23, Jun 2024
Seeing this figure is a young and fat man, and his fat mouth looks a bit like a pig’s mouth, which makes the whole person look a bit ugly.

Fat with his hands on his back and a look of light wind and clouds as if everything was as expected.
"This …"
See this person Tang Yu three people can’t help but frown to reveal a face of fear.
Muhai was stunned when he heard this sound, then looked up and said faintly, "What’s the matter?"
"Let her go, I can give you a corpse." Fat light said.
"Brother Dust"
Fang Yuan twist a head to see fat after not big.
Then she stared at Muhai and gritted her teeth and said, "Muhai, don’t let go quickly and give me three thousand slaps on the head. I won’t torture you."
"Damn it!"
Hear this Tang Yu three people angry.
"Is that what you mean?"
Muhai looked at the fat and said calmly
"That’s right!" Fat nodded his head
"Ha ha …"
Muhai smiled and slowly dropped the medicine in the jade bottle.
"No …" Fang Yuan called out a cry of panic and despair. She was able to watch the potion drip and was capable.
"Wow …"
Purple potion instantly dripped into Fang Yuan’s face.
Soon the potion turned into purple cobwebs and spread in Fang Yuan’s face.
"Zi …"
Fang Yuan’s skin is visible to the naked eye, melting rapidly, and flesh and blood wither rapidly, but it stops after reaching a certain range.
Then the purple spider spread all over her body, even though her clothes were withered.
The whole person looks like a horrible zombie, which makes people tremble at the sight of it.
This process happened so fast that even the fat man with his hands behind his back didn’t react.
By the time he reacted, it was too late to see a living dead man without skin.
"You …"
After seeing Muhai, fat can’t help but calm down, and the eyes twitch a few times and then look back.
"Don’t you like her? Return it to you. "
Say that finish MuHai grabbed Yuan Fang threw her to the fat front.
"You …"
Even if you are fat and calm, you are angry at the moment, and your chest fluctuates violently.
"Ah …"
Fang Yuan shouted that her sleepy eyes were full of despair and black ash, and she turned away and ran out of sight.
Fat didn’t chase Muhai, and of course he wouldn’t chase him.
For this kind of living dead, living is more painful than death.
Muhai needs nature to make her wish she were dead, so that she can get rid of her hatred.
Then she rises and retaliates?
Hehe, don’t say that she has lost all her strength in the abdomen.
Even if she doesn’t lose her strength, can she get revenge without her help?
"Bang …"
It wasn’t long before Yuan Fangcai ran out, and his body fell backwards like a shell and landed heavily in front of fat.
Everyone was surprised to see this scene.
"How dare you run out, you bitch?"