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Chen Yao secretly surprised.

He wants to give Li Xuandao a horse power to let this little boy know the majesty of Taibai Jianzong.
I don’t know what this little guy did, but he easily solved his momentum suppression.
"Is this small or a master?"
Chen Yao stared at the moment and was angry.
"The third floor of Tong Xuan Jing?"
Chen Yao couldn’t believe his eyes.
More than a few first also was livid with anger.
Tong Xuan Jing San Ceng
It is the lowest selection in history.
When enrolling students from Taibai Jianzong, it is considered that the candidates with the lowest strength also have five levels of strength in the mysterious realm.
But this time, if a winner with three levels of Tong Xuan territory is known by his sect, he must laugh off his fangs.
"Can the third floor of Tong Xuanjing pass the layer-by-layer assessment to become the candidate of Taibai Jianzong?"
"Didn’t you listen? He just said he was Lin ‘an City."
"Ha ha Lin ‘an City is the most remote and impoverished city in Wujun County that day. Every time Taibai Jianzong enrolls students, it is the bottom of Lin ‘an City. This time, it is no exception. It is really a record to make a three-tier winner in Tongxuan."
Onlookers laughed in succession
Some fighters are eager to challenge Li Xuandao to make a name for themselves.
"Lin ‘an City is Lin ‘an City"
Sun Ji looked furious and indignant. "Lin ‘an City has come to the bottom over the years. Forget it. This time, it’s too much to make a three-story winner. I want to say that this garbage place in Lin ‘an City should have been cancelled."
"If you don’t look at Li Mu fish noodles, how can there be a share of Lin’ an City?"
In the face of Sun Ji complaining Su Shui soft nai wry smile.
Chen Yao also sighed.
"You … are the winners of Lin ‘an City?"
The podium Zhang Juzheng suddenly disappeared in front of Li Xuandao.
"Yes, it’s me."
Li Xuandao looked at the old man with his hands behind his back.
Zhang Juzheng was excited and frustrated, and his hands looked excited. "I introduce myself. I am the first Zhang Juzheng of Taibaijian Zongji Peak. I have a good impression on you. I want to invite you to join Jifeng. I wonder if you will?"
A ripple
All fighters, including dozens of Taibai Jianzong’s younger brother, were shocked by the three first seats on the platform.
Zhang Juzheng’s first of the four invited Li Xuandao?
With what?
What makes this little three-story mysterious environment popular with Zhang Juzheng?
Suddenly, there were a few candidates left, Qi Qi felt very angry, and some of them wanted to challenge Li Xuandao to win the favor of Zhang Juzheng.
"You? Have a good impression on me? "
Li Xuandao stared at the strange old man in front of him and felt a bad cold.
If you are a beautiful woman, forget it.
Li Xuandao’s appearance is not excellent, but his temperament belonging to the crack dome sword emperor is also particularly eye-catching
Confessed by an eccentric old man
Even though Li Xuandao’s generation has never been afraid of facing heaven, he can’t help but make a cold war when facing the old man’s fanatical eyes
"Don’t get me wrong, Xiao."
Zhang Juzheng coughed and became dignified. "I appreciate your talent. It’s not as bad as you think. I sincerely invite you to join me. I wonder if you will?"
"Extreme peak?"
Li Xuandao slightly one leng.
After Zhang Juzheng patiently explained, he finally understood the details of Taibai Jianzong’s four veins.
Zhang Juzheng boasted about all kinds of beautiful times at the peak.
Li Xuandao impatiently interrupted and said bluntly, "What good can I get if I join Extreme Peak?"
The fighters around were shocked again.
It is an honor to be invited by the first seat.
This little insatiable person dares to bargain.
All the people holding the shoulders sneer at a look of watching the drama.
Can the majesty of the four first seats be easily provoked?
Zhang Juzheng is bound to fly into a rage and teach this arrogant son of a bitch a lesson.
But what came next surprised everyone.
See Zhang Juzheng look dignified and swear in the name of "I want you to worship the extreme peak. Five years later, this first position is you"
Dead silence
Everyone looked at each other and shocked their eyes.
The first position of four veins is transcendent.
However, in order to win over Li Xuandao, Zhang Juzheng promised to give up the first position to everyone crazy
"It’s over. Lao Zhang can’t bear the blow and is completely crazy."
Chen Yao shook his head and sighed.
It is very abnormal for Zhang Juzheng to draw a three-tier fighter in Tong Xuan.
Now he is willing to give up the first position.
It’s not crazy. What is it?
Sun Ji and Su Shui nodded their approval to Chen Yao.
These two firsts also think that Zhang Juzheng is completely crazy because it can’t accept the news that Extreme Peak will be banned.
Even crazier things happened.
See Li Xuandao flicked his fingers and looked indifferent. "It’s just a first seat … I’m not interested!"