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This talk is not serious, but the anecdote of Xia Jie, the monarch of the former dynasty of the Shang Dynasty. Throughout the book, I am afraid that there are many speculations about the happiness of the summer. It is said that the Shang Dynasty cooperated with You Shishi to send Xi, and it is said that the demon covets people’s enjoyment and attempts to practice the monarch’s body.

Nezha but Zhu Bi will fall out of favor revenge this circle up notation.
You Shishi’s anti-summer campaign strongly suppressed the princess of Fengguo, Huan Xi, and changed her life, Huan Xi Rong, and favored You Shishi. Later, the Minshan family who attacked Minshan in the summer followed the example of Shi Xianwan and Yan. Xian Xi fell out of favor for a long time, and Shi Wei was sent by Shang Wang Tang to make a secret relationship with Yi Yin. The two were in harmony with each other and died in the summer.
There is another fine print beside this line of comments. Today, there is a Su’s protector, a big businessman, Jizhou Hou, who opposed the Shang king. He was defeated and captured, following the example of sending his daughter da ji into the business. However, in case of Kyubi no Youko disaster, da ji businessmen are in danger!
Aobing nai smiled and watched the roll of tea after dinner. I’m afraid I can’t find a second person besides Nezha.
At 3: 00 noon, in the scorching sun, Nezha just opened his eyes. When he went out, he saw Ao Bing holding her annotations and looking around, and he was quite interested.
Chapter 35 Chapter 35
Mrs. Yin is trying to find a suitable opportunity to tell Nezha that they lost their children in those years. At this time, listening to the centurion’s heart, this may be an opportunity, so Nezha and them left with joy
Nezha leaned against the tree to enjoy the cool, and Aobing told her that the West Sea Dragon King planned to let Aojin pity wander outside for a year. After that, Nezha wanted to think, recognizing that Aobing was reluctant to take the side in wishful thinking. He knew what she saw in Aojin pity memory and told Aobing. He heard Aobing frown-
Angry and confused
Aobing was angry with Nezha and didn’t care at all what kind of illusion Aojin pity had on him.
Nezha really doesn’t care how much AoJin pity on AoBing, but she has the same confusion with AoBing these days.
When two people were discussing here what Aojin pity would want to be with Aobing, they told Mrs. Yin to go back to Company commanders mansion and the centurion minced over and said, "My Lord, there’s one more thing I just forgot to talk about."
Half an hour passed, just now?
Nezha asked, "What is it?"
The centurion said hesitantly, "The little clown has been fighting with the company commanders all the year round, and he has a bad memory. He forgot to tell his wife that the second lady was murderous when she came that day. This time, Mrs. Xiao Er said that the company commanders invited her to go back, even if she was furious."
"What about that?" Nezha hook lips don’t take this matter to heart, waved the centurion back, and Ao Bing said, "It’s a simple thing to think about and know what’s going on."
Ao Bing spread out a roll of bamboo slips and asked, "Yes?"
Nezha casually said, "Either Company commanders mansion Grand Duke Jin Yi kept the dog king to deal with their second wife, but failed to successfully bite out the original shape of the strange second wife everywhere. He clenched his teeth and refused to tell the longitudinal dog attack.
The second wife’s stepmother, looking at Excavate’s face, was not good enough to directly take Jin Yun’s operation, so she bit to death because Aunt Yin hated her and became Excavate’s new lover to take her life, which led to such a disaster today. "
Ao Bing asked, "Did you show him how Dagong kept the dog king?"
Nezha nodded and said "really".
Ao Bing asked again, "You have hardly met the second lady directly. If you can be sure that she is a person or a demon?"
Nezha said, "She is the sister of Chaoge, the nine-tailed fox, and she can make the pheasant in the mountains. Naturally, the message she sends is not ordinary people. Otherwise, her life is to teach her to peel off her skin and go back to the mountains. I am afraid that someone will save her at that time. It is natural that her aunt will be in trouble now."
Aobing wanted to mean to say, "Mrs. Nezha Yin finally has some fate, so go and see what happened."
Nezha casually said, "What’s the hurry? That Jin Yi is a filial piety, and there is still some loyalty at the moment. Aunt Yin went home and was wronged by the second lady. He also confessed that when Aunt Yin got away, she would angrily run over and singling out with me. "
It turns out that Nezha wants to be good.
