6, Jul 2024
Lu Yuan saw two things when he clicked on his backpack.

One is a novice gift package, and the other is to unlock the character template.
He looked at the character template first.
[Template Jiraiya (common form)]
[Source Naruto]
[Quality gold (diamond)]
[Characters are lascivious and unrestrained, like beautiful women, like peeping, and have a kind heart]
The qualitative difference should be the difference between the ordinary mode and the immortal mode.
This made Lu Yuan’s heart hot, and he was even more excited when he saw the personality characteristics of Jiraiya.
Yes, yes, these characteristics say that I am right!
Liu Yuan opened the Jiraiya character template while thinking happily and wanted to add himself.
[ding! It is detected that the host and’ Character Template Jiraiya’ are not fit enough.
What? It doesn’t fit. Are you kidding me?
Liu Yuan gnashed her teeth. That’s a hundred no’s in her heart.
I went through 100 G learning materials in my brain, and all kinds of teachers moved videos, and you actually said that I was lewd and I was super lewd!
Angry Liu Yuan has an impulse to fight with himself.
However, after some rage, Liu Yuan accepted the reality that he was lewd but didn’t like to peep.
From the point of "voyeurism", I really don’t conform to Jiraiya’s character template
Serious people who have nothing to do like peeping!
Since adding templates is a dead end, Lu Yuan can put the hope of awakening the beast into the novice gift package.
Without hesitation, Lu Yuan opened the novice gift package.
[Novice Gift Package Gold Level Awakening Potion 1]
Seeing the novice gift package, Liu Yuan suddenly felt that it was arranged in vain.
[Gold Awakening Elixir] A rare awakening elixir can increase the chance of awakening by 5% if swallowed.
Liu Yuan looked at the clock on the wall of the hanging room, and it was getting closer and closer when he was seventeen.
Without hesitation, Liu Yuan directly drank the awakening potion in one mouthful.
A stream of heat instantly emerges from the body.
According to the idea of teaching ghosts in school in memory, Lu Yuan began to constantly impact his own beast control.
In my memory, when my predecessor hit the imperial beast, it felt like an egg hit the wall.
But now Liu Yuan’s impact on the royal beast is still a little difficult.
But there is a constant force to help him hit the royal beast.
Accompanied by the sound of broken glass, Lu Yuan saw a new colorful and wonderful environment.
Spend a night at 10: 00 a.m. and hit the royal beast Liu Yuan to open his eyes again.
Feeling the body change, Liu Yuan was a little excited and waved his fist.
Very good, finally become an animal bender!’
With the royal beast, Liu Yuan’s target is also true.
That is to find a pet animal that meets the Jiraiya template.
Think of this Liu Yuan took out some mobile phones and dialed a familiar word …
Chapter 2 set out to choose the initial pet beast!
"Hello, who’s calling?"
"Dean Hao is me"
"Oh, it’s Olivia! Aren’t you a middle school in the city? Why are you talking to an old man like me? "
Listening to the familiar and unfamiliar sound in the words, Lu Yuan consciously recalled the picture of Dean Hao Ren taking care of himself in his orphanage.
As the name suggests, Dean Hao Ren is really a nice guy.
"Dean Hao, I remember you told me that if you wanted me to wake up to the beast, you would apply to let me choose an initial pet beast."
"what! You finally woke up? !” Dean Hao suddenly got excited.
Liu Yuannai smiled. "It’s Dean Hao. I finally woke up."
"Then come to the orphanage quickly and I’ll take you to choose the initial pet animal to apply for things. Don’t you worry, it’s only a matter of minutes for you to review your background."
"Okay, I’ll be right there."
After hanging up, Liu Yuan didn’t stop to get some things and then walked out of the apartment.
After all, the summer vacation of sophomore year in senior high school will be over in one month.
The tense senior three life is coming.
For Lu Yuan, who is determined to become an animal trainer, it is necessary to benefit this period.
Because compared with the’ geniuses’ who woke up at the age of 18 and 12, this 16-year-old animal-fighting waste lost the starting line
You must catch up if you want to overtake in a corner.
After all, who can’t refuel in a straight line? Fast corners are really fast!
But before going to the orphanage, Lu Yuan went to the mall first.
It is not a good habit to ask for help by hand.
You should be polite, even though Lu Yuan and Dean Hao are not fathers, they are better than fathers.
Jiujiang orphanage
Liu Yuan came from the car with big bags and small bags.
Looking at the orphanage in front of Liu Yuan, I can’t help but see the past pictures in my mind.
Although those memories are predecessor memories, at the moment, Lu Yuan has some empathy.
Follow the memory Liu Yuan came to the front of the orphanage gate.
Seeing an old man in security is sleeping by a stone lion, which makes people wonder if a bad guy really wants to come. Can he stop each other?
Liu Yuan walked beside the old man and patted him on the shoulder.
"Uncle Li, wake up."
The old man looked up and saw Liu Yuan in front of him.
"Ah, Olivia, why are you back? Is there a school holiday today? "
"Yes, it was the summer vacation recently. I came back to see Uncle Li. Look, this is my gift to you."
Liu Yuan took out a pack of "Soft China" from his bag and handed it to Uncle Li with a smile.
Uncle Li’s eyes lit up when he saw Hua.
Show your yellow teeth and say with a smile, "Not bad, not bad, or Xiao Lu. You have a heart. None of his little guys came back to see him after they left."