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The breeze and the moon heard Zhenyuan’s words, but they refused to promise to leave and cry, "Master, let’s go together." Zhenyuan was anxious and angry. At this moment, the blood-sea reincarnation array had rushed to the future. Zhenyuan saw an acre of Qingyun Qingyun on his head, two flowers on the ground, and one holding the ginseng fruit tree gave off a khaki glow. The ginseng fruit tree gave off a bright green glow and was full of vitality. The two lights alternated to protect Fiona Fang in the front hall of Wuzhuangguan for several miles, but his registered brother was panicked and fled out of the front hall, but he was instantly swallowed up by the blood sea and

After that, he sacrificed two swords, "Yuan Tu" and "A Bi", and went to Zhenyuan. He was in a hurry and angry. If he wanted to escape from Kunpeng and Styx, he could not stop it, but he could not lose his face. Moreover, he escaped from his lair, and the Five Zhuang Views would be finished.
Kunpeng also Jie Jie laughed like a owl.
Just as they laughed, they suddenly stopped. Kunpeng and Styx smiled stiffly and looked at Wuzhuangguan. When they saw Wuzhuangguan, a golden pagoda suddenly appeared. It was the Xuanhuang Linglong Tower of heaven and earth that gave off bursts of Xuanhuang gas, which protected Wuzhuangguan from the blood-sea reincarnation array, and the bloody gas touched Xuanhuang gas, and the blood god also made sharp screams.
Then the sea of blood came out of a smiling Taoist wearing a purple and gold palace crown, and a huge colorful gold rim appeared behind him, and the sea of blood retreated one after another. Who is Qing Ye?
Town yuan saw Qing Ye in the mind a happy sigh of relief and knew that this move was right.
Seeing Qing Ye Kunpeng and Styx’s old faces twitching, Qing Ye laughed at their expressions. "They are so interested that they should join hands to enjoy the scenery in Wuzhuang, but what are you doing with so many departments? Are you afraid of any accidents?"
Styx’s blood-red eyes flickered. "Violet saint, do you have to take this cause and effect?"
Qing Ye shook his head. "As early as that year, this cause and effect has been settled." He turned to Kunpeng and said, "Kunpeng, you can go back to Beiming. You destroyed Hongyun’s physical body and the cause and effect will be settled by him."
Kunpeng is really unwilling to see it, so he will break the concept of five villages. Not only can he kill the reincarnation of Hongyun, but he can also get a spiritual root. But the most worried, hateful and hateful person has appeared again. Kunpeng sighed at his brother and the Ministry and said, "Let’s go" and left first.
When Styx saw that Kunpeng had gone, the governor had to take back the blood-sea reincarnation array and fled back to the blood-sea.
Kunpeng and Styx have gone. Qing Ye looked at the original fairy land, Wanshou Mountain, which was polluted beyond recognition by the blood sea. It was still leaking with bloody breath. His eyebrows were wrinkled, and then he poured out the innate water of Gankun Ding and covered the whole Wanshou Mountain. For a moment, he saw that Wanshou Mountain was full of vitality. After Qing Ye took back Gankun Ding, he thought for a while and spilled a grain of nine-day rest soil to cover thousands of miles. After all this, Qing Ye flashed out.
Zhenyuan hurriedly walked over to Qing Ye and prostrated himself. Several brothers behind him also prostrated themselves and kowtowed to Qing Ye. "Zhenyuan Taoist friends should pay more attention. We met in Zixiao Palace and listened to the Tao as a Taoist friend." Then we gave a ceremony to everyone.
See the town yuan injured Qing Ye will be a clear light into its body town yuan a moment to heal again thank humbly Ye Qingzhen yuan into the hall after talking about the hongyun thing Qing Ye mused, "hongyun reincarnation is afraid of pinning it on Taoist friends. If not, I will go back to the violet palace." Zhenyuan naturally promised.
