20, Jun 2024
I don’t know how many years, the most grand happy event in Jiuding Mountain officially came to the curtain at the door!

This kind of thing rushed to the first, of course, is the egg, although there is no little darling around …
The door giggled and jumped into the room, just like everyone else. After really seeing Wenleyang, the ghost screamed at the moment and turned around and ran away. No one outside ignored him and stepped into the room and got busy around Wenleyang.
O egg has been running out far away before the shock settled a little. After thinking for a while, he started running towards Mumuxi room three miles away.
At the same time, Mu Mu and Xiao Yi were busy, and a large group of women surrounded the two brides, talking and laughing, dressing up and dressing up. Xiao Wu sat next to Mu Mu and looked at the bride with envy.
Girls and women were busy when suddenly an egg bumped into them, and their faces were anxious and horrified. A pair of small hands kept gesticulating in their faces, and no one could understand what he said.
Others don’t know what happened to this little girl at the moment, but they jumped out of the chair in utter amazement. You’re welcome. Pick up the egg and cover his mouth with the other hand and run out. The egg didn’t have her strength, and her shoes kicked off, and she couldn’t twist Xiaowu. She was directly taken away by the little darling.
Inside and outside the house, I saw two young people laughing into a ball, but when the little darling ran out of the house with an egg, a figure flashed and jumped on the two dolls!
Peng, a muffled sound, stumbled backwards, and a touch of purples flashed across her little face. The egg had been taken away by the other party.
On strength, even if the pangolin breaks ground, it is not easy to win the little darling.
The egg struggled desperately and the other shoe kicked off … The man came to take him away, but at the sight of the egg crying and making, it actually stopped. Just then, the new cold hum sounded, and Hiderigami’s fifth brother had come to pull up a gray shadow behind him, without saying anything, calling out the corpse to kill the enemy.
The raccoon dog beside him got a fright. The big day can’t let Hiderigami launch an avatar and quickly stretch out his hand to stop him at the rebuke. Although he called out a dozen demon blades and chased them towards each other.
It turns out that the raccoon dog is seriously injured, and the power of the avatar is stronger than that of the little girl. That’s right. The other person’s face is frozen, and he reaches out and wipes his face. "Happy!" Then his eyebrows jumped and a layer of demon blade instantly smashed in front of him!
All the people who heard the news couldn’t help showing a happy smile in his "beaming"
Even the raccoon dog felt his heart shaking and couldn’t help laughing and shouted "Is it you?" With a wave of his hand, he waved away the younger generation and younger brother who were gathering around and snatched the egg man, who was the Wu Chi member of Goose and Sheep Road Sanwei Road.
Sanwei Road’s strength before his death was different from these demon fairy’s three busy practices, especially when the martial arts idiot was the highest. Of course, he was not taken seriously, but now that the Jiuding Mountain is gathered together, there are also groomsmen Wen Leyang to deal with him.
The groom’s official is now in charge …
Wu Chi’s three tastes revealed his whereabouts and he dared not stay long. He picked up the egg and jumped high to escape from Wenjia Village. The raccoon was about to try his best to stop it for a while.
Faster than a smile glides past everyone, and then a monk will never forget the wonders of Huo Ran!
Holding the three flavors of the egg, I just jumped around and suddenly trembled. An ice pick made them freeze in it.
However, with a snap of your fingers, the three flavors shattered the ice cone and continued to row outside the village, but then the second ice cone appeared again!
Broken, the third ice cone, broken again, the fourth ice cone …
Every ice pick will freeze in the middle for a moment, then break through the ice and continue to flee. It will be cut into pieces by a hundred ice picks, and finally the three flavors will be completely frozen by an ice pick dozens of meters away!
Palm cone or that timid sample I don’t know has appeared at her side is holding her hand another soft Ti patting his chest with a lucky smile "finally caught! I almost missed the little wedding! "
The cat demon’s surprise cheers turned her face into a soul-stirring beauty. She grabbed the awl hand for a long time and finally asked in a low voice, "Wen Leyang ruined you, don’t you know?"
The cone watch looks like a frightened deer nodded in a serious way. "I just glanced at it and scared me to death."
After that, the two witches laughed at each other, regardless of Zhou: the dumbfounded monk didn’t even look at the three flavors in the ice cone!
Xiaowu was shocked by Sanwei, but he was never injured. The golden monkey Qianqi also came here. Several of them went through the disaster together. Now I see that Cone is not only awake but also hurt. My heart is written from the bottom of my heart to my face.
