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It’s not very nice to say, Xiaoqing. If you really want to refer to Shinto, isn’t it a better choice to Pei Wende Mohuluoja?

"Sure enough, it’s a different kind …"
It’s a pity to stare at Xiaoqing silently and realize that the other party didn’t follow Shinto’s idea.
Like Xiaoqing, ghosts and gods who don’t follow Shinto were active in that era, although it was rare, it was not without it.
Those arrogant guys have a low limit, but the limit is also high.
The weak are not as good as the land of some unknown mountain gods, but the strong are as scary as being able to move mountains and seas and change the world.
"Don’t refuse me in a hurry. Although I am taking a Shinto, I will be far more east and west than you think."
I don’t know if it’s a pity or a pity. When Aoguang said this, his mood seemed a little depressed, and his look was also visible to the naked eye.
Once a person is depressed, his body will be able to make some stress movements.
Or frown, or make a fist, or grind your teeth …
This is no exception even for Aoguang, your dragon god.
So affected by this, a little light suddenly appeared on the surface of the lock that imprisoned Aoguang Stone.
In a flash, Aoguang couldn’t help but let out a bitter lament. The winding body of the imprisoned pool was tumbling and struggling.
"Li Xuan! You don’t die a natural death! "
Several stone locks have caused bone piercing pain, even though Aoguang has endured it for hundreds of years, he still adapts to it.
This habit is purely a kind of bone-chilling pain that ordinary people can’t bear.
It happened that Aoguang’s "Dragon God" had a strong body beyond common sense, and this extreme pain would be stronger than ordinary people.
Aoguang never thought that one day his proud ghost body would bring him so long-lasting torture.
But Aoguang, it seems that this is a kind of torture and a kind of punishment.
Li Xuan imprisoned himself in this root and never thought of killing himself. Everything he did was to torture himself and punish himself and bring him all the pain.
Watching the nearby streams boil and surge because of Aoguang’s pain, Xiaoqing has a new understanding of this cave world.
At the same time, Xiaoqing finally knows who imprisoned this natural dragon here.
Pei Wende, the most outstanding brother in the history of the first Yang Shen Dan Ding Sect in Taoism, has been famous as a Taoist master since the time when hundreds of immortals were born.
If the other person is Li Xuan, it doesn’t seem impossible that he can torture a dragon to madness.
After all, talking about those in Pei Wende’s mouth, whether Li Xuan’s previous experiences alone are enough to say that this guy is not only strong but also eccentric and not inferior to Yu Hui Ji.
Quietly watching Li Xuan struggling Xiaoqing Cheng didn’t say a word.
Because she knew that after this round of pain and suffering, Aoguang would definitely come up with more sincere conditions to speak for herself.
What suddenly changed Yu Xiaoqing’s mind?
That’s naturally because Aoguang blurted out Li Xuan and let Xiaoqing feel that the other side still has excavatable value.
Why would Aoguang be imprisoned here by Li Xuan?
Did Li Xuan forget the peak and leave something else?
Although Xiaoqing doesn’t care about this, she knows that Pei Wende must be very interested in Li Xuan’s information.
-I want to teach the truth in the cave fairy.
So arrogant Li Xuan is also a predecessor of Pei Wende Xiaoqing in some sense.
The information he walked and left is far more meaningful to Pei Wende and Xiaoqing than to other practitioners.
Of course, Xiaoqing doesn’t deny that she is interested in those "Shinto" things in the mouth.
Being able to get proud Aoguang to personally admit that those "things outside Shinto" are at least not much less valuable than what he has learned in his life.
Chapter 31 Thirty-six magical powers of plough
"What else can you do besides Shinto?"
Very not easy to wait until AoGuang calm from the painful struggle to xiaoqing this just a face of calm continue to ask.
Xiaoqing, who now occupies the leading position, is not afraid of Aoguang hiding something at all.
"Have you ever heard of … thirty-six magical powers of plough?"
Slightly panting, Aoguang learned a lesson this time and tried to restrain some slight movements of his body while talking to prevent the stone lock from being activated again.
After all, those mantras are started by setting conditions in advance, and it doesn’t matter whether Aoguang really wants to break free.
"Thirty-six magical powers of plough?"
Listening to Ao Guang dialect, Xiaoqing always feels that this name sounds familiar.
If I remember correctly, there have been several times when Li Gang practiced, which is the twelve methods of plough.
In particular, Xiaoqing and Pei Wende were deeply impressed by the tactic of the highest day to cut ghosts, which is simply the first practice of fencing.
And buried in a vein of light also has the Yu Tiangang 36 magical powers, but it’s not just that.
"Yes, it is the thirty-six magical powers of plough!"
Change the previous depression and pain. When Aoguang talked about "Thirty-six magical powers of the highest day", his expression seemed to return to the pride of his peak.
"It’s not that its Taoism has been supplemented and changed, but that it is the complete thirty-six magical powers of the highest plough!"
Whether the thirty-six magical powers of the highest day have come has been verified.
At present, the only thing that can be confirmed is the thirty-six magical powers of Taoist plough, just like the five eyes and six magical powers of Buddhism, which are the thirty-six magical powers most suitable for Taoist practitioners.