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Xia Zhu seems to be very satisfied with evoking Bai Yin Tingba. "Then smile for Miss Sister now!"

Bai yinting really laughed, but then he turned passively and kissed Xia Zhu’s lips actively.
"You have aroused my desire, baby. What should I do if I want you now?" Bai Yin’s voice is hoarse and full of male charm.
Xia Zhu was like being struck by a lightning stroke, so I knew I shouldn’t play with fire. I can’t control the situation myself now, can I?
"Wait a little longer. Aren’t you discharged from the hospital tomorrow?"
"Do you want to wait?" Bai Yinting’s lips and Xia Zhu’s ears are itchy.
"I …" Xia Zhu was speechless and she didn’t want to wait.
"I’m going to lock the door," said Bai Yinting, letting go of the hand holding Xia Zhu, and she was really puzzled when Xia Zhu looked at Bai Yinting’s back.
She loves Bai Yinting, but her heart feels sorry for Qu Lu. He has silently paid so much for himself. Maybe he owes him an apology.
At this time, she shouldn’t think of her man, Xia Zhu, who is suspicious and confused. Except in this way, she doesn’t know how to prove that her lover is Bai Yinting.
Bai yinting is gentle today. he has a girl in his arms, Xia Zhu, enjoying this gentleness and temporarily forgetting that sadness.
In the afternoon, Bai Yinting went back to the company’s Xia Zhu’s ward window and looked at a gardenia not far away. Maybe she should find an opportunity to talk with Qu Lu so that he could completely forget about himself and start over.
Xia Zhu sighed, and the phone rang. It was her mother Song Yumei calling. She didn’t know that Xia Zhu Hospital had asked her to eat in the past.
Song Yumei seldom takes the initiative to call Xia Zhu. It seems that she must have something to say. Xia Zhu must go or don’t worry.
Without calling Bai Yinting, she changed her clothes and simplified her makeup, so she left the hospital alone and went to live in an apartment community in Song Yumei.
Song Yumei asked her aunt to cook a few dishes. Xia Zhu likes to eat home-cooked dishes. After seeing Xia Zhu, she was very calm. It was disturbing that she looked calm.
And when Xia Zhu came in, she saw Song Yumei packing her suitcase. "Mom, where are you going?"
"Xia Zhu, come here and tell you something." Song Yumei took Xia Zhu and sat down.
Before Xia Zhu was nervous, her mother said that she wanted to go to * *. Is she going to go alone? How can she rest assured?
"Xia Zhu, a few days ago, we went to Qi Temple, and Master Daoxian said something to me. I’ve also thought a lot these days. I’m glad I lost my life, and I’ve figured it out. Now you have someone to take care of your mother and want to stay in the temple for a few days. Is that okay with you?" Song Yumei said.
How can Xia Zhu have such an idea when he is one leng? Do you want to become a monk?
"Mom, if you think it’s too deserted to live here, why don’t you move over and live with us in the temple?" Xia Zhu disagreed.
"This is also my mother’s longing for peace. Besides, it’s not that she won’t come back. You can also visit me. It’s not far." Song Yumei glanced at her suitcase and she had already decided.
Xia Zhu also looked at the suitcase, and her white mother seemed to be obsessed with it this time.
"Well, have dinner with mom." Song Yumei knew that Xia Zhu wouldn’t object.
Xia Zhu some can endure the tacit understanding of mother and daughter having dinner together to avoid the topic of whether to stay or not. Song Yumei actually rarely talked about many things when Xia Zhu was a child.
"Mom, you rarely told me about your childhood." Xia Zhu felt that his mother was very strange today.
Song Yumei suddenly looked up and looked meaningfully at Xia Zhu and said, "Actually, you look more like your father. He was also a handsome man when he was young."
Chapter one hundred and fifty Special photos
Xia Zhu looked at Song Yumei in surprise. What day is it today? What mother would say so much and never remember anything before?
She began to panic, but she didn’t know what to say. Looking at her mother with wide eyes, she was still so calm.
"Xia Zhu’s ex-mother seldom told you about your father. He was a very good man. When I left him, he didn’t know that I was pregnant. It was my decision to have you, not his fault." Song Yumei sighed.
"Mom, why did you suddenly remember him?" Xia Zhu began to get nervous. Is mother going to tell her who that person really is?
"Daughter, no matter what feelings you have for him, mom wants you to treat him as dead, so don’t go to him and have such thoughts, okay?" Song Yumei said very seriously.
Xia Zhu was surprised that she grabbed Song Yumei’s hand and asked seriously, "Mom, I really mean that you don’t want to see him again?"
"See again? I’m just a grain of sand in his vast Milky Way for more than 20 years, adding sadness. "Song Yumei is still calm.
Whether there is a stir in her heart, she knows that Xia Zhu looks at her in addition to distressed or distressed.
After dinner, Song Yumei told Xia Zhu that she had already prepared to send it to Qishan. This time, she planned to stay for a month first, and she would continue to live if she was used to it.
"Mom must go there? It’s bitter to eat radish tofu every day. How can your body stand it? " Xia Zhu still loathe to give up.
"Whether a person’s physical condition is good or not is not because of what she ate. Sometimes it is also very important to be happy." Song Yumei patted Xia Zhu on the shoulder
Because my mother is leaving, Xia Zhu called Bai Yinting. Today, she won’t go back to the hospital. Stay here with her mother.
Bai Yinting didn’t object and said that it was early to come and pick them up in person and send Song Yumei to Qi Temple together.
Song Yumei fell asleep at night, but Xia Zhu fell asleep. She gently got up and walked into the living room and looked at Song Yumei’s suitcase in a daze.
Why do you want to live in a temple? Xia Zhu can’t figure it out. She slowly walks to the suitcase to see what her mother has brought.
After opening the suitcase, Xia Zhu had some accidents, except for a few pieces of plain clothes and washing.
Or the classic "The Scarlet Letter" before Xia Zhu, I probably read this inexplicably and my heart ached again.
Pick it up, Xia Zhu turned over a few pages at random, and there was a photo that slipped from the inside, and the photo was just facing her, which made her more curious.