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Warm, pointing to a few people behind him, said, "Aunt Jane, I want you to help them take care of a dress that suits them."

Smell speech Zhou Lizhen’s attention fell to other people. She has been in this industry for decades, and she is well informed. What kind of handsome guys and beautiful women have never met before? When you see the sacred three people, your eyes still can’t help but flash bright and amazing light!
"These three are …"
Warm and simple introduction "They are my friends!"
Zhou Lizhen see the three people look warm and know that it is not as simple as a friend, but she is not wise to ask more questions, but her eyes are eager to look at the three people, just like Bole found that Maxima’s hands itch to give birth to a few minutes and can’t wait to see them dressed up!
In the face of Zhou Lizhen, he looked at the sacred face again and again, fascinated by indifference and magic. He snorted and turned his face aside. If it weren’t for seeing this old woman talking and laughing with her, it seemed not bad. He would have been angry. He is not a flower that makes people look …
Warm heard that hum and knew that the bear child was going to be bored again. He smiled and asked, "Aunt Zhen, do you think they are well designed?"
Zhou Lizhen nodded eagerly. "Good design, good design …"
This face value, this figure and this temperament are more mirror than male models. How can it be difficult to design? She already has several schemes in her mind, and every one of them is definitely a blockbuster!
She expected that the corners of her mouth could not help but lift.
"That’s hard for Aunt Jane."
"Not hard ha ha ha …"
Warm to see her a face of excitement woke up 1 "Jane aunt they can’t cut hair …"
Who knows that people don’t think this is a problem at all? "It’s okay to know that it won’t smell like that if you cut it. Don’t worry, leave it to me. I have a way to solve the absolute perfect integration!"
What does Aunt Jane know? She also thought that if people asked three people why they didn’t cut their hair, she would say that they were ethnic minorities and had the custom of keeping their hair, but they didn’t have it.
"Handsome guys come with me …"
Section 161
The three of them just looked at the warm eyes and asked if they wanted to go with this old woman with a malicious smile.
Warmly smiled and nodded, adding one more sentence is also a warning. "Aunt Jane is my aunt’s best friend. You have watched me grow up since I was a child. Listen to her!"
The three of them obediently followed Zhou Lizhen into the exclusive VIP room. Seeing that Ji Shuang had been very interested in staring at the clothes in the hall, they smiled and asked, "Which one do you like? Just try it!"
Ji Shuang shook her head and her face was a little red. "It’s too hard to show a lot. I can’t wear it!"
"That’s what girls wear outside. Just get used to it."
"Then let me get used to it for a while." Ji Shuang was a little tempted, but the turning point was too big and some dared not try.
"Ha ha ha good …" Warm smile.
"Sister-in-law, you are taking your cousins to the party, aren’t you?"
"Well, do you want to go?"
Ji Shuang shook her head and was very sensible. "I don’t know anything. I’m afraid that I can’t help and I’ll make trouble for my sister-in-law. I’d better go to the place to live first and wait for you."
Warm thought nodded. "A good friend of mine will come soon. I don’t trust her to play with you when you just got here and put you at home alone."
"It’s still thoughtful of my sister-in-law. Thank you."
"You’re welcome to me. I’ll tell you about my good friend …" Just then, I heard a shout at the door, "Warm!" She couldn’t help laughing, "Speak of the devil."
Ji Shuang also laughed, "Did she practice martial arts?"
That one was too strong, but it shows that people are straightforward.
Warm "hmm" came again and again, and after a while, she was hugged by a whirlwind. Her arm was still so strong and powerful, and she was in pain and happy.
"Warm warm …" JiNianMei excitedly cried out in a row, eager to express my thoughts. "You can be regarded as an appearance. If you don’t come back, I will go to see you …"
Warm intimacy patted her back. "I’m back. Don’t worry. Everything is going well!"
"Really? Nothing hurts, right? " JiNianMei thought of those rumors to give up looking at "all good isn’t it? Are you hurt? Or mind … "
Warm and funny interrupt "I’m fine, I’m mentally and physically intact"
Smell speech Qi Nianmei tugged at her heart to be completely relieved. "Emma really scared me to death. Warm, you don’t know what it’s like. I can’t get through if I hit you. I want to find someone to ask, but no one has heard from you. I know that you went to the original forest without means of communication, but it happened that someone said that your roots were killed. I don’t believe it either, but I can’t stand it again and again. The harm of three people becoming tigers is simply not too terrible. Later, even your cousin couldn’t sit still. What do you say about my anxiety?
