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Jin Meilin bit her lip and nodded. "Listen to Dad. I will definitely go to the Kim family later …"

Wen Zhengren interrupted, "The family of Jin has come to a conclusion. Your eldest brother has been taken into custody and sentenced to death on another day. The police are also at large in China to arrest these things. We can’t help, or we can’t interrupt. It’s not that we don’t care about our family, because what they have committed is a felony and it’s a matter of course. This is not something we can ask and you must not intervene."
After that, he added "not in secret" with sharp words.
Jin Meilin shook her body for half a ring before she answered "Yes".
WenZhengRen this just face softened some and knocked on the three sisters again. "If you remember that your identity represents the Wens’ face in the evening, you must not do anything out of line or you will be served by French."
"Grandpa" three people unwilling to get up should be.
Finally, Wen Zhengren said lightly to Han Shuiyue, "You can also take Wen Yu to your horizon later. If you don’t have enough money, I will supply you."
Han Shui-yueh’s face was pleased. "Thank you, sir, but she is still young and has more homework. Is he …"
Wen Zhengren raised his hand and interrupted her, "It’s no use taking him with you no matter how well you learn your lessons. I heard that many noble people from the Imperial City will attend the evening charity and let him meet."
Han Shui-yueh almost wouldn’t smile with a stiff face, barely holding his mind and squeezing out a few words "Yes, sir …"
Seeing the warmth of this scene, I can’t help but think of telling her the secret, and my heart is cold. She looks at her eyes without moving, and grandma is sitting as steady as Mount Tai without any abnormality.
She couldn’t help but bow with a wry smile.
After the meeting, the warmth was called by Xiao Yulan alone to talk in the house and explained a few things. He took out a bank card and gave it to her. There are still a few antiques. Warm doesn’t want her, but she has a firm attitude. "Warm grandma’s things are given by you early and late sooner or later. Isn’t it the same? In addition, the evening charity event is not only a charity event, but also a grand event for families to show off their power. I’m not asking you to show off more, but we can’t be underestimated. "
"Grandma, I have …"
"Yes, you are. Grandma always brings you a precaution. If I didn’t guess wrong, there will definitely be a successor in Fannie and Freddie who wants to crush us on this side."
The warmth can be harvested.
"There will be a night to dress up. I can’t be compared with those peacocks. I watched you do that from Yuexuan. It looks good. Remember to ask your aunt Lizhen to order another one …"
"Well …"
"How do you still promise this child reluctant? No matter how beautiful you are, women should dress up even worse. Those men around you are not. Aren’t you afraid that they will be seduced by those coquettish and sycophantic people? "
"Ahem grandma …"
"Ha ha ha …"
Fuluyuan is busy here in the Rose Garden, and there is no idle warmth there. A few people have an emergency discussion in the living room. Of course, it is sacred to pick the head and follow it silently. It is fascinating and puzzled. It is magical. The excitement is that A Dai Fu Yunyi is sitting in the middle with emotion.
Magically, I can’t bear to ask, "What are we going to do to discuss charity in the evening?" It is better to take a look while she is away. "
His word were neglected.
Divine asked Fu Yunyi, "What do you think of big cousin?"
Fu Yunyi asked, "Are you sure he will attend?"
The sacred face is anxious. "Of course, do you know who initiated the evening charity? It’s Master Zhou. He’s Master Zhou. Can Sun not go with him? "
"He’s not a fun person."
"I know, that uber’s eyes can’t wait to grow on the top of his head, but Master Zhou will pull hard. Do you remember when I told you about dinner that day? Master Zhou wanted to introduce him to Warm Son several times …"
Hearing this, Fu Yunyi frowned. "Didn’t you show your kindness?"
"Of course I said, I’m not a lover, but I’m …" He gave an embarrassed smile at people’s dangerous sight. "Hehehe jokes enliven the tension."
Fu Yunyi cold snorted.
Holy touch the nose and then continued, "I innuendo that Wener is already taken, but Master Zhou walked over and said that he can be a friend. What else can I do?" Can’t say that men and women ShouShouShouBuQin … "
Today, even more, the number of words is actually not much less.
☆ Chapter sixty-four Fools are blessed with fools.
Smell speech Fu Yunyi silence to mobile network.
Looked at the sacred can’t help but rush a "big cousin …"
Fu Yunyi gave him a cool look. "Don’t you usually have the most ideas? Will this be you?"
The sacred eyes flashed and immediately smiled and kowtowed to "Oh, where can I compare with my big cousin Ying SHEN WOO? In the strategizing, winning thousands of miles away …"
Fu Yunyi hummed and laughed, and his lips turned up. He didn’t appreciate his words at all.
It’s amazing to see that the two monks are puzzled. Aren’t they tit-for-tat and like fire and water? Why are they still discussing the uprising together? The weirdest thing is that big brother compliments big cousin?
"Eldest brother, are you possessed?"
The sacred face glared at him. "Even if you are schizophrenic, I won’t be possessed!"
Magic felt very wronged. "I’m so worried. Why are you still pulling me?" What the hell are you doing mysteriously, moth? Let’s all help out with an idea. Didn’t we say that three heads are better than Zhuge Liang? "
Section 26
He is very angry and reasonable, but others just listen to a burst of force.
Finally, A Dai was very sympathetic and unbelievable. He asked, "Sangong, haven’t you been sitting here for a long time and don’t you understand what everyone is doing?"
Magic naturally asks, "Why should I be white?"
A Dai is choking, staring at him like an alien.
The magic was angered by him, and even if he was slow, he understood it roughly. He couldn’t help yelling, "When you are always people, you are the most disdainful of foxes!"
A Dai turned supercilious look.