Jin Bai was placed under house arrest in her bedroom and was not allowed to step out of the door, while Mu Bai kept asking what happened to the dog king, whether it could affect people’s mind witchcraft as Hu Jiuzi said.
As soon as Mrs. Yin stepped into Company commanders mansion, she saw Hu Jiuzi holding a sword and staring at her at the main entrance of the hall.
The atmosphere is a little subtle. Mrs. Yin glanced at the house soldiers and immediately closed the door tightly. She was just about to ask what happened to Hu Jiuzi and where did she get so hostile.
Hu Jiuzi took the lead in opening his mouth and shouted, "Yin Su knows how bold you are and dares to ask your eldest son to learn witchcraft to kill me."
In a word, what witchcraft did Mrs. Yin learn when she was dizzy?
Mrs. Yin frowned and shouted, "You said little Hu that we were so good that we might learn some witchcraft."
"He is really good," Hu Jiuzi snorted. "He is so good that he wants the strange dog to take my life in front of Jing Ge. If Jing Ge didn’t save me, would I be bitten through the pipa? This incident was witnessed by many government soldiers present. Do you think you are jealous of my brother Jing’s love and instigated Jin Yi to keep strange dogs to harm me? "
Excavate listened to the quarrel outside and knew that Mrs. Yin had come back and walked out of the hall to shut Hu Jiuzi up and then let someone bring Jin Yun from behind.
Li Jing couldn’t help feeling sad when he saw Jin Bai. Of course, he knew what his wife and children were like, but it happened before his eyes. Jin Bai kept saying that Hu Jiuzi was a demon, but the person at his bedside was bitten by that strange dog, and she didn’t show her true colors. Can he believe what Jin Bai said? Then he asked bitterly, "Do you know when a mother bites Jiuzi by two strange dogs in the crosswalk?"
Mrs. Yin asked eagerly, "Son, what did you tell your mother in the end? Did they wronged you?"
Jin Yi shook her head and kept silent.
Mrs. Yin grabbed Jin Yun’s hand and asked again, "What’s going on? Tell your mother!"
Hu Jiuzi sneered and waved and ordered the government soldiers to retreat immediately, offering several colorful flags and throwing them around to surround Mrs. Yin.
Mrs. Yin frowns and knows that Hu Jiuzi’s move is not good, but I don’t know whether she really wants to push Jin Yun out and then put a sword tactic in her hand to prevent Hu Jiuzi from making a sudden move.
Jin Bai Li Jing and Hu Jiuzi crossed the battlefield together, knowing that Hu Jiuzi can make enemies in the battlefield with these little flags.
Li Jing asked, "What do you want with Jiuzi?"
Hu Jiuzi knows the truth of playing the snake for seven inches. As soon as he raises his hand, the colorful flag rises and flashes around Mrs. Yin.
"Brother Jing would have killed me alive if you had rescued that vicious dog. For your sake, I don’t care if I was a second mother, but she has to pay this revenge for her son."
Excavate Jin Yi looked at the light in the array, fearing that Mrs. Yin would be hurt by Hu Jiuzi’s array. I always said "I said" before Hu Jiuzi launched the array.
Hu Jiuzi shouted "Say" coldly. As her mind moved, the light of the flag gradually dispersed and turned back to her.
When Mrs. Yin heard this, she suddenly relaxed her brow but frowned more tightly. Did Jin Yun really do something outrageous behind her back? Look at this situation, it seems that she is still acting like this!
"Some time ago, Muyi said that I didn’t care when I saw Ernian was not a person, but then I met a person who talked with him." Jin Yi said that he paused here and then added, "Speaking of family matters, Muyi said that the eagle dog is a natural enemy of chickens, so he gave me such a method to subdue the demon."
Strictly speaking, the fox is the first natural enemy of the chicken, but she met the nine-tailed fox when she was young, and the fox was not a threat to her for nearly a thousand years. But this person made Jin Yun keep a dog as if she knew that she was not afraid of foxes, and Jin Yun deliberately concealed her at the moment, but she still didn’t know who Jin Yun learned to restrain her.
Jin Yun’s answer Hu Jiuzi is not satisfied.
However, Mrs. Yin is more dissatisfied than Hu Jiuzi. She can’t figure out how Jin Yun became so reckless and dared to act like this without evidence. What’s the difference between such disregard for human life villains?
Mrs. Yin shook her head in disappointment. A loud slap sounded and five bright red fingers were printed on her face.