28, Jun 2024
Lu git’s face turned black. "You haven’t given money yet!"

"How much did you almost forget?" Manzhong asked
"One hundred gold!" Lu git lion big mouth way
One hundred gold hoes this time, I want you to give a bloody Lu git a ferocious smile.
"Such a good hoe to one hundred gold? It’s really cheap. Well, come with me to Manfu to get it later! " Man Zhong nodded with satisfaction.
Lu git "…!"
I haven’t tasted it for a long time. What’s the matter? Cheap? A hundred gold, a whole hundred gold, I think this slaughter is too hard, but the other party says it’s cheap?
How can a hundred gold be cheap? I earned fifty gold by scraping the materials myself.
"Not to mention these precious materials, this craft is more than 100 gold. I just tried it out by Yuan Li. It’s really extraordinary. I have never seen such a high craft in many places!" Manzhong laughed
Lu git "…!"
Lu’s skill is good, but Wan Qiu can’t earn much money by helping the people fight farm tools normally. At this moment, I suddenly feel very unhappy when I hear Man Zhong praise himself for Lu’s skill.
However, at this moment, Lu git suddenly realized that Master Man is a local tyrant, and he is still a generous local tyrant.
Local tyrants, let’s be friends!
"How about after Master Man likes me, I’ll strike the iron for you?" Lu git immediately excited way
Man Zhong arrived at the military academy with Jiang Tai.
Chen Yi, the Lushi brothers and others have been waiting.
"Jiang Tai is waiting for you!" Cried the little witch
Jiang Tai ran quickly with a hoe and a bag on his back.
There are also a group of teachers and students around to see me off.
Chen Yi, the little witch, the Lushi brothers, Jiang Tai and six 14-or 15-year-old military strategists followed this group of people, and Jiang Tai knew one person, Tai Chen Liu.
At the moment, six military strategists complain. Look at Jiang Tai and his party.
I recall that four days ago, Debbie was really wronged, which led to the fact that in the end, these bear children who were the strongest but didn’t qualify, but they got all the benefits.
"Since everyone is here, let’s go!" Chen Yi said
Its six young riding witches, Jiang Tai, Lu Yixia and Lu Sanxia got a carriage and Chen Yi was rushing to leave.
"Little Tailu be careful!"
"I know!"
Immediately a line of eleven people walked towards the city.
Jiang Tai was curious when he was sitting in a carriage. Suddenly, a chef sounded in the canteen of a foreign military academy.
"Those four scourges have finally gone. Let the firecrackers go to bad luck!"
"Scratching scratching …!"
Jiang Tai "…!"
"Hey? How to put firecrackers outside! " Lu Yixia was curious and looked through the window.
"Scratching, scratching!"
It’s not only the chefs of military academies who set off firecrackers, but also the sound of firecrackers was heard when the carriage crossed the city and passed by the doors of dignitaries.
"Send evil away!"
"Evil is out of town!"
"Go to bad luck!"