31, Dec 1899
Riding the phantom of the dark knight with the same wind, the phantom of the dark knight roared, "There is something to say about letting the old fart catch up."

"Very good" Black Luo Cha came out tall, slender, forward and backward, with an angel-like face but an indescribable charm, which is a unique Se stunner.
"Since it’s a duel, it’s always interesting to have a little heat. Today, my black Luo Cha and my brother, the black knight, are here to accept your challenge to bet … the winner will choose a piece of equipment from the loser’s body and mind …"
The black knight added, "Of course, if you don’t even have a strange piece of equipment, don’t be ashamed. Black Luo Cha and I have a piece of equipment including ornaments, which is the worst quality. Do you dare to take such a bet?"
"Grass and they were afraid you two lose shorts are not left …"
Taiwan players scolded again, but as soon as the words were exported, they choked their throats. Taiwan Black Knight and Black Luo Cha have activated the equipment effect at the same time, and the gorgeous light shocked them and they could never say a word again.
Silver Se Qi Hong Se Epic … Colorful God
These two men’s equipment actually has a bust epic. At this stage, it is an artifact in the eyes of most experts. There are two or three pieces of equipment, and the rest are full of red Se halo epic equipment. What is even more shocking is that the blue Se six diamond light shield on the left arm of the black knight turned out to be a god shield.
The master’s equipment is not enough to control the outcome of the battle, but if the equipment is too different, it can directly crush the advantage. Besides, it is not difficult to imagine that they can mix such a suit to the extreme.
This visual impact caused by the equipment effect almost makes the players despair at the same time. Even if they are slightly better than each other, it will be a situation of losing more and winning less.
Besides, the Black Knight and the Black Luo Cha have a pre-announced agreement. If they lose, they have to honestly offer a piece of equipment that is less exotic. Frankly speaking, it is as deep as Ye Feng’s money to give away a strange piece of equipment for nothing, not to mention those who say that it is the master of equipment.
From the equipment point of view, some people in the place also have Ye Feng and Tang Weiwei, who are equipped to be higher than the Black Knight Black Luo Cha. Except for the three of them, even Luo Yunmeng, promise singing, broken marks and others are slightly left, such as swearing to cut the wind and cloud, Phantom of the Opera, Simon blowing blood is the archduke president and chief master of Leizecheng. It is no exaggeration to say that the Black Knight and Black Luo Cha have crushed them.
So the silence, the original high morale, was instantly depressed to the bottom. Just now, it was said that it was more powerful to swear to cut the wind, the clouds and the phantom of the opera looked at Ye Feng tacitly. That means it is self-evident. You are the president of the gods, the chief boss of Leizecheng, and people are knocking at the door. It is up to you to send them back to grandma’s house.
At this time, the black knight’s face flashed a indifferent smile. "In my opinion, only the weak can talk fast. It seems that Leizecheng has heard that there are endless masters of gods since eternity. The overlord guild is even stronger in the field of gods. No guild has a brilliant record in fighting against strong enemies and foreign aggression. I believe that the sudden emergence of the gods is by no means accidental. I am curious and want to see for myself whether a master in the field of gods is as powerful as I heard. Is the so-called overlord Tuoba evil a real enemy? Of course, you can forget that we didn’t come here without fighting."
Needless to say, if no one really accepts their challenge, not only the Ye Feng and the gods, but also the whole Leizecheng master name will follow the rotten street.
This kind of transnational challenge is getting bigger and bigger, and it can rise to the height of national honor and disgrace. It is so big that Ye Feng will be crushed to death no matter how hard it can stand.
Now that Ye Feng has been named, he has come out with his mind moving, and a duel contract has been drawn up and thrown to Taiwan conveniently.
"Limit the number of innings?" He pulled out the heavenly sword and stared at the black knight with cold eyes.
"What do you mean?" The black knight’s eyes were slightly twitchy, and he was a little surprised that Ye Feng dared to be the first to jump out and take on the challenge.
You know, to deal with this kind of challenge, the challenged party will usually give a strong soy sauce master a hard fight and try to force out the challenger’s card, and then the strongest one will play. This way is conservative but also the safest.
Don’t overlord Rio colophon evil has conceited to the extent of natural enemies, two people disdain to guess in my heart?
Ye Feng looked up and said, "It’s a circular duel until I strip you naked. Do you dare to equip the black knight?"
