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It is said that saints are ants, but I have never seen a saint, but I am not afraid of being too one.

Luo Ya saw that the Terran was almost destroyed by the demon race, and it was his saint’s mood that was also slightly angry. Seeing Taiyi so arrogant, Luo Ya naturally had to teach a lesson.
See Luo Ya waving the green seven treasures wonderful tree according to Taiyi and brushing Taiyi lightly, and the whole person will fly out for hundreds of miles.
"Since then, anyone who moves the Terran will die!" Luoya cold way
"quasi-saints calm me down"
Before Di Jun finished, Luo Ya interrupted, "Why don’t you get out of here? Do you want me to give you a ride myself?"
Luo Ya has no affection for Di Jun and Taiyi, and naturally he is not polite to Di Jun. Of course, he is a saint and he doesn’t need to be polite to Di Jun.
Di Jun can endure and pull to fly back or a face of resentment color is too one to Luo Ya a gift to see Luo Ya no longer words also with the demon race retreating!
The first volume The lich quantity of Chapter 23 Hongyun meteorite
"See the quasi-saints. Thank you for your help!"
After the demon race retreated, before Zhenyuan, he saluted Luoya.
"Taoist friends need to be polite. I just don’t like the demon family’s practice and teach them a lesson a little!" Luo ya nods slightly
"Sage YanChong sage this move for terran and town yuan grace grand! Thanks to the sage, please also ask the sage to sit for a while in the view of Five Villages and let Zhenyuan do his best. "
"Taoist friends are kind enough to be original. If you are original and have something to do, don’t bother Taoist friends. Let’s go to comfort and resettle Terrans!" Los ya refused to say
"Since the saint has something to do, Zhenyuan dare not stay and hope that the saint can come and sit after he has it!"
"Naturally, I will come to bother Taoist friends, and I will leave first today!"
With that, Luoya disappeared into the sky in a flash.
"Oh, no, I forgot to ask the prospective saint about Hongyun’s friendship just now. I hope Hongyun will come back safely!"
Town yuan in los ya left suddenly remembered to pursue kunpeng hongyun heart can not help but say
It is said that the red cloud went to pursue Kunpeng until it was near the boundary of blood and sea before Kunpeng stopped.
"Kunpeng old thief must make you pay the price today!" Hongyun see Kun Peng stopped to drink a way
Kun Peng heard the words and laughed. "Hongyun, you bodhi old zu defeated, dare to talk wildly. The bodhi old zu advises you to be smart enough to hand over the sacred machine, otherwise this is where you will fall."
"Humming into a holy machine is given by teacher Dao Zu Hongjun. Do you want to get it if you want it? If you want to take my life, come on. I want to see if you have something!"
Hongyun has been staying in Wuzhuangguan since she was injured by Kunpeng. Now, although she has not understood the sacred opportunity, she has made great progress compared with coming. Naturally, she will not be afraid of Kunpeng any more.
"Hongyun, you still have the face to say that it is a sacred opportunity. Teacher Zu Hongjun gave you a look at the former enlightenment. Teacher Zu Hongjun gave you a sacred opportunity. Who but you has now achieved a saint’s respect for coming to you and that sacred opportunity? I’m afraid you won’t even have a chance to regret it." Kunpeng said
"Tell me more, I’ll be interesting to see if you dare to say such crazy things."
With that, Hongyun offered a sacrifice, and the 99-year-old scattered gourd spouted red sand all over the sky and left towards Kunpeng.
When Kunpeng saw Hongyun coming, he moved this trick. Rao is an ancient animal. He also dared not meet the red sand all over the sky. Kunpeng waved his hands in his big sleeves and brought out a few strong gases. It didn’t take a moment for the red sand to be blown away.
"Hongyun, if you have this means, don’t show off again. It’s better to hand over the sacred machine."
"Kunpeng old thief, don’t you dare to bully me like this!"
Hongyun drank a lot and took back the sword in his hand, so he stabbed Kunpeng before living.
"Ha ha, this is a small road. How dare you show off in front of the bodhi old zu?"
Kunpeng said and drew a sword before Hongyun fought together.
Two people, you come and I fight, it’s dark and dark, and the flying end is wonderful.
Hongyun is the first hongyun in Tianhou. He is not an ancient animal. Kunpeng’s opponent, Gang Hongyun, can still fight against Kunpeng, but after thousands of moves, Hongyun is exhausted and gradually shows signs of defeat.
At this time, Hongyun was also depressed in his heart. He had been penalizing himself for a long time and was able to overcome Kunpeng’s shame. I didn’t expect that it was not Kunpeng’s opponent who knew it earlier. He should not have taken advantage of him to blow away the red sand gap and fled. Today, he is run. It seems that he has to think of some cruel measures!
"Dang" A sword in Hongyun’s hand was knocked out by Kunpeng’s sword. This Kunpeng is really worthy of being an ancient animal, but its taxiing strength is greater than that of Hongyun. After selling many swords, Hongyun felt that it was dull to be shocked by the tiger’s mouth.
"Hongyun dies!"
Kunpeng shouted a sword and left for Hongyun.
This sword has been cut all around. Obviously, this sword has exerted great magic. He wants to kill Hongyun in this sword.
Hongyun saw Kun Peng stab with a sword, but he didn’t know what face, but he showed a strange smile. He met the sword without dodging.