After laughing, the golden monkey asked the cone, "Remember before?"
At the same time, he said, "How can it hurt so fast?"
Cone first nodded to the golden monkey. "The Yuan God’s ban has been broken, but … these things will wait until Ugly Summary gets married!" " Then he turned his head and looked at the raccoon dog and said, "At the Yinshan Eye of Qinling Mountain, the Tianshui Elf hit the seal of the Yuan God, which brought the water power into full play and moved me with another drop of Tianshui Elf!"
Cone was in a coma for more than two months, but it took more than ten days to hit the seal of Yuan Shen, and then more than a month was spent in Tianshui, where the Grinch was helping her heal. Now Cone has not only recovered her memory, but also recovered all her injuries. The real force is much more abundant than before the injury.
With a wave of his hand, he tore off the ice cone, ranging from Wu Chi to Sanwei, and his figure flashed and he had already taken the egg.
At the beginning, several demon fairies had promised Sanwei Zhen that it was not difficult to be behind him. Xiaowu was not injured. On the big day, no one wanted to pursue more miserable. Looking at Sanwei, "You can’t kill anyone today, please go."
Unexpectedly, Wu Chi’s three tastes revealed a wry smile, pointing to Ah Egg’s tone and pleading, "Don’t … Don’t bully him."
Everyone is at a loss, and the most puzzling thing is that A-egg suddenly turned white after a while. What happened? Snow smiled and reached out and pinched A-egg’s face. "This little girl is the same as Sanwei!"
O egg immediately put on a face to curry favor with the raccoon dog bow hey hey silly joy.
Half of the three flavors are absorbed by the egg, and the other half is robbed by the egg. The egg and the three flavors are both reincarnated and heavy work, and they can simply be regarded as two completely different people, whose complexity is hard to say.
After the ban on Wu Chi’s Sanwei Body was lifted, Ah Egg was found with the help of the busy statue of Yuan God. As early as a few months ago, he secretly lurked in Jiuding Mountain and stared at it every day not to let Ah Egg be bullied. Just now, Ah Egg was caught by a little darling and Wu Chi Sanwei was angry. The raccoon giggled and told others the reason of the incident. Anyway, this Wu Chi Sanwei is not an enemy. At last, the whole person was stunned.
Cone spat out his tongue, left hand led Ah Dan, right hand picked up Xiao Wu and laughed. "Both little guys have big backers, and no one can afford to offend them!"
Little darling smiled as sweetly as honey, and Eggs laughed like thieves. Everyone laughed and laughed. Before you knew it, there was a glimmer in the corner of the sky. At the moment of dawn, the morning bell was melodious and cheerful, and it was all over Shan Ye!
In the middle of Wenjia Village, the monk who was urging Tianjinzhong Changming to sing the water mirror laughed and shouted, "Brothers, help Wen Leyang get his daughter-in-law back!"
After saying his word, firecrackers exploded everywhere in Shan Ye!
Rainbow Laosi was a little puzzled and asked his eldest brother, "Is it time to set off flowers and shoot?"
Rainbow boss hey "who cares? Anyway, fireworks are lively!" "
In the fireworks jubilation, Wen Leyang strode out of the room wearing a happy chest and red flowers, and then shouted, saying nothing and not doing it. Qin Cone and others ran out from every corner of the village with all the Wen brothers, carrying red gifts and carrying firecrackers, laughing and laughing, and rushing to the happy room three miles away.
The mighty affinity team is getting closer and closer to the wedding room. Three teams are sent out to explore, and they all run blind, and they go back and forth like looms, constantly reporting military intelligence.
Locke’s family and Miao’s children don’t even know how many bandits have been organized to jump out to ask for a red envelope at regular intervals. They don’t do it with a wave of their hands, and the big bags of candy are like shells, which makes the little bandits flee sweetly.
Among the bandits, another team with an average age of three and a half years old ran out to rob the road like his brothers and sisters when they couldn’t walk neatly. As a result, Wen Leyang smiled at them and ran away in tears …
The happy room is close at hand, and the door is tightly closed with a happy word.
First, it’s finally pleasing, pleasing, and pleasing.
I have always said little. Three-inch Ding Wen took a breath of air-conditioning without saying flip-chip. "The Luo family is not good at dealing with our family. When mountain products is a bride price, people have already released words to take revenge!"
Wen smiled proudly. "Yesterday, I told nineteen girls to mix in the Luo girls!" Said the jovian exclaim a "Qin Cone in? Go knock on Locke’s door for me! "