17, Jun 2024
"Eh, good-bye"

Hang up the words. Summer leans against the window and looks at the gray sky and sighs deeply.
Apart from the severe smog, she has adapted to life in the capital these days. Ruan Bin is very active in taking her into his circle of friends to meet his two friends, Chen Jingye and Jiang Hao, and also met their other half. They are all excellent people.
There is still no news from Shen Jiaying that her family are actively looking for her.
One afternoon and summer, Ruan Bin was preparing to cook. Suddenly, he said, "You need to dress formally when you go with me for dinner."
"What kind of dinner is it?"
"It’s a business reception. I don’t think you have any suitable clothes in your closet. Why don’t you go to the mall and buy one now? Come directly to our company after you buy it."
"Go to your company? Is it convenient? "
"There’s nothing inconvenient. Come here. I just miss you, too."
"That’s sweet, okay? Then I’m going to go out as soon as possible."
Summer put the ingredients back in the refrigerator, went back to the house and changed into a casual dress, simply put on light makeup and went out.
In the shopping mall, Xia tried on several clothes, took photos and sent them to Ruan Bin for him to choose.
Ruan Bin replied-"Baby’s eye is good. Every set is suitable. It’s better to buy it."
Xia laughed with her mobile phone for a long time. This man has become more and more talkative recently. She turned to the clerk and said, "Just wear this suit. Help me pack my old clothes and shoes. Thank you."
"Good lady, please pay at the counter"
It’s a sleeve dress with a tight design and a flower bud with red flowers on a white background. It’s the simplest style but also the most atmospheric style.
This kind of dress must be matched with high heels, and it is slim and thin. It is tiring to wear high heels, but it is ten times better than the whole person.
She can run around at home in her pajamas, or she can wear a high-heeled dress to make an elegant appearance on appropriate occasions. This is her own face and a man’s face.
The towering main building of Yuanda Tuan is towering into the sky. In summer, I came to the lobby on the first floor to ask "Hello, Miss, I’m looking for Ruan Bin"
As soon as the receptionist heard it, she asked, "What’s your name, miss?"
Xia "My surname is Xia"
The receptionist smiled warmly and said, "Miss Xia, please come here. Manager Ruan has already talked with the receptionist and asked you to go directly."
Summer nodded "good thank you"
She turned and walked slowly towards the ladder, and whispered behind her from time to time, "Is she always the upstart Ruan? ?”
Xia didn’t listen carefully and didn’t listen deliberately. She thought there would always be something left in gossip, but "Is Ruan always divorced?" "Is this woman a mistress?" This kind of questioning
Sometimes she will be sad, but sometimes she will think about Shen Jiaying’s selfishness, and then she will gradually put a moral burden in her heart now that she is stable.
The elevator went directly to the elevator door of general manager office floor, and she saw Assistant Shen.
"Little Xia Ruan is always asking me to pick you up."
Summer some embarrassed "trouble shen assistant"
"Hey, what are you polite to me? Come with me." Assistant Shen said as he walked along the road in front. "You never know. I’m going to introduce you to someone rashly. I didn’t expect you to end up with us. I’m really ignorant."
Xia Gengjue was ashamed and quickly said, "Assistant Shen, don’t say that. Everything is fate."
"Right, right, right, everything is fate"
At the beginning of the year, I came to the office once for work reasons. Many people in this office have met her, but they can always recognize her when they meet.
Colleague "Assistant Shen, who is this beautiful woman behind you? Very familiar. "
Colleague "You are so forgetful. Isn’t this Xiao Xia, the head office?"
Everyone in the Xia Dynasty smiled. "It’s been a long time."
She simply said hello and went over. First, she was not familiar with everyone. Second, everyone was working. She really had nothing to say.
Section 343
When I got to Ruanbin’s office, Assistant Shen said, "Just wait in Ruan’s general office. I have to go there, too. The meeting will end in about half an hour. Make yourself a cup of tea."
Assistant Shen led her to the office and hurried back to the meeting. In the summer, look inside Ruanbin’s office, which is as simple as his original home.
She went to the desk and sat in the chair. In front of her was a huge desk full of various documents. Her eyes were full of pressure. She suddenly felt distressed by Ruan Bin. How could he not work hard when he gave himself half the time?
Suddenly, she glanced at the photo frame next to her brain. She looked intently at the photo frame. It was her photo on the shore of her fish pond. She picked a small yellow flower and put it in her ear. He took a picture of her with his mobile phone.
Xia touched the photo and giggled unconsciously. I didn’t expect him to put it here and see it every day.
I was thinking that suddenly someone knocked at the door outside and came in. Yes, I knocked on two doors and then came in directly without asking. Xia hurriedly bounced out of his chair and was a little scared.
A woman came in, looking at her face and wearing heavy makeup, but she couldn’t tell her age. She should also be a great manager. She seemed surprised to see Xia with a file in her hand.
"Who’s calling? Why is it in the general office? "
Xia looked at the other person’s badge with the department, position and name written on it. Zhu Yan, director of the planning department, responded politely, "Hello, Zhu, I’m here to see Ruan. He always asked me to wait here."
Zhu Yan looked at her suspiciously. She couldn’t like her dress. She said seriously, "Even if Ruan is always a guest, you can’t touch his things while Ruan is always away. If there is something missing in this office, you can’t afford it."
Xia nodded. "Yes, yes, I was wrong."
Zhu Yan put the file on Ruanbin’s desk, hesitated for a moment, wanted to take it back, and finally put it back. "Don’t touch it. It’s all confidential. There’s a camera over there."
Xia Xiaoxiao concealed his embarrassment "I know, I know".
Zhu Yan left with a frown and turned to ask others, "Who is in General Manager Ruan’s office?"
Colleague "Xiao head office came here at the beginning of Xiao Xia. I remember it was called Xia Ba. Why?"
Zhu Yan "doesn’t feel like an eyesore"
Colleagues laughed, "Mr. Zhu, are you jealous again?"
Zhu Yan denied, "What are you talking about? I’m too busy eating vinegar."