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After listening to Ning Caichen spoken parts mr.zhou, it was a big tear that covered your mouth and rolled out again!
Chapter 49 Notice
In the evening, Ning Caichen walked home with Bai Xue and Bai Susu, and the head of Luning Mountain didn’t dare to return to a light bulb. He felt that Alexander Bai Susu’s face was a little red, but he was led by Ning Caichen, and he didn’t say anything. He was a little shy with some, but the little snow girl was held by Ning Caichen in one hand and seemed to be in high spirits. From time to time, look here and there and occasionally giggle!
After half an hour, I came to the gate of the mansion on the Chen Qiao River!
"Wow, what a big room!" Snow-white girl exclaimed, looking at the mansion in front of her eyes, her eyes flashed!
"Light snow like it? !” Ning Caichen smiled and pinched the snow-white face!
"I like it!" Snow road!
"Then light snow and mother live here, ok? Big brother lives here, too? !”
"Really? !” Snowy eyes looked at Ning Caichen and saw Ning Caichen nod his head. He couldn’t help but exclaim, "Great! After that, Snowy can live in the big house with her big brother and mother!"
Snow White seems very happy to show her white tiger teeth. Perhaps this little girl never dreamed of living in a big house before she could envy others living in a big house. It is not only Snow White but also Bai Susu’s heart. There is a little shock and a little happiness and pride in Ning Caichen’s eyes!
There is no woman who doesn’t like herself, and a man who has ambition and ability has joy in his eyes!
"Let’s go! Let’s go in! " Holding Bai Susu’s hand into the house door and into the outer courtyard is a peach tree forest, but now the peach trees are bare. Ning Caichen ordered Ningshan in front, "Dashan, you go and burn some hot water!"
Ningshan should fly and run into the hospital. The fact that he wanted to leave long ago is that this light bulb makes him a little unbearable!
Burning hot water helped Bai Susu and Bai Xue wash a hot water, applied a little red and swollen face, looked at Bai Susu’s red and swollen palm print and slowly dissipated, and checked Bai Susu and Bai Xue to make sure that both mother and daughter were fine. I was relieved!
"It’s getting late. It’s cold at night. Let me send you to bed!" Ning Caichen Road!
Bai Susu replied lightly, with a low head and a red face. She didn’t dare to look at Ning Caichen in the eye. It seems that she hasn’t changed from her identity, just like a little girl who has just decided to fall in love for the first time. Seeing Ning Caichen can’t help laughing in her heart, but Snow White seems to be very active. She lives in the mansion and everything here is very novel. Her big eyes keep looking around!
After a shower, both mother and daughter have changed. Snow White’s delicate face is like a porcelain doll. Bai Susu is still wearing a white coat in Ning Caichen. Her beautiful face is a pair of beautiful eyes. She is charming and her right face is still a little red and swollen!
I took the mother and daughter to the back cover room and found the biggest room. I bought two beds for Bai Susu and Bai Xuexin. After I finished everything, I sent them back and forth for more than ten minutes. Because the bed was a wooden board, Ning Caichen covered it with a thick layer of licorice, and then I put one bed on the mat and sat next to the other bed. I watched Ning Caichen carefully, and my eyes were warm and red, and then I quickly wiped it up!
"You go to bed early! After that, I won’t sell tofu. Stay at home. If I want to go out, I will go to the street for a walk. Let’s go out and buy some clothes together! "
Bai Susu gently replied, still cherishing words like gold, and dare not speak more shyly, like a little girl, Ning Caichen is somewhat dumb!
"Good night, big brother!" Snow crisp brittle gas waved to Ning Caichen!
"Good night, Brother Tianda takes you to the street to buy new clothes and delicious food!"
"Enen’s big brother is the best!" Xiaoxue has a sweet mouth!
"Good night and have a good sleep! ……”
Snow White’s little face pinched Ning Caichen’s metempsychosis and left the room. At this time, Bai Susu looked up and looked at Ning Caichen’s beautiful eyes until Ning Caichen’s back was completely invisible. The door took the snow bed to sleep. The bed was soft and warm. Holding the snow bed, the mother and daughter slept abnormally …
The next day, the sun rises and Chen county welcomes a new day. The street becomes noisy!
"Have you heard? Something terrible happened last night. Wu San and Tian Shi died, and a dozen people were arrested! ……”
"Life happened! What’s going on! ?”
"Hey, what’s going on? You’ll know when you go to the yamen. The notices are all out. Last night, that Wu San was drunk and wanted to rape the white widow! ……”
"The white widow is the one in Temple Street!"
"It’s not that there is anyone but the white widow, but later we can’t call it the white widow. We should call it Mrs. Ning!"