I haven’t been to Wuzhuang for a long time. Ye Qingzhen Yuan told each other, and then I stayed for a few days. Zhenyuan talked about the law of avenue and benefited a lot.
A few days later, Qing Ye returned to Qinglian Lingshan with Hongyun as a baby, and Nu Wa Tong Caiyun first came to Qing Ye with a baby and exclaimed, "Sir, is this your child outside?"
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Chapter one hundred and ten CiHang killed Jiang Ya
Qing Ye wry smile after the smell of nuwa said a party escaped.
It is said that when the people of Ci Channel heard that their younger brother Muyi died in Jizhou, Manjusri Guangfa Tianzun rushed to Jizhou to avenge his brother’s blood and hate. After a few days, they went to Xibo Houjichang camp. Jin Yi heard that Master Guangfa Tianzun and Shi Shuci Channel people were busy. Xibo Houjichang came out and greeted each other. When they saw the gift money, they cried to Manjusri Guangfa Tianzun, "Master Zun can’t protect his younger brother and let his younger brother be killed by Jiang Ya and others."
Manjusri Guangfa Tianzun’s smell speech is also sentimental, and the people in Cihai Road are sad and can’t help but hate, "I will invite the war generals Jiang Ya and other dismembered bodies to let them never be reborn, and my brother will avenge this."
Xibohou comforted him, then invited Manjusri Guangfa Tianzun and Tzu Chi Channel people to enter the camp. After they sat down in order, everyone discussed the Japanese strategy against the enemy. Xibohou asked, "But I don’t know what the two immortals mean?" Kindly channel humanity: "When Brother Manjusri asks for a battle, I will deal with Jiang Ya. I will kill him myself. But I heard that one of his brothers Lu Ya is also wondering if he will go out in the future. If he does, let Brother Manjusri deal with others. I wonder what you think?"
Manjusri Guangfa Buddha first said "great goodness" and Xibohou naturally agreed.
The next day, the camp of Manjusri Guangfa Tianzun and Cihangdao people came to Jizhou City for a good fight. The soldiers of Zhoucheng reported that Jiang Ya knew Jiang Ya, and they went out of the city to fight on the hour. However, Lu Ya did not come out to fight in the cave hundreds of miles away.
See Jizhou city gate, and then in the support of all the soldiers in the Zhou Dynasty, Jiang Ya rode out on a jade unicorn, and the pitfalls in Cihang’s eyes flashed by. After the soldiers in the Zhou Dynasty were in position, Jiang Ya looked at Manjusri Guangfa Tianzun and Cihang’s eyebrows and frowned. Intuitively, the two men were more powerful than the first four saints and asked, "Who are the two Taoist friends?" I wonder if I am practicing in Xianfu? "
I’m Jiang Ya, a member of Ci Channel in Luojiadong, Putuo Mountain, and brother Manjusri Guangfa Tianzun from Yunxiao Cave, Wulong Mountain Scenic Resort, who came to take your dog’s life. It’s really hateful that you killed my beloved disciple Muzai.
When Jiang Ya heard the news, he was surprised that it turned out to be the explanation of twelve Jinxianshan deities. Qing Ye told him to pay attention to the explanation of Twelve Jinxian and others and the interception of Sanxiao. He didn’t want to meet Mu Bian, the younger brother of the benevolent waterway. Jiang Ya knew that this was a good method and would sooner or later explain the interception of the second generation of three religions. After killing and robbing the deities, Jiang Ya said, "It turned out to be two Taoist friends, but I don’t know who will fight first?"
Say that finish, I beat a jade unicorn to the front, and the people of Ci Channel said, "I will take your desperate efforts." Say that finish, the animals came to the front with swords and stabbed Jiang Tooth, and greeted Jiang Tooth with swords. After several rounds, the people of Ci Channel patted Jiang Tooth on the top of their heads and revealed a half-acre Daqing cloud to cover the top, and then the body crashed to reveal the incarnation. See the avatar’s face like powder, three arms and six arms, and there was a golden dragon roaring in both eyes, but there were golden lotus and colorful flowers in both ears around Jin Ao.
