22, Jun 2024
When others see it, they will rob it by hook or by crook

"Bro, look at this original stone. I spent 90 million yuan to buy it. It can make ten bracelets with excellent quality. It is not a problem to sell it for 150 million yuan." Zhou Qinglong said.
"This how not bashful" MuHai smile said.
"Mu Laodi and I are still polite?" Zhou Qinglong smiled and picked up the bag.
Then he walked to the door. "Mu bro, you are busy first, so I’ll go first."
Say that finish Zhou Qinglong picked up the bag and left.
Muhai took the jadeite stone to his room and received the ring when he moved his mind.
50 million things take up a small space.
It’s just 6 o’clock in the afternoon, and the sun is not far from dark.
At ten o’clock in the evening, Tang Yu will be enlightened, which requires the support of powerful magic elements with strong gods and knowledge.
Muhai’s strength is not enough to support the enlightenment now.
However, Muhai has the fruit of awakening the soul and the fruit of magic yuan, which makes Muhai have the confidence to wake up.
"Rain is falling all don’t remember to eat. I ate a devil’s fruit and I’m not hungry. Continue to practice." Muhai andao gate went to his room.
Now there are still several hours before the evening, which is enough to bathe in the sea for a while.
"Jingle …"
Muhai sat in the hall and rang the doorbell.
"Who’s that? Don’t come early or late, just come at this time. "
Hit the door at MuHai froze.
Is it anyone else but Yang Wen?
The beauty door makes Muhai’s heart beat faster.
Especially now that Yang Wen is coming alone and Tang Yu is at home.
A house that can’t be handled properly will be demolished if two people fight again.
"Mr. Mu doesn’t welcome me?"
See MuHai block at the gate Yang Wen said.
"How can you not welcome it?"
Muhai invited Yang Wen to walk into the hall.
Yang Wen conveniently invited Yang Wen to sit by the sofa after the gate.
"Miss Yang, please have tea."
Muhai poured a cup of tea and handed it to Yang Wen.
"Thank you!" Yang Wen got up to meet him.
"I don’t know what Miss Yang wants to see me about?" Muhai asked
Yang Wen gently took a sip of tea and said, "This time, I want to ask Mr. Mu Hai for something, and I hope Mr. Mu will promise."
"Hehe" Muhai smiled. "It depends on what it is. Not everything I can help."
"I want Mr. Mu to see my father," Yang Wen said.
"Miss Yang, you have the wrong person. I’m not a doctor!" Muhai shook his head.
"Mr. Mu, I have seen everything in your eyes. You are Hua Tuo’s near-re-embodiment. If you don’t make moves, my father must be …" Yang Wen stopped with tears in his eyes.
"This ….." Muhai show be reluctant.
"Mr. Mu, you can rest assured how much money you want to cure my father. It’s your call," Yang Wen said.
You asked clearly enough to know that I like jade.
"It’s not a question of money, but your father is far away in Liuzhou, and I don’t want to go to Liuzhou yet," Muhai said.
"Well, I didn’t ask my father to come by plane, but I asked him to come tomorrow," Yang Wen said.
"Hehe" Muhai smiled and stared at Yang Wen. "Miss Yang, you are afraid that you can’t persuade your father, can you?"
Hear this Yang Wen one leng.
How did he know?
That’s true. Her father’s character is not what he saw with his own eyes, and he will never agree to treat him with rivers and lakes. Even if Mu Hai flies there, it may not make Mu Hai start work.
Yang Wen was reluctant and couldn’t think of a good way at the moment.
"Your father is ill for the time being, but I can take a good look at your illness," Muhai said.
When this was said, Yang Wenru was shocked by a bolt from the blue.
How did he know I was sick? How did he see it?
Is he really a wonderful doctor, and even the master can’t do anything about him?
Yang Wen stayed there frowning and thinking.
Muhai is in no hurry to pour himself a cup of tea and sit on the sofa and smile at the beauty in front of him.
To get Yang Wen’s approval, it is far beyond her strength.
Management ability, then forget it. Muhai doesn’t have the heart to learn.
Yang Wen should have approved the strength.
Otherwise, she could not have come to Muhai alone.
Not to mention that she slapped Muhai in the face in the afternoon, and now she has come forward.