The first chapter * * Artifact clouds in Wan Li now.
Overlord is as domineering as ever.
There is no doubt that this is a gamble to put all your eggs in one basket and lose the duel. Don’t say that you have to pay for all the equipment. You know, Ye Feng, Black Knight and Black Luo Cha may not be able to buy them even if you have money.
Players feel that their hearts are surging and their blood is boiling, but experts who really understand the hidden rules of this transnational challenge can’t help but frown
Everyone knows that Ye Feng is very strong, but there are people behind the scenes. How many well-known Jianghu bosses have fallen into the hands of obscure players?
Like cloud crazy.
A few days ago, who knew that there was such a talented boy in China, and who knew that even a handful of top-notch masters such as Bai Bu Fei Jian and Yi Cheng could not stop the ghost tooth front?
In fact, not only Luo Yunmeng and Tang Weiwei saw through the identity of Black Knight and Black Luo Cha, but also the mage who had a longer "swimming age" element than them, and guessed the origin of the two earlier.
After five years, although I changed my ID and my appearance changed slightly, I still look cold and noble, and my face will be unforgettable at a glance.
Night star
This is not an ID, but a mercenary group that once shocked the mythical world, a team that was temporarily at the top of the world.
The promise was shallow, and the cloud madness glanced at each other. Finally, the cloud madness went to Ye Feng and said seriously, "Let me come first."
Ye Feng shook his head and smiled. "The arena is my day. I didn’t think I would lose to anyone. Even if it rains and winds at night, I am sure I will win."
Cloud crazy nodded and didn’t say anything. Ye Feng is a character of Lei Zecheng’s flag. Since he insists on himself, it is not good to persuade him again.
On the other side, Black Knight and Black Luo Cha Zheng laughed. "It’s a bit interesting. I like this desperate gamble very much. But when it’s inevitable, we’ll play a game of World War I to decide the outcome. If you win my body and equipment, you can take it away. How about overlord Tuoba evil? Do you dare to pick it up?"
Say the black knight conveniently drew up a new contract and threw it at Ye Feng. Once the contract is signed, there is a unified great god’s card. No one can fail to pay the agreed bet if he loses.
"Haha, this Sun is afraid that Lien Chan’s losing streak will be too bad." The players laughed heartily and decided that Ye Feng was a winning game.
"As you wish"
Ye Feng said that he was about to sign the contract when he heard a scream. The scream suddenly stood up and disappeared, and the sky suddenly became thunderous. Everyone was frightened and looked up and saw a dazzling silver light as if it were a long meteor that suddenly fell to the arena.
The speed of that silver light is extremely fast, and people’s minds are still confused about the future. They feel that flowers are shining at the moment and then a huge arena is hit. The silver light seems to suddenly split into thousands of sharp silver wires, and then it flies and cuts, and then it seems to be cut by sharp objects.
All eyes were stunned with horror. The magical protective barrier of the arena was instantly destroyed by the silver wire. The wooden table top of the arena became a hard and thick pillar of the arena supported by fine sawdust …
This silver light is really beyond the imagination of the players. At that moment, Black Knight and Black Luo Cha all reacted in the fragments torn by the silver wire. Ye Feng, who is closest to them, could not see clearly their bodies. Two clouds of crimson blood fog rose in Ye Feng’s pupil, and then everything fell silent.
With a radius of 100 yards and a four-level magic barrier, the arena was completely destroyed. Actually, for most players, they heard a loud noise, and then the dense silver light filled their sight. By the time they tried to open their eyes to see the situation clearly, the arena had been razed like a sudden evaporation.
All of a sudden, because the silver light is coming to the extreme, what everyone can see … that’s all.
"What’s going on?"
"Is it a magic gun?"
"But this is a mirror image in the main city. How can there be a magic gun?"
"Then the player or NPC who launched this attack must be in the arena …"
Everyone rubbed their eyes, and the only thing that was clear was that the two American masters who were trying to smash a field were evaporated together with the arena, and they might have been sent back to the Resurrection Temple in Shenhuang City at this time.
Ye Feng’s unusual eyesight made him infer more information than others. First of all, the silver light that broke the truth was not a magic gun, but a silver Se arrow.
Moreover, it seems that the arrow flew out from the string to hit the arena for a moment, but she traveled at least 500 yards or more.
What kind of bow can shoot an arrow so far?
Ye Feng hurried back to follow the light trace in the sky and looked at the past …