19, Jun 2024
Spring officer still had to fight for Tinker Bell, but suddenly he cried violently.

Xiao Yuan timely stop letter hand a lazy way I want this.
This is Qiguan’s room. He has always been bad, uncle.
I’ve been watching this for a long time. Xiao Yuan won’t object to striding to the front of the door and kicking the door abruptly.
Spring officer exclaimed a big ye.
Xiao Yuan turned back and dragged him into the room with one hand and slammed the door with one hand.
Because the room turns in the west corner, the deepest place is a flower shop, and there are endless silk and bamboo, no one even notices the rest here.
If you pick an eyebrow, you will be surprised.
He jumped close and peeped carefully at the crack of the door.
In the room, Chunguan fell to the ground, I don’t know if he was dead or alive. Xiao Yuan had already released Tinker Bell, jumped up and barked at the bed.
Xiao yuan single-handedly lifted the bed and was exposed to the bed board.
Xiao Yuan immediately stretched out his hand and knocked on the bed board. After a while, his arms were stretched out and the bed board was lifted.
Then he bent down and reached into the bed, waiting for him to straighten up again. He had already held a person in his hand, and it was Liu Fei’s smoke.
If you blink and rub your eyes, you can’t believe what you have seen
Xiao Yuan picked up Liu Fei smoke Teng and swept a pile of teapots on the table to the ground, and then put Liu Fei’s soft and charming body directly on the table. This was a leisurely smile. Miss Liu Da didn’t expect to see you here.
LiuFei smoke was ordered acupuncture points could not move to ruthlessly stare at Xiao Yuan eyes anger and fear.
Xiao Yuan smile happily tunnel Murphy Liu big miss special hobby also play "xianggong" has long been a regular customer of Wanhuafang that Liu big miss or my predecessors also give me a lot of advice.
Liu Fei’s smoke will definitely come, even if his hand has no weapon, he will tear Xiao Yuan to pieces with his nails and bite Xiao Yuan to death.
It’s a pity that she can’t stare at Xiao Yuan with kinetic energy, and her eyes are almost burning up.
Xiao Yuan was surprised to say, Miss Liu, why don’t you move and talk?
LiuFei smoke intensely staring at Xiao Yuan finish is to eat people’s eyes.
She is charming and beautiful, even if she is angry and blushing, don’t be beautiful
Xiao Yuan was greedy for her beauty, but suddenly, did Miss Liu get a point? It’s difficult for men and women to give and take, and it’s not convenient for me to solve the point unless you don’t mind, miss.
He smiled and put his nose to the tip of Liu Fei’s cigarette. Miss Liu, if you miss me, you can blink your eyes. If you don’t want to, that’s all. I will never touch you.
Liu Feiyan still glared angrily at his brow for weakness and entreaty.
Xiao Yuan shrugged his shoulders. Since Miss Liu is here, you must wait for Qi Guan to come to your room soon. I’ll go to my spring official to be happy.
Liu Fei Yan Qiao face instantly changes color and blinks.
Xiao Yuan frowned. Miss Liu Da, do you want me to solve your problem or not? What do you mean by blinking so much?
Liu Fei smoke endure full of bitterness slowly and gently blinked his long black eyelashes, and his eyes turned glittering and translucent.
Xiao Yuan doesn’t mind at all that this beauty is almost forced to cry by him and slowly reaches out.
Miss, where is your acupoint quilt?
He touched Liu Fei’s smoky face flirtatiously. Miss Liu, I’m a gentleman, but I didn’t offend you until you agreed.
LiuFei smoke face a blue a supercilious look in resentment.
Xiao Yuan is not soft-hearted, but laughs leisurely, and his hands slowly pass by Liu Fei’s neck and slowly rub it on his chest. Is it here?
Tears finally fell from the stubborn girl’s eyes across her cheeks.
Xiao Yuan’s hand is still moving slowly. Maybe the point will be the yin point. If you are not good at kung fu, you have to rub it slowly to get it.
Liu Feiyan closed her eyes in despair. She couldn’t move a finger or send a hair. At this moment, she was humiliated, but she could do nothing but close her eyes.
If you have doubts about Xiao Yuan, you still want to quietly see what Xiao Yuan is doing, but seeing that he is getting more and more reckless, he dare not sit back and watch.
After all, ancient women are far more famous than modern people. It’s really embarrassing for Xiao Yuan to slip away Liu Feiyan even if he is rescued.
If this mind must raise my hand and shake the door with a heavy hand, stop it.
Liu Feiyan suddenly blinked his eyes and hoped that after seeing it, he would become dejected and desperate.
Xiao Yuan saw that if the color was a flash, he immediately sneered at a furtive male.
If you look awe-inspiring, third brother, you have gone too far and raised your hand to slap Liu Fei’s smoke as you said it.
Although he can’t talk about martial arts, master is the best in the world, and his knowledge is not weak at last. He has already seen which acupoints Liu Fei is suffering from, and he can solve them by pressing and patting acupoints everywhere.
LiuFei smoke by the right hand on the table a brace personal ling pounce on Xiao Yuan.
If you raise your hand like a flash, you can accurately buckle Liu Fei’s wrist pulse.
It’s not that if Liu Fei-yan’s martial arts are too bad, but if Liu Fei-yan is ready to start work when he solves the acupuncture point by hand, he has just been unable to solve the blood for a long time, and his strength is not flexible enough. At this time, he hates Xiao Yuan and doesn’t pay attention to other things, but if he is successful.