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"I hope the world can accept his identity. I don’t want to fight for the reputation of that git to take over our Xiling military. If we follow that dude, I’m afraid we’ve already stepped into the ghost gate. I said, Grand Commander, are you surprised that it’s all a father? How can it be so much worse?"

It’s true that Mu Chongshan kept his mouth shut about his father, but the difference between his mother and his mother is great. Jiang Yunying and Manjusri are female heroes, and it’s not surprising that they know how to compete for fame and gain and raise different children. But this matter involves some secrets of Ling Wang. Mu Chongshan thinks it’s better not to say it.
There was no response from Mu Chongshan, and Yan Yun became more and more anxious. If he was not afraid of Mu Qingfeng, maybe he would run directly to him now and beg him to talk to himself about Xiling.
For most people, one night is just a time to sleep, but it is obviously not suitable now. Mu Qingfeng and Mu Chongshan and his party have already made a decision in the pavilion before the sun rises the next morning.
Mu Qingfeng chose to go back and decided that many things would come to him. When he returned to the hall after a walk, he found that everyone appeared in the house yesterday, even Xuelian, who had not woken herself up, was there.
"Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture: what are you going to do? But no matter how you choose, my mother and princess support you. "Bai Qiao took the lead. After so many ups and downs, he has long regarded Mu Qingfeng as his own brother. This matter will not change because he is the king of Beiyan or Xiling.
Everyone watched Muqingfeng Muqingfeng took a deep breath and said slowly and firmly, "On whether my mother died because of his decision to fight against him … He is my father after all. Although I don’t like his style of work, I am not tender to watch him die because he was framed for rebellion. And since the so-called" conspiracy "war in Yuan Xu caused so many troubles because of my mother, this matter should be solved by the widow of Ling, eldest brother. I want to say goodbye to you. I have to go back to Xiling.
Mu Qingfeng’s decision was expected as early as Bai Qiao’s. Since the blood debt in the village was not caused by the war between Ling Wang and the corner of Xinjiang, Mu Qingfeng would not ignore the fact that Ling Wang was framed.
"This to xiling, you can need our north yan troops assistance? Why don’t you stay with Xuanjiamen? Once your identity is announced in the day, the head of the war can become your uncle. He didn’t help you, "Bai Qiao added.
"Eldest brother’s good pleasure and younger brother appreciate it, but it’s out of Ling Wang. Qingfeng doesn’t want to use other people’s hands. If eldest brother really wants to help me, please bring Princess Anyang’s blood to the public. Presumably, Nangong Jinyu will be criticized by heaven and earth, and maybe he will win it for Ling Wang." Since Mu Qingfeng accepted his identity as Ling Wang, then Beiyanying Wang Li had better not move.
"Eldest brother, I want to go with you. I must personally fight Yuan Xu, the old deathless dog, to pay homage to my parents!" Dog egg red eyes said
"Although Mu Chongxuan is my adoptive father, I have always regarded him as my own father over the years. Since you have this heart, our brothers will act together to find a way to fight Yuan Xu." Mu Qingfeng really likes this simple and honest brother.
"I want to go, I want to go." Although many things can’t be remembered, * * Kite knows that she has amnesia, and I’m afraid Yuan Xu can’t get away from this war. Plus, her eldest brother and second brother have to set off. It makes no sense to wait for them to come back at Beiyan Wangfu.
Yu Xuelian’s son is needless to say that he is already Muqingfeng’s fiancee. Naturally, where is Muqingfeng, he will go back. Where is his marriage with Muqingfeng? It must be delayed again.
Just as Mu Qingfeng was preparing to leave, a message from Xiling made everyone unprepared.
It is said in the letter that the king of Xiling fought in the corner of Xinjiang for possession of the imperial seal. It is said that the Xiling army did not listen to the mobilization of the new emperor, which showed signs of large-scale action. This excuse made Chen Bing for a long time. Nearly one-fifth of the dragon heads of Nanyue King marched westward to Xiling Group, and all the places fell into the hands of Nanyue King. It is said that many villages were wiped off the map by Nanyue Wang Dajun.
Seeing this news, Mu Qingfeng’s veins stood out directly. Don’t ask, this must be Mr. Zhan’s post-recruitment. It seems that he must not have brought Ling Wang back to Beijing yet. However, the Nanyue King’s army actually attacked at this time, and it was not bad to grasp the sense of proportion. Plus, what virtue Mu Qingfeng had in Nanyue King’s army? But he realized it clearly in Daliangzhou.
"Eldest brother Nangong Jinyu usurped the throne and rebelled against the truth, so I’ll trouble you. I’m about to leave." Muqingfeng threw a fist at Bai Qiao, and now I really can’t delay it.
As Mu Chongshan said, whether Mu Qingfeng promised or not, they all have to leave today, but Mu Qingfeng’s promise to go with them should be regarded as a great gain.
"Are we going to go directly to Rongcheng?" Yan Yun is a idle person. Now that I know Mu Qingfeng’s identity, I can’t control my mouth. In fact, his performance is excusable. Yan Yun is a clown. He won’t be praised for his flattery. When I first came to Xiling Iron Rider Camp, I saw that he didn’t know anything and liked to give orders. Yan Yun really hated this unprofessional dude who gave him a look everywhere. If it weren’t for his identity, I’m afraid Yan Yun would be direct. A young talent like Mu Qingfeng didn’t know that things often turned out to be true. Although the military situation in Xiling was a little urgent, he didn’t panic at all.
