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The little monkey replied, "Master’s brother came here from the back door at midnight before the altar yesterday, so I boldly knelt down and waited for this farewell. liu er also hoped that Master would be merciful and his brother would never be ungrateful!"

"I will say that you listen to you and listen to this immortal tip before.
It’s a wonderful trick to show your secrets and be tactful. He said that you are always energetic, firm in hiding and leaking, and you are hidden in the leaking body. It’s more beneficial to keep away evil desires and get cool and bright, so that you can enjoy the moon in Dantai, hide jade rabbits and hide turtles and snakes, but your life is firm, but you can plant golden lotus in the fire. The five elements are reversed, and you can work with Buddha and fairy. "
So after three years of chaos, the little monkey talked about three disasters and he made a seventy-two change.
Chapter 1. Chapter 1
On the ninth day of September in Wuyin, in the evening of Chongyang Festival, Company commanders mansion was pregnant for three years. In June, Mrs. Wang was so busy with production that there were dark clouds falling on her head and the demon fog filled her.
Watching the enemy tower in the southeast corner, the Gankun bow that suppressed evil spirits flashed red awns. Do you know that this Gankun bow has another Gankun?
However, it turned out that as early as in Du E, West Kunlun, when real people used this bow to suppress the ghost of Human-God, chaos had been regarded as a matter of sealing gods, so this bow medium created one side to accept itself as an incarnation of gods.
The chaotic person who incarnates God’s knowledge thinks with the same mind and has half her ability. When she lives in the bow of Gankun, she always looks at Li’s house, and her family is still harmonious.
Although "Chaos" has long been done, after the source is reincarnated, the World Heaven will begin to revise the framework that is divorced from natural development because of her inversion, but it did not expect to come so soon.
In the "chaos" gaze, Excavate never looked at it, so she sent someone to lose the newborn. Fortunately, she had a post-trick and told it in violet, and the Buddha did the same at the beginning, without giving birth to any other thoughts.
Chaos draws a canopy in the bow world. Looking at Qingxuan, a black sesame glutinous rice dumpling that has always been spoiled by the Buddha of the Yuan Dynasty, she reincarnated herself until she was seven years old, so that she learned everything. After hiding it, she had to leave her alone in the mountain to avoid three disasters.
That is, at this time, Nezha Jr. reached the water’s edge because of his spiritual practice, and took her mixed day silk to stir out the "chaos" of the little dragon king who was only ten years old in the East China Sea from the crystal, leaning on the couch and shocked when he saw the scene-
Because she recognized the little dragon king at the first sight as Gengchen, the god of Ying Long.
Although unexpected, the appearance of this little dragon king really changed her original good things. According to her normal development of secondary deduction, Nezha should have been forced to go to the seaside when she was seven years old and was recognized by her biological parents. After killing a dragon, she was forced to suffer some flesh and blood.
A few days later, Nezha came to Chentang with the little dragon king, but he did meet his biological mother, but he did not meet his biological father on the same night. Instead of Joseph, he quarreled and almost let Nezha shoot Li Jing with his baby bow.
Things have changed.’ Chaos’ is not very sure. Is it because the heaven in the world is secretly revising the framework to exclude itself or because it has been missing Geng Chen? But in general, things are still within her acceptable range, so she listens.
Chaos stayed safe in Gankun Bow until Nezha was fourteen years old. She had been searching hard for her. She was not allowed to be the demon king. Excavate’s family provoked her to this southeast corner. Chaos knew all the troubles and naturally could not give a good look to Excavate. But if he and she didn’t save her, she once followed Chiyou. She led several followers in this chaos, which also attracted the human-god ghost to stir.
After the bow looked at him and was severely humiliated by the devil, "Chaos" appeared to drive away the stone and step the ghost of Human-God back into the cage.
If I had known that there was no peace and chaos after Gengchen appeared, another picture was taken before watching Nezha’s painting, but it was to observe the little dragon king in the East China Sea who went to Nezha to do things-
Scaling, peeling and refining treasures are sent to Nezha.
"Chaos" looked at it and felt pain for him. He was pale with a Zhang Jun face, but he didn’t say a word. Where did he face the circumstances?
When Nezha was fifteen years old, the little dragon king found her disguised as a man and made some preparations. After that, he ran to Yuelao House and asked for a red line.
