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That a few overhaul demon fairy suddenly felt a little wrong in his heart. He has come to this point. Supposedly, his mind should be very patient. People and things are hard to control his thoughts. Why did you just want to test a dragon star Xuan to see if you can frame him? Now you suddenly have a good impression on him and don’t want to start work on him?

Although there is a bad feeling in my heart, in the face of Wan demon fairy, a large array of true yuan gods rushed up, and the root of power was not something that these overhauls demon fairy could resist. And as they had doubts in their hearts, they suddenly felt that their body gods and minds suddenly separated, repaired fast, and reduced the number of true yuan. At the same time, with the madness flowing into other human bodies, a dizzy brain gradually blurred their consciousness, and finally they even forgot what race they were, and what was demon fairy’s name.
Not only these demon fairy, but all demon fairy’s faces are gradually confused, and they gradually forget their past. Even though several demon fairy in the eyes of that array were hit by the rushing of the true Yuan gods, they also slowly lost their memory and forgot their names and races.
In a trance, demon fairy seemed to see a huge four-eyed unicorn with several black gas flying out of the bull’s head mouth and merging into the torrent of running true yuan.
A voice gradually sounded in the hearts of demon fairy. "Remember your identity. You have been a brother of Lingxi since childhood. Lingxi is your honor and disgrace. Lingxi’s rise and fall is your rise and fall. Remember that you should be loyal to Lingxi and obey the command of the patriarch Long Xingxuan. You can cultivate fruits and achieve immortality. If you violate the soul, you will never be born!"
This is like a blood curse. It blends into every demon fairy mind and suddenly becomes a brand.
No one in all demon fairy resisted, and they seemed to take it for granted that there was no reason to resist.
This is exactly what the power of Xing Xuanxing Xuanli Chiyou infiltrated into the lunar array and thoroughly brainwashed these malicious demon fairy people. It can also be said that these demon fairy people have put on their own brainwashing skills. You know, Xing Xuan gave them the skills of the lunar array, and the roots did not stop. Once you put on the skills, you will not stop. If you want to leave, you can’t watch your body rush out. The real yuan is separated from Xing Xuan’s body, and the original memory is washed away by Xing Xuanshen’s knowledge.
This star Xuan has made a lot of money. All these demon fairy repairs have a maximum of 5,000 years in one thousand. Even the Black Moon and Qiongzhi are not as numerous as them. This is a very strong force in Linxi Sect.
At this time, Xing Xuan completely made these demon fairy and Li Taiyin large arrays. After finishing refining and refining the ups and downs, he felt relaxed and immediately put the method of stopping the Taiyin large array through branding in their minds. Those demon fairy immediately executed the command of Xing Xuan to the letter and immediately stopped the large array operation.
Xing Xuan flew out of the big array and looked at Xiaobai, Qingqing and Meow, three demon fairy, and said, "Now they are all willing to follow me and treat me as the new owner. I wonder what you three mean?"
The little white, the green and the meow are confused. They don’t know what just happened at this time, and these demon fairy people have seen the wonderful array of the Moon and admired Xing Xuan, which made them change and be willing to follow Xing Xuan!
"We just … just … just said that we are willing to give … to Xiandang … to be a slave … to be a gift!" The little white stuttered.
"Ha ha, do you know what I have just done to these demons and immortals? I have brainwashed them and branded them in their minds. Once they betray us, their karma will be wiped out!" Star Xuan said coldly
Xing Xuan said this very lightly, but in the ears of three demon fairy, Yu words were like a bolt from the blue, and three people suddenly sat down with fear.
"But for you, I can be extra-legal. If you really don’t want to follow me, you can go. I promise it won’t be difficult for you!" Star Xuan looked at three women and then said
The black moon’s face was covered with a layer of frost and said, "You three also understand that we are not selfish, foolish and kind. If we want to benefit our people, we have to pay a certain price. Although you three are also beneficial to us, what we just said is not that demon fairy is half-hearted, and we are not afraid of your difficulties because we are interested in strength. You three are qualified and have a reason to leave immediately. Even I, Black Moon, promise your patriarch that it will never be difficult for you!"
At this time, the three demon fairy suddenly fell to the ground and kowtowed to Black Moon and Xing Xuan, saying, "We are sincerely willing to be slaves for you, not for the benefit of immortals!"
Chapter two hundred and seventy-nine Demon Emperor One
Xing Xuan nodded and looked at Black Moon and said, "Since you like them, please accept them as your disciples!"
Black month nodded to the three still kowtow three demon fairy said.
"Come on, don’t knock again. Get up if you have enough heads!" Said to a white light flying out into the three demon fairy body three demon fairy just injured blink of an eye recovery immediately become human again.
Is it three demon fairy or is it at a loss to sit on the ground and look at the black moon and don’t know what to do
"Why don’t you call Master?" Next to Qiongzhi, I couldn’t help laughing when I looked at three silly girls.
