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Do a good job in the last process of cake Song Anqiao slowly lifts his eyes and blinks his eyes to force himself to draw a radian.

Song anqiao managed his emotions and walked out of the kitchen with a cake. What he saw was a refined and handsome figure.
She froze in place with a moment’s trance and stared at the man with a cake in her hand.
That elegant figure got up as early as the moment he heard the sliding door push. He looked at Song Anqiao’s thin lips and moved his eyes slightly.
Four eyes opposite two people quietly looking at each other.
For a moment, Song Anqiao took the cake with a little smile and walked slowly to the living room to play the cake lightly and softly. "When will Miss Shen return to China? What about Lin Yan? "
Shen Sike took a deep look at Song Anqiao and sat down slowly before answering, "I came back yesterday afternoon … Lin Yan, she is in my parents."
Mom brought a knife and fork and chopsticks. Song Anqiao cut some cakes and handed them to Shen Sike with a shallow smile. "Do you have children?"
The fork in his hand paused and looked at Song Anqiao with a gentle voice. "One is that my daughter is like you."
Song anqiao listened and nodded slightly. "My daughter is good and my daughter is intimate."
Shen Sike smiled and tasted the cake. He was a world-class gourmet and judged to be a master of sweetness.
The two men talked in silence for a while before Shen Sike tasted the cake and said lightly, "Actually, I contacted you a week ago, and as a result, your previous number was blocked and you sent an email, and you didn’t reply to me and Lin Yan on the trip. We immediately returned to China."
Section 29
Song anqiao looked stupefied at him and felt a little uncomfortable not knowing what to say.
Because her mobile phone is in Chufei’s car, and Chufei is gone with the car.
Shen Sike sat on the sofa with a clear and handsome face without any expression, but her forehead was covered with faint sad black eyes and looked at her to discuss. "Do you have it now? I want to take you to meet someone. "
Song Anqiao took a look, and there was still an hour before her daughter’s little rice cake left school. "Sorry, I have to pick up my daughter later."
"I’ll see you off," said Shen Sike.
"No" Song Anqiao refused "I can do it myself"
"No, this person is very important." Shen Sike’s facial features are serious. "You must meet him."
Song Anqiao smell speech slightly thought for a moment, "well, I’ll take my daughter to see it again."
Xiao rice cake kindergarten
Song anqiao’s car hung his head at the school gate and a camphor tree intentionally kicked the stone at his feet. Shen Sike stopped the car and walked over and looked at her far away for so many years. She didn’t change, as she always revealed her childishness from time to time.
As soon as the campus bell rang, Song Anqiao went back to God and first walked to the door. After waiting for a few minutes, he saw a figure coming hand in hand.
The little rice cake is wearing a yellow hat with shading, holding her hand. The little boy seems to notice that her hat is crooked and reaches out to straighten her. His expression is still cold, cool, handsome and straight, and his facial features vaguely reveal the shadow of the little boy’s father.
As soon as the little rice cake saw Song Anqiao’s little boy’s hand, it went straight to Song Anqiao to "mom"
Song Anqiao caressed her little brain, took her small bag with spoiled eyes and looked at the little boy. "Qin Zhuo, it seems that your father hasn’t come to your aunt to take you home yet, okay?"
Qin Zhuo shook his head. "Thank you, aunt. I can go home by myself."
Song’ anqiao’ ong
This child is so cool that even if he can go home by himself, she dare not let him go back.
"Brother, please let my mother send it. My mother has learned to drive." The little rice cake said to Qin Zhuo seriously there.
Qin Zhuo sipped his mouth and shook his head seriously. At an early age, he always remembered that his father said not to bother Aunt Chu.
Talking kungfu A black car slowly stopped in front of them.
Qin Zhaoyan saw Song Anqiao’s eyes slightly dazed and smiled politely "hello"
Song anqiao is a distant wife of Chu Fei, and although he and Chu Fei are close friends, he is still embarrassed to meet for a while.
Maybe it’s something I can’t tell her in my heart. Seeing Song Anqiao is inexplicably weak.
"Did Fei Yuan contact you?" Song anqiao asked slowly
Qin Zhaoyan’s face froze for a second, but he quickly concealed the past "no" when he was not noticed.
When the girl saw him, everyone around her believed that Chu Fei had gone away, but she believed that he was alive and he didn’t have the heart to stimulate her. Can she say no?
"He contacted you. Can you tell me?" Song anqiao is as clear as water, and his eyes are looking at Qin Zhao Yan’s sound.
Qin Zhaoyan’s eyes are complex and light, and he should answer "I’ll tell you when he connects".
"Thank you," Song Anqiao said politely and gratefully. "And thank you for letting your son take care of my daughter."
According to normal, Qin Zhuo should be in the first grade of primary school, but Qin Zhaoyan asked Qin Zhuo to continue to take care of Chu Feiyuan’s daughter Chu Song Song.