terminally ill challenge, paradise water has become a hot forum for all major media to comment on, and so many people talk about paradise water stickers.
Most people agree that this is paradise water, which should also be a stimulant. Otherwise, it is hard to make people believe that something can make a dying person jump up immediately like no one has anything to worry about after drinking it. However, people with a clear head think that since Shennong Group is preparing to publicize a new product, it is impossible to publicize it in such a big way. Even if his backstage is hard, it is impossible to be so arrogant.
Subsequently, the test data of Paradise Water were published in the newspaper. After detailed examination by the department, Paradise Water did not contain stimulants, so it was not addictive. It may be more than even the most stringent urine test for athletes to check the excessive data of people who have not drunk Paradise Water. That is to say, it is also true for athletes to drink a bottle of concentrated Paradise Water before the game to express their physical potential, but this is likely to make athletes’ greatest potential and constantly create new world records.
As soon as the news was announced, it immediately aroused a new debate among the media and the public. The debate in Gao Dynasty mainly focused on whether this magical paradise water should be allowed for athletes to drink and drink paradise water together, whether it is meaningful to create achievements, and whether it is fair to athletes who have never drunk paradise water.
However, no matter how these idle people argue, the sports departments all over the world have sent orders to Shennong Group in the first place after receiving accurate news, hoping to sign long-term futures contracts.
Since athletes who have drunk paradise water can successfully pass the urine test, it is meaningless whether the IOC and the sports departments will allow athletes to drink this paradise water in the end. Then you will take a big advantage and everyone else will lose you, so you will suffer a big loss. No one will be willing to fall behind in this matter.
The International Sports Commission also hesitated to ban this thing in the competition, but it was further confirmed later. In fact, although concentrated paradise water has human potential, this potential development is a rather slow process, but it can be recovered in an instant to be true, but it can only be the person’s normal physical quality, and it is impossible to become brave.
If a weightlifter’s best score is 150 kilograms, he can immediately rise up and lift 150 kilograms after drinking a bottle of concentrated paradise water in a very tired state, but if he wants more, he still can’t do it unless he keeps drinking paradise water as needed. After a few months, he may get higher grades because of his potential, and even if the athlete drinks a bottle of concentrated paradise water in a normal state, he has nothing. That is to say, although this kind of paradise water can quickly restore people’s physical strength, it is not unexpected that he can’t even measure it after taking a urine test. It is really because he doesn’t belong to others.
Based on this thing, in fact, it can not make athletes hold back, but it can make athletes in poor condition quickly adjust their state to their usual peak. In this way, although they will actually create better results than usual in the competition, this result is still true. After organizing research, international sports committees can still declare the legitimacy of paradise water
It’s no stranger to the international sports commission of Shennong group. The second time Shennong group got that weight-loss potion, it gave them a headache. For a long time, it had to be announced that it was banned in the competition. This time, such a pervert came to this Shennong group. Why does it seem that it loves them specially?
However, they also have to admire the research and development strength of Shennong Group, especially this paradise. Anyway, this thing will objectively promote sports achievements quickly. Most people are surprised that Shennong Group has once again issued a magical potion. It is not amazing that Shennong Group has not lost a word, but it has become more and more realistic for people. Especially, this new paradise water can prolong the average life span of human beings by five to ten years and can make people. In the end, it can bring benefits, but the number of car accidents caused by fatigue driving will be greatly reduced, which will be reflected in other walks of life and bring countless benefits
Of course, before this, the price of paradise and land should not be too high, otherwise it is the big boss who can afford the nobility, and then it will have little impact on the society
Soon, Shennong group’s paradise water health care potion finally came into the market. This paradise water is mainly concentrated Japanese type. Two kinds of ordinary Japanese types have not disappointed ordinary people. The price is very low. Actually, RMB 9 yuan base is not expensive for common cold granules or antiviral oral liquid. If you drink three yuan a day, it will cost less than three yuan and less than one hundred yuan a month. Although this price is also the same, a large part of people can’t afford it, but it is far beyond the people’s defense line to Shennong group. It’s a high-end route, whether it’s slimming liquid or freckle-removing capsule, it’s not working-class people who can often consume low-boiling nutrient solution, so it’s even more affordable for nobles. Many people speculated that this kind of people’s paradise had to reach the price of every ten dollars, but they didn’t expect it to be such a low price, which surprised many people.
In fact, this people’s paradise is quite low, and more than a dozen materials are the longest, the most common and the cheapest Chinese herbal medicines. If the sales and transportation links are not counted, each bottle can’t become RMB. Therefore, although each bottle is sold to 9 yuan for RMB several times, the biggest advantage of Shennong Group is that there is no advertising announcement, that is, Shennong Group just started to advertise for a while. Unfortunately, the advertising effect is very small. If it weren’t for Sunili’s weightlifting and star speculation, then Shennong Group wouldn’t know when it would be able to sell.
However, in the post-Shennong group’s production base, advertising will no longer be used, because every time a new product is pushed, it will be publicized, and the news publicity effect will definitely be much better than that of regular advertising. It is also a wave to spend money on advertising after the anti-Shennong group’s new products are known before the market is out.
The cost of advertising has been greatly reduced, and Mo Yifan doesn’t want people to regard him as a mercenary profiteer. Now the people are being fired as if they can improve the quality of the people. I am afraid that Mo Yifan will have to bear a blame if he sets the price too high to deter most people.
Besides, there are too many high-end products produced by Shennong Group now. If you want to make more money, of course, you have to send them to other consumer groups to produce this kind of Japanese paradise water. Although the profit has been reduced a lot, you can win by quantity. Mo Yifan specially made people buy and merge five large pharmaceutical groups in the mainland to produce this kind of Japanese paradise water.
