3, Jul 2024
Don’t ask about anonymity.

After all, guilt-to-guilt day will continue.
Even if there is a high probability of death.
But he is still not sure if anyone can find out who did the huge explosion …
Do the main reason for him
Once exposed, you have to meet the beatings from all sides immediately!
Hundreds of years later
[Ruisi World]
This is the new world created by Jogmov.
The eye is repeatedly catalyzed.
It has been roughly shaped.
The ever-expanding volume is continuously approaching the Donaria World.
Through other magma with special power, when they meet completely.
[Ruisi World] can be forcibly connected to [Donaria World]!
By that time,
With it as a springboard.
Yogomov’s troops will also have the power to enter and leave the Donaria World at will!
Need to wait a little longer.
The grand invasion will be!
in this regard
After a long time of preparation, the number has long been a bit overwhelming [non-Rician people] have expressed their expectation!
Just think about how the weak will look when they face the butcher knives that come across the world from themselves and others, and they will feel hungry and thirsty!
But the accident happened after all.
Just when a patrol team is patrolling as usual.
Fluctuation with time
A figure with a somewhat awkward shape suddenly appeared in this world cast by magma flame.
at this moment
Those around you who are carrying out patrol orders step by step [non-Rician] suddenly froze in the face of this exhibition.
Although most [non-Rician people] have no such thing as eyes.
But they still have all kinds of senses, including vision, through special abilities and auxiliary [artifacts]
And that sudden appearance of an awkward figure was none other than others.
It is after hundreds of years of growth that it is no longer as weak as it was then!
After hundreds of years of continuous investigation,
Finally, not long ago, I touched the shadow of this secret power, Felix.
And managed to get the time coordinates of [Reese’s World]
He will look very embarrassed now.
It is due to the fact that Jogmov deliberately made all kinds of external disturbances when he created the "Ruisi World" to prevent the "Travel Master" from entering and leaving his own territory at will.
In the face of the unexpected preparation of Jorgemov.
Just almost.
Kesa, the [master traveler], will be stuck in the interlayer and but before he could conquer, he was dead will die suddenly on the spot …
As soon as Kesa gasped, he was glad that he was lucky enough to escape.
Around [non-Rician], there is a little confusion about the situation. When you can’t tell whether the guy in front of you is one of your own.
The first reaction was to patrol those "artifact creatures" in a team with "non-Rician"
Act according to Jogmov’s will
Those [artifact creatures] instantly judged that the guy in front of them did not belong to friendly units through various parts of their own department.
Attack and detain!
The name "dragon engine" is hundreds of meters tall, and the mass-produced "artifact creature" has its own wings
The body surface made of metal reveal hundreds of muzzle!
Several metal ammunition, flesh and blood ammunition are pouring out like a torrent!
Intention to destroy the intruder directly!
At the same time
See [dragon engine] Kesa’s face also shows a complicated look of ecstasy and rage!
"This kind of structure" artifact creatures "… that year Misra is this technology! I finally found you! !”
In his low voice
The overwhelming thunder spread out like intertwined branches.