16, Jun 2024
In the summer, he said with a look of praise, "I divided all the bowls today. Do you think they are neatly arranged?"

When I saw the dining table in summer, the bowls and chopsticks were not neatly placed in every seat. She was very pleased. "It’s so good that our Xiaotian grew up. My sister bought you potato chips and chocolate to eat after dinner."
Xiaotian is so happy to dance.
When Xia came home, the whole family was full of laughter. Grandparents just looked at their brothers and sisters and laughed from ear to ear.
Xia Zhengdong was still watching the fire in the kitchen when Guan Duan came out. Xia Guan said, "Go and wash your hands and horses and you can eat. Your father is cooking your favorite food."
"Ha, ha, ha, I have smelled the smell of stewed beef brisket with potatoes." Xia Fang Bao ran into the kitchen and beat her father’s back. "Dad, you have worked hard."
Xia Zhengdong made an exaggerated expression, "Oh, my God, I’m so flattered that I’m a cook. Please take two steps back, Princess. The heat will make you blush."
Xia laughed and leaned over. "Dad, let me try it."
Xia Zhengdong pressed the lid and stopped, "I’ve already tried it. It tastes great. Go out and wait."
"Boo-hoo, don’t. I can’t help but drool."
When Guan came in, he saw the father and daughter playing tricks again and said, "Xia Zhengdong, everyone is waiting for you to eat. Don’t hurry."
"Good horse" said Xia Zhengdong, uncovering the lid of the pot, and suddenly the aroma was overflowing, making everyone drool.
The family sits around the big round table to eat, but they can eat by themselves after summer, and chopsticks make them more sophisticated than before.
Guan said, "I have taught him chopsticks for so many years, but he didn’t go to the capital to see it three times, and he can chopsticks well. Dean Li is really skilled."
Xia Zhengdong "Yes, Xiao, thank you for leading you to do a good job."
Xia 1 vigorously nodded "uh-huh, I will"
Guan said, "Xiaotian will accompany me to the town to buy clothes. I’ll call you aunt by the way."
“? ?” Summer meal "mom, this is boring. Turn a corner and let me go on a blind date. Don’t say that it’s not the National Day that you don’t stay at home to watch the military parade. Who wants to go on a blind date?"
Xia Zhengdong replied, "You are so boring."
Guan stared at her husband "to you? ? Xiao you wait for me to show you my mobile phone, "said Guan Fang chopsticks and took out his mobile phone and kept rummaging through it." That, that, that, that, that, you see, is that this young man looks like a righteous man. "
Xia leaned over and looked at one nose and two eyes. Yeah, he was a normal person.
Xia Zhengdong also leaned over to look at it and praised, "Well, the young man is really spiritual enough for my daughter to be young. Since it’s okay, I’ll go and meet him."
"Dad, who are you helping?"
"It makes sense if I help you or not. If you don’t find someone, you will really become an old maid. Your grandparents are still waiting to hold your great-grandson."
That’s great. Even dad turned against him. Ah, he must have been brainwashed by mom.
Guan said, "He is a physics teacher in high school. He has been abroad and studied as a scholar. Even the principal values him very much. If the principal doesn’t have a penny, how can he get you? Let’s just say that we will meet your aunt the day after tomorrow."
“? ?” Hagen didn’t have a chance to refuse, so he made a hasty decision.
I talked with Ruan Bin for a long time in the evening, and talked about Xiaotian at home. But the next day, she sent Ruan Bin a WeChat, and Ruan Bin didn’t reply very much. It was also a few short words.
In anger, she sent such a WeChat in the past, "Hum, I will forget me when I return to my own site, so I can go on a blind date."
Ruanbin didn’t return, and she was too lazy to look at her mobile phone again. She left her mobile phone and accompanied her family to watch the military parade.
This year’s military parade is particularly spectacular. When she thinks that her favorite man is in the military parade in that city, she has an inexplicable sense of pride and doesn’t know where it came from.
Guan woke up again and said, "Xiaotian is going to town. I have an appointment with your aunt."
"No," Xia said, holding his younger brother, "I’m going to stay at home and play with Xiaotian. My sister will take you to the canal to see the big ship, okay?"
Xiaotian clapped his hands and said, "Yes, yes."
Ruan Bin didn’t reply all the time. Seeing the military parade in the afternoon and chatting with his family killed the time. However, when he was idle in the afternoon, he felt that he had chatted for a nap and woke up. Ruan Bin still didn’t reply. She called directly.
Section 24
After two rings, Ruan Bin answered "Hello". He was calm and didn’t recognize any emotions.
"Why don’t I send you a WeChat? Are you busy at home?"
The plain tone of "OK" reveals his deliberate seriousness and indifference.
Summer felt something was wrong and unconsciously lowered his voice and asked, "What’s the matter?"
"Nothing, don’t worry."
"Oh, are you talking to me now?"
Xia inexplicably became nervous and said, "My mother is going to drag me to town. Her purpose is to let me have a blind date. She said that she has made an appointment with my aunt, but don’t worry, I just have to deal with it."
Ruanbin lightly spit out a word "good"
"If you think it’s no good, then I won’t go. Don’t be angry."
"I’m not angry. You go now that you have an appointment with your aunt, it’s not good for your mother to tell others that you know how to do it. I believe you."
Summer is relieved to hear him say this. "Well, there’s really nothing wrong with you."
"Oh, then I hung up. I heard footsteps. It should be my mother’s building. Don’t say it."
As soon as I hung up on her door, I was pushed in with a bowl of white fungus and red jujube soup and looked at her with a smile. "Who are you talking to?"
"Mom, you’re eavesdropping outside."
"No, no, really no, I didn’t ask until I saw you talk."
Xia pretended to be angry. "It’s getting more and more annoying for you to come in without knocking."
"Oh, you bitch, it’s terrible to be polite to you. I hate it. If I hate it again, I’ll give birth to you and raise your mother. Drink this bowl quickly."
Xia couldn’t help laughing and saying, "Mom, my teeth are not that bad. I’m sure I can’t bite this bowl."
Wan smiled and wanted to beat her. "I said it was tremella and red dates."
In fact, Xia is still very willing to chat with her mother. They are mother and daughter, and they are more friends. However, in recent years, her mother has become nagging, and she always has to talk about the problem of where she is, which makes her very headache.
"Hey, mom, don’t talk. I promised to go with you."
Guan smiled with satisfaction. "That’s more like it."
"By the way, did Mom watch a variety show recently? Can I introduce you to a variety show?"
With that, Xia got up and sat down at the desk, typed the web page, and entered the word "run" in the browser, and jumped out to several messages about running men.
Xia chose the latest program and said, "Mom, there are more variety shows now. This program is easy and funny, and you must be interested in it."
Wan looked at her brain screen. As soon as she saw the opening of the video, she patted the table and said, "Running man, I’m watching. Deer is my favorite. It’s like when you and Xiaotian were kids."
“? ?” Cough cough summer suddenly don’t know what to respond to.
Guan patted her on the shoulder and drove her away. She sat in front of the table. She looked at her brain with great interest and said, "I just fell asleep in the middle of the advertisement in this issue. Your father didn’t tell me to piss me off. The deer looks like a girl. It really looks like me when I was a child. I loved him so much. If Xiaotian can grow up healthily, he will definitely look like this."
“? ? Mom, are you taking the deer for granted? "