14, Jun 2024
"If every game in our league is as worried about the failure of Serie A as this one?"

Of course, this kind of confrontation always has flowers and results. If you always attack like this but don’t score goals, then this kind of confrontation trend will gradually weaken until it is deadlocked again.
Commentators and reporters are also very clear that this kind of confrontation is definitely not to please fans, but that both teams need to score goals.
Then who will score first?
In the 50 th minute, Napoli launched an attack. In the end, Chen Yingxiong jumped high in the middle of the road and wanted to head the ball.
Plug Passareira also struggled to leap round physical fitness, he is really not as good as Chen Yingxiong.
I didn’t jump high enough.
I’m afraid it’s difficult to directly top the football.
However, he doesn’t need to directly top the football, he just needs to interfere with the other side.
So after he jumped up, his whole body was pressed against Chen Yingxiong and his weight was squeezed into Chen Yingxiong’s body
Chen Yingxiong was slightly biased by Sai Passareira. Although his physical fitness was excellent, he quickly maintained his balance, but this slight deviation has made him lose his best chance.
Barely top the football, although it is still within the goal frame.
But it has lost its strength and angle.
The football is easily hugged by excellent goalkeeper Ter stegen who is in front of the door!
Holding the football, stegen didn’t stop, but quickly passed by Chen Yingxiong and plug Passareira, then threw the ball and launched an attack!
Every Napoli attack is a chance for Lazio to fight back!
Especially since their two full-backs haven’t come back with assists.
Stegen consciously threw the football behind the Napoli full-back just now.
Andrea Borg catches the ball.
He knows what he should do.
At this time, regardless of the dribbling method or the angle of the ball, he just needs to take the football forward!
What is most needed at this moment is his speed!
And he is most proud of nature, that is, speed!
Borg took the football forward to Wanda Stadium, and the flat ground and short turf gave him the best acceleration conditions. He took the football out and then accelerated the pursuit of the ball, then went to the ball and then pursued the ball.
The whole process was very smooth, and the natural football rolled smoothly on the turf, which made Borg raise the speed to the highest!
Borg flashed across the left side of Napoli’s midfield, which is Lazio’s right side!
"Andrea Borg! Oh, my god He’s so fast! !”
In the narrator’s exclamation, Borg almost crossed the Naples defense informant area in the blink of an eye.
When he ran past Cannavaro who was in charge of the game on the sidelines, a gust of wind followed, which made Cannavaro squint-showing how fast he was!
Lazio fans in the stands gave a huge cheer. Borg cheered.
Cannavaro stared nervously at the stadium, clutching his fist and clenching his teeth, regardless of fondling his blown hair.
This is the standard Lazio counterattack!
Borg didn’t go all the way to the baseline and then hit the wing, although cavani’s header was not bad
When he entered the 30-meter area, he chose to cut into the restricted area from the rib.
Then the Napoli central defender rushed to defend him.
Borg didn’t continue to break through and didn’t try to get rid of the other side, but he threw the football out very cleanly!
Football didn’t go to cavani.
Because cavani has a Neapolitan central defender beside him, he is very strict in defending cavani.
Give him a message. cavani doesn’t have a good shot opportunity to interfere with the other side. Maybe he will just fly away.
He put the football behind him and made an inverted three-corner kick!
Ji Ming has been chasing after Borg since he sprinted with the ball, and he has reached the extreme speed. At this time, he finally entered the restricted area