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Fang Sheng didn’t have a mouth, but Fang Ying let out a sneer and muttered, "Whoever is sent is better than sending him."

Fang Ying’s voice is not loud, but the hall is very quiet at this time. It’s really hard to hear it.
Mu Yun naturally heard it, but Mu Yun’s self-cultivation mentality has leveled off a lot. Moreover, because Mu Yun experienced these gossip before, it was not enough to change Mu Yun’s mood. Mu Yun glanced at Fang Ying slightly and returned to the state of seeing and seeing.
Muxue was furious and almost sent. Fortunately, Mu Yun stretched out his hand and patted Mu Xue to signal elder sister not to get angry. Mu Xue was just a cold hum, and his impression of this Fang Ying was even worse.
Thyme cherry woman is not good to speak first. She stretched out her hand and pulled Fang Ying’s sleeve face slightly embarrassed.
Glared at Fang Sheng is mercilessly Fang Ying dark cough.
"This brother didn’t know that Mu Yun did practice because of some physical problems before, but now he has recovered from Xue Zhongxue’s imperial doctor’s treatment. Not only can he practice, but he has made rapid progress these days, and he has also performed well in the just-concluded clan meeting." The thyme army said with a embarrassed smile.
"oh? Have the matter "Fang Sheng and thyme cherry slightly surprised Fang Ying is secretly glanced at Mu Yun.
The thyme army smiled and told the three people in detail again that it was for Mu Yun to defeat Muhong in the construction period and win the first place in the clan meeting since Xue Zhong arrived. The thyme army didn’t say anything about Mu Yun’s outstanding performance in the clan meeting.
"And that quota was not given to Mu Yun by MuHong, but MuHong voluntarily gave up because MuHong had successfully condensed the spirit of life a few months ago." Thyme Army continued.
"What?" This time, not only Fang Sheng and thyme cherry, but also Fang Ying, who has always been arrogant, exclaimed.
It’s no wonder that Fangjia is the one with the most genius among the four families, but it’s a little shocking that Fangjia can rely on its own strength to condense the spirit of life, and Bailijia’s strength has always been average.
"Ah, in that case, the younger brother would like to congratulate the eldest brother of thyme." Fang Sheng said to the thyme family for a fuels.
The thyme army also smiled and returned to this competition, and then there was no thyme army Sheng. The couple continued to chat for a while, and Fang Sheng took thyme Sakura and Fang Ying to leave.
After Fang Sheng’s family left, Mu Xue said angrily, "Hum, what’s the air? Isn’t it the foundation period? Still rely on Dan medicine to "
"Dan medicine?" Mu Yun confused a.
"That’s right" Mu Xue said and explained to Mu Yun that this explanation was heard by Mu Yun. It turned out that Fang Ying was not in the same strength as her elder sister Mu Xue in the late practice a few months ago. Later, Fang just won a Zhujidan at the Jubaoge auction.
Fang Ying is the most loved by the master of Fang’s three generations. Anyway, the genius of Fang is not bad. The master of Zhujidan gave the Zhujidan to Fang Ying, which made Fang Ying break through the foundation period. It is ridiculous whether this Dan medicine is refined in Mu Yun.
____ _w_w_w____ ___o_m
Mu Yun nodded his head after listening to the elder sister’s words.
But then remembered that what competition is can’t help but ask.
"Uncle, what did you just say about that competition?"
"Oh, this uncle Mu Yun wanted to tell you a while ago. Later, when you thought about it in the back hill, you forgot to mention that you know the monster stone?"
"Demon spirit stone?"
"Yes, the demon stone in Qinghai City, Mu Yun will be opened once a year, which is dedicated to the cultivation of immortals to condense the spirit of life …" The thyme army explained this demon stone to Mu Yun in detail.
It turns out that there is a demon stone in the square of Qinghai city center, which opens once a year. As the name suggests, there are many demons hidden in the demon stone, and there are good and bad demons. It depends on luck to condense the spirits, but before that, it must have certain strength.
When Mu Yun heard it, he was so happy that he was really looking forward to anything.
Hurriedly asked, "When will uncle’s demon stone be opened?"
"Three days later"
Chapter 41 Forces of all parties
After Mu Yun came out of the hall, he said goodbye to his elder sister Mu Xue for a while and went back to the back alone.
Along the way, Mu Yun kept remembering in his mind what uncle had said, especially the last sentence, "Coagulation focuses on luck". It is true that it takes a great chance to find a suitable one among tens of millions of demon spirits, and even worse, it has growth potential.
These days, Mu Yun has been preoccupied with the study of Ningling, but all of them are at a loss, and that strange bell seems to know what to do without telling herself to keep her appetite.
According to uncle, there must be a demon with growth potential in that demon stone, which seems to be an excellent opportunity for him.
"Linger, I remember you said that there are three ways to coagulate the spirit. Maybe the third way is this demon stone?" Mu Yun asked doubtfully.