"Chaos" is even a cold-hearted Leng Qing, but seeing Gengchen for so many years is still somewhat soft-hearted. His death is not too much to make him feel older and teach him that this person will have a big wound in the future, but he can’t know why.
In the end, Yue Lao chose a spiritual red line to give to the little dragon, King Wang Xiaolong, and divided the red line in half and tied half of it to Nezha’s head according to Yue Lao’s instructions.
I feel funny about the little dragon king’s little chaos, but I don’t laugh so much at the thought that the one tied with the red rope is his own reincarnation. I can deduce a letter to violet again and ask her to tell the Buddha that things have changed a little, so I need to pay more attention to sealing the gods.
When the little cousin of the little dragon king appeared in Qianyuan Mountain, Chaos fiddled with the chessboard and looked at the magic thing in her heart to confuse people and feel a headache.
As the name suggests, you can do whatever you want, but it will magnify your evil thoughts several times.
Maybe being tricked by the method of human heart is to make people fall and watch the excitement, but this evil thought will change people’s wrestling mind and dig traps to kill them alive after being amplified by the random method.
If you can be planted with the random method, it is said that this person must have desires in his heart, but his eyes have not done evil because the random method has not yet obtained the nutrients of dark emotions, and once he feels the dark emotions, he will begin to hook people’s hearts.
But "Chaos" put the little cousin aside after a short headache, or it was because the little cousin was so weak that "Chaos" didn’t need to raise my hand thousands of miles away to run over and kill her with my heart.
But that’s what happened. Suddenly, the little dragon girl went to Long Lin and made body double pretend to be a father and filial piety in the Dragon Palace. The demon king secretly hooked chaos and didn’t want to care about other people’s family affairs. But the little dragon girl stared at Nezha everywhere and learned strange spells from the demon king to trap the little dragon king in the array.
Nai also had a little cold light to return the Long Lin to its original shape, forcing the West Sea Dragon King not to try to arrest the little dragon girl back to the Dragon Palace.
However, it was also this incident that Nezha found out the four elephant swords cast by Chaos from the Beijiao Sea and sent them to the little dragon king again.
When the little dragon king was born, he was not free in the detained palace, but his gentle little cousin carefully prepared a gift. Unexpectedly, as soon as he entered the Dragon Palace, he was rejected, so he angrily ran to the demon king’s abode of fairies and immortals and traded Nezha for the little dragon king.
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It is at 8
The abyss
Chapter 1 Dream Godhead
Wang Gang sighed and shook his head with his mobile phone. After 8 years, he has been reduced to a visible level.
I was just about to search for the starting point, looking for originality and novelty. When I didn’t pretend to hit my face, a dreamy light flashed in front of my eyes, and a thumb-sized facade crystal flashed from Wang Gang’s forehead.
A lot of information appeared directly in Wang Gang’s mind. Wang Hai knew what crystal was.
Crystal is a deity, which belongs to the deity of dreams. The priesthood is the deity of dreams. There is a level that can open up and solidify dreams in the deity, pull people into the deity and absorb the power of dreams.
Excited than excited!
Wang Gang is a boy who loves fantasy, especially after reading several fantastic novels at the starting point, he gradually gives birth to some fantasies.
A fantasy in the future world!
What would the world be like if there really was a God who ruled the world and gave justice to everyone?
In the eyes of God, all kinds of wealth in the second generation are illusory.
All kinds of false and wrongful cases will never happen, and there will be no more stories of so many wives separated.
Everyone who has the ability will not be put in the right place by the waves, and those who want to go astray will eventually be made public under the supervision of God.
God can absorb faith and transform divine power. The feedback of divine power makes people live longer and longer, and their bodies become stronger and smarter.
It is conceivable that in such a world, the whole world power will be twisted into one force and the world will develop faster than before.
A fair and just world is just around the corner.
At this time, he actually got a godhead, Wang Gangru, who could control the excitement and joy.
"There are 7 drops of divine power in the godhead, and the godhead consumes 1 drop of divine power every month to maintain itself in …"
"If there is no divine power to maintain the collapse of the godhead, the whole world will be directly empty by the power brought by the collapse of the godhead."
It wasn’t long after I was excited that Wang Gang found a message that was worse than terror in the divine information.