Shang dynasty soldiers can’t help waving flags and shouting when they see that the people in the benevolent waterway are so Taoist.
Peng Zu’s heart was also dark and shocked. "Explaining the way of teaching is really profound." Then he held the Xuanwu cold water sword in his hand and rescued Jiang Ya when he was in danger. When Peng Zu was thinking about it, he sacrificed the pestle and the fairy sword to Jiang Ya’s head. Jiang Ya was so surprised that he retired and sacrificed the apricot yellow flag of the central jade deficiency, and he saw that it was constantly popping up. The golden lotus protected Jiang Ya’s body from the bombardment of the pestle and the fairy sword.
When people in Cihai Channel saw Jiangya Dingqi, they couldn’t help but exclaim, "Central Yuxu apricot yellow flag!" The manjusri Guangfa Buddha was also surprised, not only by Jiang Ya’s innate spiritual treasure, but also because they heard Yuan say that this flag was owned by the demon master Kun Peng, but it appeared here at this time.
Kindness channel people instantly restored calm and sneered, "So you have a congenital five-sided flag, but I don’t think you can last long." Then they sacrificed the pestle and the fairy sword to the ginger tooth, then took out the willow in the suet jade net bottle and brushed it against the ginger tooth, which made it much thinner.
The sheep fat jade bottle is made by a congenital spiritual stone of Ci Channel people, and the willow in the bottle is naturally extraordinary and a spiritual root. It has been bred in the water for several years before the gods, and the attack is as good as that of Lingbao the day after tomorrow. Moreover, the humanitarian law of Ci Channel is much higher than that of Jiang Ya, even if there is a central jade apricot yellow flag to protect itself, it can’t withstand the repeated attacks of Ci Channel people.
Moreover, when Jiang Ya’s great mana incited the central jade apricot yellow flag for a long time, he felt a sense of successor. When Jiang Ya gritted his teeth, he couldn’t help but forcibly sacrifice the golden pagoda for nine days, giving a faint golden light to the people on the mercy channel. When they saw it, they laughed, "a spent force" and the clouds on their heads were clear, and then their eyes were ablaze and the golden dragon sang wildly, and then they saw that the golden pagoda method fell for nine days.
When Jiang Ya saw this, he offered a whip to the people in Ci Channel. There were 21 sections and 14 runes lit up together. There was a lightning strike, a flash of lightning and a storm. Ci Hang was not busy when he saw it. The top Qingyun was clear and the surrounding area was auspicious and auspicious, so he blocked the whip from falling in the future like a golden pagoda for nine days. Then, when the willow brushed Jiang Ya, it brushed the golden lotus from the central jade apricot yellow flag. At that time, Jiang Ya urged the treasure flag to fall from the jade unicorn with the help of the pestle and the fairy sword, but it didn’t fall to the sky.
People don’t expect Peng Zu to roar with a sword and kill Cihang without charging Jiang Ya Lingbao to return to Peng Zu to fight together. However, although Peng Zu fought with Xuanwu Cold Water Sword badly, it was like Cihang’s opponent didn’t have the central jade deficiency apricot yellow flag to protect Lingbao from danger after several rounds.
Mercy channel people sneer at "you are Peng Zu? I heard that my brother Muyi really died at your hand. Now you will accompany Jiang Ya to die. It’s better to have a companion. "In the hand, Xianjian will fall to Peng Zu in the future. Suddenly, a cold hum will break out in Cihang’s ears, and then a fire will shoot at Cihang. It’s very hot. Cihang is surprised and busy. Take a seat and look around, only to see that a man is landing pressure in front of Peng Zu.
Cihang frowned. "Land pressure?"
For this former celestial demon family, Ten Taicihang looks dignified.
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Chapter one hundred and eleven Manjusri and Cihang died.