You know, this product of his is ready to face the people of the world, even if it is produced by five large-scale pharmaceutical companies, it is impossible to say nothing about foreign countries first. Even if half of China’s 1.4 billion people drink it every day, the horsepower of these five pharmaceutical companies will not be accepted by the people, no matter how good it is. In addition, although the price is already very low, it needs to be eliminated every day, and not everyone in every family can afford it. Therefore, it is a miracle that the temporary coverage rate can reach one thousandth. As soon as the paving is too good, it is also a high-tech production in him. Others want to copy it. In addition, although the new product is a low-priced thing, the sales method is still in the form of a franchise store, which fundamentally eliminates the confusion of counterfeit origin
But Mo Yifan didn’t let this new product mix with those aristocratic things, but quickly set up new franchise stores in large and medium-sized cities all over the world. In these franchise stores, there is no need to be so luxurious, that is, the average level and the kind of production and sales in a store are still so hot, but fortunately, there is no threshold now, otherwise it is estimated that one will have to be changed in three days.
It depends on Mo Yifan’s foresight. Sunny suggested that this product should be sold directly in the old franchise stores of Shennong Group distributed all over the world. She felt that the franchise stores only sold four kinds of products, so it was unnecessary to add a new variety, which would increase a lot.
But later, when she looked at the crazy sales situation, she realized that Mo Yifan really put this paradise water into the former franchise store to sell it, then the four kinds of production bases could be discontinued. You know, how can these four kinds of customers, except white-collar workers and rich women, be crowded together with ordinary people? To ensure that they will immediately retreat at the sight of this sea of people, wouldn’t it be a new customer group and abandon the relatively stable customer group that has been established in the future
However, compared with the low price of people-oriented paradise water, concentrated paradise water is not so cheap, and the difference is not even a fraction of a week. This concentrated paradise water is priced at 88 US dollars, which is not affordable for ordinary people.
That’s the terrible thing about monopoly. Instead, it’s an exclusive business. Don’t choose it. You have to buy a merchant no matter how much money you need, so you can buy it at your will.
As mentioned earlier, in fact, the concentrated type of paradise water is not a simple type of concentration and dilution. In fact, the formulas of these two dosage forms are different, but when it comes to implementation, it is similar. Moreover, concentrated paradise water is cheaper to throw away, so a bottle of concentrated paradise water is actually a little more than a dime
This is because the main ingredients of the folk paradise water are Chinese herbal medicines, while the concentrated paradise water is mostly a mineral, and it is also a mineral from other places. It is only necessary to find a place with more content and give less money to the local government, so you can dig hard. If you give more money to others, the local government will be embarrassed because it is just dirt in the eyes of ordinary people.
However, no matter how high or low it is, it needs fewer people because of different consumer groups. If it is sold too cheaply, there will be no profit, so the price can be raised appropriately.
In fact, at present, this concentrated paradise water is mainly for consumers, but athletes are obviously not vulnerable groups. What’s more, athletes often need paradise water because they have to face international large-scale competitions. At this time, this need will naturally be paid by governments, but the opportunity of killing governments will not be missed. Of course, it is an exception for the China government, but the price can’t be changed, even if the government purchases it, it can’t be accommodated. But I can’t sell it cheaply. I can’t still send it. In the future, if there is an international competition, whether it is a ball game, car racing or diving, Shennong Group will immediately donate a large number of concentrated paradise water. How many athletes can participate in a competition and how much can they drink in a bottle? You know, that thing has become a success, and more than a dime is actually worthless. It is estimated that the amount of land donated in a competition will be sold to foreigners, and we will earn back enough money for a cup of coffee.
In fact, the Shennong group quickly dug up the health care development from the paradise, because this kind of production is low and efficient, and the people are suitable. In the end, it is mainly to complete monopoly sales, so that it is really hopeless.
Because the water effect in heaven was too shocking in the live broadcast of the terminal illness challenge, the challenge knot was once neglected. It was not until half a month later that I remembered to go to the hospital to visit and interview Ms. Karen that I was surprised to see that Ms. Karen was fine, her hair had grown and her body was strong. At that time, I had to go through the hospital formalities. When I saw that she wanted to interview this matter, Karen immediately enthusiastically took her new film and pointed out the old one. In just half a month, the tumors in the cranial cavity were all magically disappeared.
This time, the report once again caused an uproar. Although Mo Yifan’s great challenge of terminal illness has been successfully passed once before, this time the old man has uremia, which seems to be not a terminal illness in the understanding of ordinary people. This time, Karen is in the late stage of brain tumor, but there is no doubt about this disease. Does it mean that Mo Yifan has even cured this disease well in front of Chinese medicine?
As soon as this report was published, the patients in Notre Dame Hospital were almost discharged to Normandy, and more were terminally ill patients from all over the world. No matter what terminal illness they had, if no one could cure them, they all came here to seek the last hope.
But just then Mo Yifan has quietly left Paris and returned to Hong Kong with Ningfei Xia Wei and others.
He came back this time mainly to attend the groundbreaking ceremony of Shennong Hospital, which was a great success because of two great challenges of terminal illness. Now Mo Yifan has become a national treasure figure. However, the country does not want this proud master to fall abroad, so the central leadership sent a message to Mo Yifan to invest 10 billion yuan to build a large-scale Chinese medicine hospital and its affiliated hospitals, hoping that Mo Yifan can train a native talent for China medical treatment.