25, Jun 2024
Chapter one hundred and seventy-five Hello, the tenth head coach of the League

One day before the game, the atmosphere is getting more and more tense.
The atmosphere filled everyone’s head as the war approached.
Although Hertha will not fall out of the promotion zone even if they lose this game, they will probably fall out of the first place in the league.
And more importantly, if they lose the game, they can’t fight back against that damn hill.
Hill reduced their head coach to penniless before the game, and if they can’t win, they can’t vent their anger.
It is because of the eagerness to win that the atmosphere has become a little tense.
But winning this time is not worried.
He likes the tension very much.
This means that the players care about this game and are unwilling to give up the pursuit of victory.
In this way, there will be a fight with Atletico Madrid
Changsheng cares about morale and potential.
Morale is something he can control but borrow.
For him, Hill’s remarks before the game were beneficial to him, so he took advantage of the situation and revived the morale and confidence of the players.
He was wondering if he would like to thank a Jesus Hill if he won the game.
Then he felt wrong …
Let’s wait until the end of the season and Atletico Madrid has not successfully upgraded before thanking Jesus Hill.
Whether Hertha can beat Atletico Madrid at home is a very doubtful question.
Those journalists who hate winning games must hope Hertha loses at home so that they can win games.
Before the game, they tried their best to help Changsheng speculate on the matter of "failing to apply for Atletico Madrid and then threatening Atletico Madrid with wild words"
Is to let more people know what is the feud between Changsheng and Atletico Madrid.
The more people know what Changsheng has done, the more people will laugh at Changsheng’s arrogance and overreaching after Hertha lost to Atletico Madrid at home!
At the beginning, I was a famous pawn who always won, and I dared to call Atletico Madrid such a giant. Did they decide and regret it?
What a hubris!
This is what that media want to achieve.
So they don’t want Hertha to win.
But is Hertha really going to lose at home this time? The media have no idea.
Although Atletico Madrid is strong, their performance in the first half of the season is obvious to all. It took 20 rounds in the league to rank tenth, far from the top three promotion areas.
And Hertha? The team that was almost relegated in the season is now ranked first in the league. There is not only a chance to upgrade, but also a great chance to be promoted to the first division as a league champion.
The ranking gap between the two teams is a good example of their strength gap.
Hertha is the strongest team in the Western League at present, and they even proved this in the first-class team Certa.
So can Atletico Madrid really win away from home?
For the first time, the media came up with this idea
This idea made them feel very unhappy, because if Hertha and Atletico Madrid met before, then Atletico Madrid would definitely win Hertha and lose. Anyone who dares to say Hertha can win Atletico Madrid will be treated as a psychopath.
Now they have to hesitate to analyze and see how many chances Atletico Madrid has to win …
Leaving aside the results and not talking about this matter is already very problematic!
Maybe … Atletico Madrid can still rely on their long-term coercion in Madrid to decide the outcome of the game. Maybe Hertha players can’t stand in front of Atletico Madrid?
The media are so eager to hope that the game can really be as they wish.
On the last day before the game, I trained the main tactical training, set the ball, and trained the master.
The training session was short and soon ended.
Changsheng also went to coliseumalfonso perez to attend the press conference and team training, so he gave it to assistant coach Rudy Gonzalez.
He himself went across the street from coliseumalfonso perez.
Before him, the visiting team held a press conference.