"Well, almost, but I haven’t seen this demon stone. I don’t know what the quality of the demon spirit is, but you can go and see it. Even if you can’t find the demon spirit you want, it can be regarded as exercise. It’s also good for later," said Lingerjiao
Mu Yun nodded his head gently. Yes, if you don’t succeed, you should accumulate experience. It’s not good to think too much and disturb your mood.
Mu Yun couldn’t help but feel relieved at the thought, and the haze accumulated in his heart these days has gradually dissipated.
For the next three days, Mu Yun paid more attention to the training beside his heart, and naturally he didn’t say that he received the effect.
Three days later …
On this day, Mu Xue came to the back early, and Mu Yun specially brought a new suit. Mu Yun washed up and went to the mountain with Mu Xue. Mu Yun looked at the scene in front of him, but he was a little embarrassed.
The original thyme army led the family, and all the people had already arrived at this moment, waiting for Mu Yun.
Before leaving, Master Baili smiled and patted Mu Yun on the shoulder and said, "Is the little guy ready?"
Ye Sun looked at each other for a moment and Mu Yun nodded heavily.
Say thyme army then led a family line of people set out vastly. Although there are three people competing for days today, Mu Xue and Mu Yun, but many of them have to go to see the world for three generations, and one day they will lay the foundation themselves.
This way, because Mu Yun really knows little about this demon stone, Mu Xue and Mu Tian explained to Mu Yun a word for a word about this demon stone.
This demon stone is a sacred object of heaven and earth, and no one knows exactly how it happened. Neither of them can explain the root cause clearly.
To Mu Yun’s surprise, this monster stone didn’t have this piece. It was said that Qinglong City had a piece several times larger than this, and it was far away. It was said that several neighboring countries also had this monster stone. Although there were many monster stones, no two pieces were the same.
And this demon stone will be opened once a year. At most, 30 people are allowed to enter the Qinghai City at the same time. It happens to be a whole day. When the demon stone is opened, the contestants can’t enter it. It’s just a little bit of consciousness for the contestants. This is not too dangerous. At best, the consciousness will be injured and cultivated for a while.
There are countless monsters in the monster stone, but it is not easy to find the excellent monster that suits you and the rare monster that can be collected and refined in just one day. It is more luck than strength to coagulate the spirit in the monster stone.
Knowing these, Mu Yun has a certain understanding of this monster stone, and a group of people from Blink of an Eye have come to the central square of Qinghai City. A large number of people have already gathered around the square, including four big families and some small families in the city, and there are also some other places to watch the fun.
Mu Yun looked intently at the square, and sure enough, a black boulder stood in the center of the square. At this moment, the energy fluctuation on the surface of the boulder was obvious, and the fluctuation inside the boulder was even stronger.
Mu Yun in the crowd saw at a glance that Luo Yulong and Luo Yulong had once met in Jubaoge. At this moment, their hands were calm and natural, and in front of Luo Yulong was an old man with fair hair and a slightly emaciated face. At this moment, he was also in repose. Presumably this is the Laurence family’s contemporary householder.
Look to the left along the Laurence family team. The head of a line is also a white-haired old man with a red face and a faint smile. At the moment, he is nodding toward this side, and the thyme army also nodded at the old man with a smile. Behind the old man was Fang Sheng Mu Yun, who visited thyme home that day. It suddenly turned out that the old man was just the owner of the house.
And the rest don’t say Mu Yun also know that naturally the Yang family, the last of the four families, is suspicious of other forces, all of which are small families or small organizations in the city with average strength. Mu Yun naturally lacks interest in them.
Just as Mu Yun was feeling sleepy, a hearty laugh came from a distance.
"Ha, ha, ha, ha. Tan is really sorry to ask you to wait for a long time."
When Mu Yun saw a group of people in the distance, except the first one, they were all dressed strangely, including men and women, old and young. What do you think of them? They all looked like a group of Uzbek people, Mu Yun, frowning and feeling weird.
"This is Juxian Zhuang people. They are also a force in this city. They are the strongest except for the four families …" Elder sister Mu Xue explained to him with her arm around Mu Yun’s shoulder.
This Juxian Village is a force that has only risen in Qinghai in recent years. Although its development time is still short, it is very rapid. Since it was built, Juxian Village has recruited talents and talents. If you have talents, you can enter Zhuangqing. At first, because most talents were monopolized by four families, you can enter Zhuangqing. It is also a mediocrity.
But later, when Juxian Village became famous, more and more people of insight joined Juxian Village, and some of them were strong and unwilling to put up with the family rules. In this way, Juxian Village’s strength has grown by leaps and bounds in the past two years, and there is a tendency to be on an equal footing with the four families.
"Master Tan Zhuang made this remark? You Juxianzhuang is now famous, and it is also right for our four families to wait here for a while. "Luo Jiazhu’s sneer is obviously insincere. Now the four families in Qinghai City are temporarily stable. If this Juxianzhuang has to be inserted, some interests of the four families’ first family will be affected. This Luo Jiazhu is very fond of this Juxianzhuang.