"Master, aren’t we slaves?" Small white some talking generally said
"No one in Linxi Sect is a slave, including those goblins whose memories have been washed away. They will forget their humble status as goblins. Being an immortal in an upright manner will be more fruitful in the future!" Black moon at this time rightly said to three demon fairy.
The more the three demon fairy listened, the brighter their eyes became, and they had the same status as human cultivators. This is something they dare not even think about. In heaven, this thing is even more illusory and unreal than a dream.
"But after all, we are monsters who cultivate immortality!" At this point, the cat fairy meow meow excited after some depressed to black month said
"If anyone dares to look down on you and disrespect you, you will give me a good beating and kill him to let them know how to respect you!" Black month immediately taught his new apprentice way
Meow meow eyes lit up again that qingqing said anxiously at this time.
"What if you can’t beat it?"
Qiongzhi slapped her in the green head as soon as she was teased. "Idiot, you can’t beat me, but don’t you still have your master and your uncle and I still have the patriarch? Otherwise, what are you doing in our Linxi Sect?"
Three demon fairy this just suddenly realize secretly pleased to see the star xuan excited color in his eyes.
That Qiongzhi, at first glance, wants three demon fairy to be sexually exposed, and wants the charm to seduce Xing Xuan. This can be achieved by quickly flicker in front of Xing Xuan and reaching out to three demon fairy. The three demon fairy, who came as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade, suddenly changed their appearance, and their hair was black and their appearance was faded by Qiongzhi, and they were also covered with a layer of magic phase change.
"Remember that you will no longer be banshees but male fairies in the future. Remember that this change cannot seduce the patriarch!" Next to the Qiongzhi seriously, Black Moon also nodded.
Xing Xuan heard that he almost turned his back. These two guys really know how to make trouble. What did they think of themselves? They didn’t fix their children. They couldn’t see their faces or they were a big pervert who didn’t even let go of fairies.
"Is ShiShu we will never seduce the patriarch in the future is the patriarch’s name? We can talk to others in the future! " The little white knows that he has no worries about his life at this time, and he may really be as good as they say in the future. He doesn’t look at the face form of celestial human practitioners, and he is relaxed and articulate again.
"Oh, the patriarch’s surname is Longlong Xingxuan, and you remember it!" Black moon solemnly said to three demon fairy.
After hearing this, the three demons immediately bowed down again and kowtowed respectfully to Xing Xuan for three times, saying, "Visit the patriarch!"
The sound is no longer crisp, but old and hoarse, so he listened to Qiongzhi’s random arrangement and dared not seduce Long Xingxuan at all.
"Ha ha …"
"Hee hee …"
Black Moon and Qiongzhi all laughed.
"It should be called the lich king!" Suddenly, a peaceful sound sounded in everyone’s ears, scaring Black Moon and Qiongzhi to jump. Xing Xuan also moved slightly. This man is also a master and a guy who is not less than his own skill.
The ten thousand overhaul demon soldiers immediately formed a huge lunar array again to protect the six people in the middle-poor land. The lunar power emerged with the transformation of these overhaul demon soldiers into true elements, and the evil wind roared and ShaQi scattered all over the sky, illuminating the whole demon mountain day.
"Who is it?" Xing Xuan flashed out in the array eye position. By this time, he was not interested in fighting with this guy who suddenly appeared. He was not afraid of him, but now he has so many demon soldiers who have been brainwashed and overhauled by himself. Isn’t that a bit masochistic and hard on himself?
"Ha ha!" With a light smile, a practitioner wearing a scarlet Ufa robe appeared in front of the lunar array. The Ufa robe on the 10th day was an ancient bird with three huge claws and a red body. The blood, flesh and feathers were all transformed by the real fire of the sun. Even a fairy with a thousand years’ cultivation was hardly its opponent. It was said that there were only ten embroideries in the six celestial realms, and the Ufa robe on the 10th day was generally his master. The souls of other birds were transformed into the Ufa robe on the 10th day. The Ufa bird didn’t know whether it was a real Ufa bird on the 10th day.
In addition to the dazzling star crown of Ufa robe for ten days, the man looks noble and extraordinary. The star crown hangs a hundred bright stars like the deep sea, and the star power ripples from the star crown to crisscross, blocking all attempts to detect his spiritual cultivation and true Yuan knowledge, which makes this man even more mysterious.
The white face and the limbs are even more revealing. When Xing Xuan’s eyes look at each other’s faces, the man smiles, and a pair of eyes are divided into thousands. demon fairy meets Xing Xuan’s eyes, and the two eyes strike in the virtual "pa". A crunchy golden light shines like fireworks.
One-on-one confrontation with Xing Xuan’s hordes, this man’s momentum has not fallen in the wind at all, and he is still tolerant and calm for a long time.
"Gouchen the Great!" In the eyes of the array, Qingqing suddenly cried.