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In the semi-demonization situation at that time, his own attack was absolutely without mercy. Every time he tried to kill the enemy Lin Feng, he couldn’t say for sure what he would do. Perhaps it was because of his attitude when he was playing against his opponent! Very similar to yourself, especially with cold and sharp eyes.

Windson knew that he didn’t want to see the world break away from the beginning and die in front of his own land, no matter what would happen later. He always treated the world break away from the beginning.
The effect of the Moon Spirit Fruit on bringing back the dead is really very tube-like. After a while, Lin Feng sensed that the meridians that had been beaten by himself at the beginning of the boundary had gradually recovered, and the immortal force slowly returned to normal operation. The broken bones were slowly repaired by the Moon Spirit Fruit, and Lin Feng knew that he had saved his life at the beginning of the boundary.
What makes windson curious is that the magic weapon in his hand at the beginning of the boundary separation is by no means anyone who doesn’t know that it was received at the beginning of the boundary separation. According to windson’s eyes, the weapon at the beginning of the boundary separation is definitely a very magic weapon.
But at the beginning of the world, why did you come to Haze City to participate in this contest to win the treasure? Even if you win the final victory, you will get a magic weapon. It seems that there is no need to come here to participate in the tournament.
I hope that when I wake up from Jiechu, I will tell myself the reason for all this. However, Lin Feng is also white. Although I rescued Jiechu, I can’t guarantee that Jiechu will be grateful for it. Instead, I may be wary of myself. What are your intentions for him?
Now windson can’t care so much, let’s take it one step at a time! After all, it is also the most important thing to participate in the tournament by yourself, and to get the help of the demon practitioners in Haze City to find Master Lin Ye as soon as possible. Everything else can be put aside first.
Two hours later, from the beginning of the boundary, I woke up slowly. I just opened my eyes and saw Lin Feng watching my boundary. I quickly jumped up and the black sword also appeared in my hand, staring at Lin Feng closely.
Windson one leng and then motioning with his hand quick way "you don’t get me wrong our tournament has already ended, you don’t have to be so nervous"
At the beginning of the world, I didn’t notice my environment, although I put away my weapons, but I still didn’t relax my guard against windson. "Why am I here?" What the hell is going on here? "
Lin Feng whispered, "Well, I finally injured you. Because you were so badly injured, I brought you back to me for treatment. Fortunately, I have a panacea, and now you are all right."
"What do you want to save me? I don’t need your pity! " Cold channel at the beginning of boundary separation
"What I will do to save you is out of my whim. I don’t pity your opponent. I won’t show mercy to you, but it is very common for me to save you if I have left my opponent." Lin Fengchen looked at Lin Fengchen with a grain of salt and didn’t speak.
Lin Fengdao "I know what you are thinking now. To tell you the truth, I have no ambition for you. Do you think I can get any benefits from you? I’m afraid not? "
"You are a master. I am honored to be defeated by you, but I will practice harder and I will come to you again one day!" Jie Li Chu ang Dao
Say that finish to turn away windson hurriedly way "where are you going? Do you think this evil city will let you leave safely? "
"Why don’t you let me go? I will kill anyone who dares to stop me! " Boundary separation from initial cold channel
"How many people can you kill by yourself? If you are outnumbered, you will die! " Lin Fengyang avenue
"Even if I die, I will not succumb to others!" At the beginning of the world, I proudly said
Lin Feng shook his head slowly and said softly, "In some cases, you can’t face everything with a sense of pride, but you have to move your mind. If you die like this, it’s not only meaningless, but also very unworthy. Is it just a moment to try to be brave and die?"
At the beginning of the world, the body suddenly shook at the sight of Lin Feng’s deep and sharp eyes staring at himself. At the beginning of the world, he finally lowered his head and said slowly, "Since I can’t leave safely, what are you doing here?" Your strength just shouldn’t be trapped in this haze evil city. "
"Who said I would always be here? I’m going to temporarily use a haze to repair the demon in the city. Once I find my master, I’ll leave here immediately, "Windson replied.
At the beginning of the boundary from the amazing way "teacher? You are already so powerful, isn’t your master even more horrible? "
Windson chuckled, "Speaking of which, I don’t know whether my master is stronger or myself. I haven’t fought with my master, but it is definitely my master’s strength that is definitely not with me."
There is actually a little deviation in Lin Feng’s statement. Lin Ye is indeed not weak, but compared with the martial arts world Lin Feng, he is still relatively weak.
At the beginning of the world, I don’t understand, "Is your master with you?" Why do you want to find him? Are you separated? "
The fourth volume Chapter 31 At the beginning of the boundary from ()
Lin Fengchen said, "When I first entered the lost dreamland, Master and I were separated accidentally because we didn’t know that there was a magic array outside the lost dreamland."
At the beginning of the world, I looked at windson in the eye and said, "I have a little research on law, and I think I can help you."
"Really? Can you break the magic array? " Windson excited way
"It’s easy to talk about not breaking the array, but it’s easy to get in and out of the lost dreamland safely without being affected by the magic array."
Lin Fengyuan thought that even if he found the master Lin Ye, there was no way to leave this lost dreamland. He was worried about this matter. I didn’t expect that it really didn’t make him desperate and sent him to the front of his face.
I’m afraid things wouldn’t be the case if I thought that I didn’t hesitate to treat Lin Feng at the beginning of the world and finally understood what a coincidence was.
Thought of here, Lin Fengding made up his mind and told the world what he really thought at the beginning. At the beginning, after hearing Lin Feng tell his plan, it was not impossible to recognize Lin Feng’s plan. First, he attached himself to Xin Zhuoran for a pretence, and then he helped Lin Feng find Lin Ye with the help of Xin Zhuo’s forces in Haze City. If you want to find Lin Ye, you should immediately find an excuse to get out of here. It can be said that this plan is the simplest and practical way at present.
Windson was very excited when he saw that his face was softened at the beginning of the world, but he also agreed to his plan. Even Windson himself couldn’t think of anything to show so well for himself.
Perhaps it was Lin Feng who sincerely moved the boundary from the beginning to the beginning, and told Lin Feng his own history. In fact, there is no secret in the boundary from the beginning. It was once that Master told him that people’s hearts are sinister and they must always guard against others’ hands.