Look at her now. She still looks worried and warm. How much guilt rises in her heart? "I’m sorry, but I’m worried about it. In fact, I’ve been very good in the tribe …"
Qi Nianmei interrupted, "Oh, what are you sorry for? I’ll be grateful if you come back safely. It’s so warm. I don’t know how to cherish it without experiencing that kind of fear of losing. I really cherish you now. You can’t leave me again …"
Said and hugged again.
Warm, touching and funny, "Well, I won’t run after I know."
JiNianMei this just let her go with a smile in hindsight found one thing "oh warm this fresh but lovely soft younger sister is …"
Before the warmth came to introduce Ji Shuang, he smiled and threw a fist at Ji Shuang.
"eh?" JiNianMei zheng consciousness followed fuels, "hello, I’m JiNianMei"
Ji Shuang was natural and graceful and shouted "Hello, Sister Qi"
JiNianMei dazed but nodded "oh hello hello ….." Then ask eyes to warm this woman is?
Warm smiled and explained, "Shuang is that I know a younger sister in the Valley of Sorrow tribe who will come to Huadu with me this time."
Smell speech JiNianMei suddenly patted his chest with enthusiasm and said, "Come to Huadu to play, then you can come to the right place. Welcome, welcome me to grow up here. I am more familiar with things than warmth. Just ask me if my custody is better than knowledgeable person."
Ji Shuang smiled and hugged his fist again. "Then I’ll thank his sister first."
"Ha ha … you’re welcome."
Say hello to her doubles JiNianMei again remind of something "by the way, how do you meet me here? Didn’t you just get back Why not go to the hospital first? Your grandmother and aunt are in the hospital. "
Smell warm look a cool "Wen family mansion has a party tonight I want to go"
Hearing this, JiNianMei turned white and became indignant. "Speaking of this, it really makes people feel popular, but I really don’t know what they think of a seven-year-old kid’s birthday. It’s so huge. This point is to hit your grandmother’s face. Who doesn’t know that your grandmother is still in the hospital and your good or ill luck is unknown? They really have no fear. The master is also confused …"
Smile warmly and coldly. "That’s why I’m going!"
Qi Nianmei clenched his fist. "Yes, we must go. They want to hit you in the face, right? Then let’s fight back hard. I’ll accompany you. I’ve endured those women for a long time. You don’t know that when you left, they were still quiet at home. Later, they all acted in part. Later, after listening to your rumors, they even showed off in an ostentatious manner. It’s really enough to hold their own men around and show off all day. It’s glorious to rob them, isn’t it? Like who doesn’t have a man tied to the waist at all times? … "
"They will all be here tonight, right?"
"Sure, so scenery appearance opportunity they can be willing to miss? Robert Hormus Zall was there, and my master and master elder brother were there. It’s really exasperating. It’s said that all the expensive celebrities in Huadu were present tonight to congratulate me. It’s not too old to watch the fun. I can’t wait for someone else’s pool to stir up the water as muddy as possible. It’s strange that your master didn’t stop me. "
I can’t figure out how warm it is, but my heart is like a mirror. When I am old, what is the most important thing for me to inherit my master’s three sons? The eldest brother died young, leaving her the first daughter, the second son, and the third daughter. I want to have another child. I hope that there will be almost no Wen family, so I will spoil this seven-year-old child when I get old, not to mention that I have to shoulder the burden of carrying on generations. Even if I feel that things are inappropriate, I can’t bear to brush the mother’s face, so her big face will be put aside.
"To warm your cousin? Didn’t he pick you up? " JiNianMei looked around but didn’t see the figure.
Warm explained, "My brother went to deal with something at the hospital first."
Smell speech Qi Nianmei sighed. The hospital made trouble at both ends for three days. Of course, she was also very clear and patted her hand and comforted, "Don’t worry, it is good to have you back. This is the most important thing. There will always be a solution to other things slowly."
Warm smile "hmm"
"That warm son, let’s go to choose clothes. Be sure to pick the best-looking people. Why haven’t you seen Aunt Jane after all this talk? Anyone here? She must be so happy to see you … "
"I’ve met Aunt Jane. She’s busy."
"ah? Oh, then I’ll help you choose? " Qi Nianmei volunteered to laugh. "I will definitely give full play to your good figure when I choose clothes, and compare those dried green beans in your house to piss them off."
Warm language "warm figure is still dry?" Very hot, okay? "