"General yan Rongcheng there now? Can the city defense resist the morale of the soldiers and civilians in the attack of Nanyue King’s army? " Although he is in Malaysia, this does not prevent Mu Qingfeng from asking about the current situation. Rongcheng, where the mausoleum is located, has never set foot in it himself. It is better to know thoroughly before making a decision.
"When I was old and strict in the military camp, I was really not particularly clear about these questions." Yan Yun was a little embarrassed and didn’t expect the world to answer the first question himself
"The male Xiling Rongcheng has been carefully prepared by the report for so many years. It will be no problem to think about it for a while, but it’s hard to say that the report has just been taken away, and the reputation of the war and the princess have disappeared. Plus, General Yan and I came to Beiyan for help. I’m afraid it’s hard to stick to the Nanyue army’s arrival in the city for ten days." Mu Chongshan is loud and clear. After all, he has been in Rongcheng for so many years, although he is not there now, he still knows everything.
"Elder brother, you said this time we can touch Yuan Xu that old thing? I can’t help but want to strangle him personally when I think that he has his own selfish desires and caused the people in our village to be killed! " Dog eggs a little clip horse belly arrived at MuQingFeng side.
"I’m afraid we won’t meet him in a short time. If I guess it’s right, he must be taking Ling Wang to the capital now, and he can’t show up before the absolute security." Mu Qingfeng guessed that it was not bad at all. Now Yuan Xu is fighting with Ling Wang and fighting in the corner of Xinjiang, abandoning the carriage and speeding up from the waterway to the capital.
Although I know my identity, Mu Qingfeng still can’t forgive Ling Wang for letting his mother go to the battlefield alone. Up to now, he has never called Ling Wang’s father, and he doesn’t care whether this matter is Mu Chongshan or Yan Yun. After all, Mu Qingfeng has admitted the identity of the world and left the problem to the time to solve.
In the next few days, everyone is almost on the road. Fortunately, Xuelian and three girls are not weak women. Otherwise, such a high-intensity emergency March is really unbearable, but Rao is so. Everyone is also exhausted. Fortunately, after a few days of traveling, they finally reached the Xiling border.
Come on, everyone is going to breathe a sigh of relief, but the smoke in the distant town has not dissipated, which has cast a shadow on everyone’s heart. It is obvious that this small marginal town has just been slaughtered by the troops of Nanyue Wangfu.
What Mu Qingfeng hates most is that the army takes the civilians to vent their anger and encounters such an army. Mu Qingfeng has always been merciless. In those days, the blue wolf clan was like this, the rebels in Liangzhou were like this, and the Japanese army was just repelled.
When all the people arrived in the town, they found that the actual situation was worse than they thought. The whole village was full of ruins, and there was hardly a complete room. Judging from the mess in the house, these people must have taken all the valuables away. It made Mu Qingfeng and others wonder why no one could see it. Did the army of Nanyue King take everyone away?
These ordinary people obviously can’t bring any substantial help to the army. Mu Qingfeng hasn’t figured out where they are going. When a bamboo arrows came to Mu Qingfeng, he was still thinking about where the townspeople were going. He didn’t pay any attention to the danger, but he didn’t worry that Mu Qingfeng had too many good players around him now.
See * * kite stretched out his jade hand like a Hua Hudie, and grasped the Zhi Zhu arrow firmly in his hand. See someone planning to hurt his brother. * * kite threw bamboo arrows back without hesitation. Just now, where did this arrow come from? I saw clearly that the broken wall on the right was hiding people.
* * Not the kui is a charm pavilion kite once three saints single-handedly hidden weapons kung fu almost no longer chess fairy Zhuo playing the moon listening to snow a very obvious bamboo arrows inserted into the body is to let everyone didn’t expect it to be a child’s pain.
In Muqingfeng motioned Yan Yun to walk quickly to that place, and soon he appeared in front of the crowd with a young boy in his right shoulder and three girls just shot bamboo arrows.
Seeing that he hit a little boy with a blow, the girl’s face was a little bit awkward. He just grabbed a living person and deliberately left some strength. I didn’t expect that it was not Nanyue King’s army but a child. It was obvious that he was a resident of this town.
The little boy who was held in Yan Yun’s arms didn’t cry. It’s hard to imagine that such a little boy could hold back and although his right hand couldn’t move, he kept hitting Yan Yun’s black face with his left hand. It is estimated that if Mu Qingfeng was not staring at himself, Yan Yun would definitely beat this little meal.
"Xiao are you from here? What about the rest of your family? " Mu chongshan asked
"The dog thief has something to kill me, or I will avenge my parents. You are lucky that you didn’t shoot you today. Sooner or later, the king of Ling and the Xiling army will avenge us!" The little boy was thrown to the ground by some angry Yan Xun, but he didn’t mean anything soft.
Obviously, the little boy regarded Mu Qingfeng and his party as Nanyue army. Mu Qingfeng knew that fighting would definitely happen this time. They were all deputy armed forces. I didn’t expect to be mistaken.