Today, Lu Ya suddenly felt uneasy when he was in the cave dwelling. It seems that something important happened. When he was killed by others, Jiang Ya, the sixth teacher younger brother, couldn’t help but be anxious and angry. When he arrived outside Jizhou City, Jiang Ya had already breathed his last and saved Peng Zu.
Lu Ya ignored Ci Hang’s questioning and went to Jiang Ya’s side to explore his heart pulse. When he found that he was stiff, he looked back at Ci Hang’s murderous look. "Did you kill my sixth younger brother?" When people in Cihai Channel saw Lu Ya, they looked at their own questions first, but instead asked themselves angrily. "Yes, I killed your sixth brother, so what?"
Lu Ya’s voice is gloomy. "Then I will kill you and my sixth younger brother to pay for it."
Cihang sneered at "the defeated demon race also dares to talk big, and was about to learn the Taoist teachings of the demon race in heaven before you". Then he took the lead in incarnating the auspicious clouds around him, and the top Qingyun was more clear, offering sacrifices to the pestle and the fairy sword, and at the same time, he took up the willow brush.
Cihang started the demon race’s crushing defeat, but the anger was more intense. But in the face of Cihang’s attack, I dare not despise my head. Now half an acre of Qingyun Qingyun is holding the evolved five-legged sun, and the innate spiritual fire is burning. Thousands of miles around it. However, the soldiers in the Zhou Dynasty are not affected, and the soldiers in the Shang Dynasty feel that the heat wave is rolling in and they can’t stand the heat. Manjusri Guangfa Buddha is surprised and busy, and he sends out a big mana to block the hot airflow in front of the Shang army. It is only slightly better for the Shang soldiers.
Looking at Liu Ya, Qingyun, the five-legged sun, and the innate spirit fire, Cihang and Manjusri, although they had learned from Jin Yun’s mouth, they were not frightened.
Cihang’s hands were blessed with Sanqing immortal spirit, but they were almost controlled by the hot air from the face when the people of Cihang bombarded the pestle and the fairy sword on the land and were rolled back by the hot air and returned to Cihang’s hands.
Seeing that Lu Ya’s innate spiritual fire is so fierce, the heart of the Ci channel is frustrated. Lu Ya sees her look, but she won’t let go. She takes out the dragon ring and throws it into the middle. She sees the dragon ring emit a dazzling light and turns it into a red dragon and dragons. She wants to tie Ci Hang to it. When she sees it, she is busy urging Da Li Ding Qingyun to emit a clear light, and her whole body is full of auspicious gas. Her six arms are also bombarded by the sacrifice spirit treasure, and she flies the dragon ring and then returns to Lu Ya’s hands.
Lu ya said that he would directly bombard Cihang with the five-legged sun of Qingyun.
Cihang made a great fuss and fled back to the camp. As soon as he fled back to Manjusri Guangfa Buddha, he saw his animal riding on the surface of the five-legged sun cremating ashes.
Although I escaped my life, I was still worried when I saw it.
Manjusri Guangfa Tianzun knows perfectly well that Cihang can’t face the land pressure, so he sacrificed his cave treasure dragon-dodging pile in Yunxiao Cave Town to see it. Three gold circles flew up from it and shone brilliantly. The gold circles lined up and roared to the land pressure circle, sneered at the top of it, and both hands even pointed to three red lights. Together, he knocked down the three gold circles of the dragon-dodging pile. Manjusri was busy taking back the dragon-dodging pile. Seeing the land pressure offering a dragon-tying circle, he slammed his head and hit the mud balls in his head and burst out of Sanqing
Lu Ya couldn’t help nodding his head secretly when he saw it. It’s quite a lot to explain Twelve Jinxian’s tricks. The magic is not weak. Unfortunately, they met themselves today.
