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"Who is the elder who brought me back? I think he seems to be very strong and everyone respects him. "

"You don’t even know who he is. How could he bring you here?"
The middle-aged man was stunned by him before he said, "You really don’t know Sun Tianlong, the most powerful player in Xiang Yu’s tenth generation, the overlord of the West Place?"
Chen Han didn’t even hear the last question, thinking that the sea was constantly echoing the previous sentence, as if his head had been run over by a roller.
The tenth generation grandson of Xiang Yu, the overlord of western Chu?
That Xiang Yu who killed himself? The one who refused to cross Jiangdong Xiang Yu? That concubine can abandon all Xiang Yu? The one who left a strong sum of Xiang Yu in the history of Yanhuang?
Xiang Kuang!
The tall and burly man reappeared in my mind, recalling the hole that broke the sky, amazing shot, cold lips and shivering. The world is getting more and more crazy. How many people don’t know the secret? Who is the foreign enemy that Tianlong wants to fight?
When he silly wait for a while was brought into a small bedroom by the young man before, he gradually woke up from the limited reverie …
Chapter 54 Combating Dao recasting
What kind of organization is Tianlong?
After a series of shocking experiences, Chen Han has a simple understanding. The direct point is that this organization is the patron saint of the Yellow Emperor. Pure personal strength determines status and life in exchange for being superior and winning a few unknown strong people.
There are two things that need to be done here. First, we need to constantly cultivate and improve our strength. If we don’t have enough status, we won’t be able to repair it. There is a dead end in the battlefield. The second thing is conditional execution.
No one will care about you unless you can stand in shifts every few months. You must not violate more than 100 iron laws of Tianlong before.
Constant cultivation not only improves the position in the organization, but also makes it possible to live in one time, which is also the normal work of every member of Tianlong.
"It seems that the school can’t go back for a while, alas …"
With a SHEN WOO seal released to feel the subtle changes in the body cold lying in bed thinking "HuangFuZi smoke that girl must be angry didn’t also have a chance to explain to her and proud snow … where is she now? Are you practicing or assassinating some unlucky ghost? Qin Dage had to worry again this time. If I had known that I was going to be brought here, I would have let the high guy teach Xiaojie the method of fixing the truth … "
Bring me a booklet with various rules and regulations printed on the bedside table. He reads it carefully one by one. People have to bow their heads in the eaves. He doesn’t want to be punished for breaking the rules.
Article 20 of Tianlong Iron Law Those who have not reached the golden elixir period after joining the organization for 20 years shall erase their memories and abolish their studies!
Tianlong Iron Law Article 53 Only members of the then-elixir period can perform field work, otherwise those who leave the station without permission are not allowed to kill!
Article 65 of the Tianlong Iron Law: Whoever defeats the peak gains the position of the other party and inherits all identities!
Article 12 of Tianlong Iron Law: Members in infancy can settle in the secular world, but they are not allowed to disclose their identities at will. Anyone who violates Tianlong’s confidential information will be killed!
When the eyes swept over these terms, Chen Han’s eyes suddenly lit up, and then he could take the opportunity to go out. At that time, he also knew that the impact of yuan baby needed metal, and he could break through to yuan baby in one year according to the rising speed, and he could go back to the world at any time.
The dragon system also has its advantages if you have the enthusiasm in your heart and mobilize it thoroughly
No one cares about your identity and background. Tianlong has been above all forces since he came, and his identity roots can’t scare people.
No one covets your talent. Tianlong’s duty is to protect the Chinese people. Only by uniting can we fight against the enemy. Are there so many iron laws and restrictions?
No one cares what kind of mental organization you practice. I will give you everything you should. To what extent can you do it at your own discretion? If you die, you deserve it. If you don’t advance to the elixir period within the specified time limit, your memory will be erased and you will be abolished.
Chen Han naturally won’t practice Tianlong’s giving method, even if this kind of universal method is not much different from the secret code of the four great families.
Compared with the emperor’s extremely shocking record, any method is scum!
The metal ring has been prepared for a long time. In addition to eating a sumptuous buffet every other day, he spends all day in a small room trying to practice his late cardiac repair, which can meet the needs of the body by absorbing five elements of refined gold gas, and does not absorb energy from food at all.
Time flies without being disturbed, and the situation is rising rapidly. It is incredible that the repair is obviously enhanced almost every day.
The serious injury has already healed, and grandpa helped Dan medicine without leaving any scars.
SHEN WOO seal!
I don’t know how long it has been practicing day and night, but it has become a deep red mysterious seal, which contains magical energy and is injected into the body.
From the hair to the strengthening state again, the lungs, liver and kidneys flow with different attributes to form a delicate balance.
Every cell becomes active. When the last remaining mysterious energy rushes into the sea of knowledge and blends into the three organs that represent the virtual shadow of the soul, the volume of the five elements of lingyan suddenly doubles. At the same time, the mind vibrates in a deep way and belongs to the fire attribute. The surface of the heart seems to ignite the flame, and the fourth organ is activated.
A lot of memories have broken the seal and poured out like a flood, which is a record of the emperor’s extreme shaking the sky, a higher-level method, and the corresponding emperor’s extreme martial arts in the then period
"Breakthrough … the old breakthrough has reached the then period!"
Chen Han’s eyes are blue, gold, blue and red, and the four colors of divine light flash carefully, and the corners of his mouth are stirred up with excitement and laughter. "When you break through the golden elixir period, you can get all the identities of the other party by defeating a person who fixes the truth in the golden elixir period, and you can go out. Haha … finally you can justify it …"
The emperor’s mind-shaking and mind-recording method can be called the emperor’s mind-shaking and mind-recording method. Now what he lacks most is a weapon-a weapon tailored specifically for this peerless method.
The magic weapon with millions of words was dug out of memory, and he looked for a magic weapon that can be refined now and has corresponding materials.
"It’s a pity that this handle combating Dao attribute is good … in the spirit of the old now at most, it’s not the strength to refine at the beginning of the spirit …"
"This epee is not bad, but grandpa can’t get the material together …"