At this time, Cihang also offered a clean bottle of suet jade in a half-bottle, giving off a clear light to collect the land pressure in it. It was necessary to collect it in the suet jade net bottle. Although the innate water in it melted the five-legged golden body of the land pressure, it was easy to destroy his flesh. The innate water in the suet jade net bottle was called "nectar water", which could destroy everything and save all souls. When the Tang Priest passed through Wuzhuanguan to knock down Zhenyuan ginseng fruit tree, Cihang saved the ginseng fruit tree.
However, the clear light from the bottle mouth of the suet jade net bottle was blocked by the red light around Lu Ya. Then Lu Ya took out the fairy-cutting gourd and peeled off its cover to reveal a white light. There was an object standing on the edge with eyebrows and eyes as if it were alive. Lu Ya respectfully said to that object, "Please turn around, baby."
Cihang Mud Pillow Palace was nailed by the immortal gourd, and if you can’t move, you will die. Suddenly, a number "My Buddha is merciful, please show mercy to my wife" came from afar, and then broke out and flew out, spinning round and round, stopping at Cihang’s head, and blossoming flames came out. Lotus will protect Cihang from the immortal gourd, but it will also be resistant to the people in the channel.
Then the sky rang with a burst of Yue Xian Tianlong hovering with colorful flowers and rain, and Lu Ya saw a man coming to see behind him with all kinds of wonderful pictures. It was a quasi-Taoist.
After the Taoist priest broke the gourd, he reached out and took back the congenital five-square flag of Cihang Top-the southern flame light flag from the ground.
When Lu Ya met the Taoist priest, he was gloomy. It was the Taoist priest who calculated that the two lich families would let their ten brothers go out to get the soup valley, causing his nine brothers to die in the hands of the witch wizard Kuafu and Hou Yi. He never forgot this deep hatred for years.
Looking at the quasi-land pressure coldly, "Quasi-Taoist, are you here?"
See Lu ya call his name quasi-saint face would "Lu ya cihang and manjusri I am destined to the west, I hereby come to measure them to the west, but you dare to call me by name, even for the sake of violet saint’s face, I have to teach you a lesson." Say that finish, I don’t know what I’m going to do when I look at Lu ya’s coping with the five-legged sun and his innate spiritual fire.
Lu Ya felt that he must look at his eyes at this time just like a gray wolf’s eyes when he saw the little white rabbit. He was scared, surprised, angry and hated to forcibly transport the great mana to the top of the five-legged sun. He must have seen it and laughed. "There is no difference between the five-legged sun and the three-legged sun in front of our saints." Then he took out Pu Linggen and refined it into a wonderful tree of Lingbao and Qibao.
As soon as the seven treasures wonderful tree sang a Brahma song, it sounded millions of miles around, flashing colorful divine lights, glowing rays, rushing straight into the clouds, and then showing the golden body. Half an acre above the head, Qingyun Qingyun is the dragon of all departments. It must be a brush of the seven treasures wonderful tree, and then it gave off a green light, retreating the five-legged sun brush, retreating the land pressure and stabilizing it for several miles.
Is the Styx, Kunpeng and other quasi-holy peaks. The strong can’t stand the blow of land pressure in front of the saints. If they can stand the blow, they still have some concerns. After leaving their hands and brushing back the land pressure, they will never pay attention to it again. Then they will send out a clear light to cover Cihang and Manjusri Cihang and Manjusri, and then they will be taken away. When they leave, they will look back at the land pressure, which means a lot.
When Jin Yun saw that Master Zun and Uncle Shi were taken away by the quasi-saints, he panicked and didn’t know how good it was to return to the camp. However, Lu Ya didn’t send troops to kill him because of Jiang Ya’s physical death, and he took back the spiritual treasures such as the whip and returned to the city with Jiang Ya’s physical body. Wang Suhu of Zhou Ren and the Prime Minister Jiang Ya’s physical death were all sad.
Lu Ya frowned when he saw it. "Zhou Ren Wang Mo is sad, and when I go back to Qinglian Lingshan for help, the master must have a way to save the sixth younger brother."
However, although Qing Ye is a saint, he has no idea whether he can save Jiang Ya and Lu Ya.