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1 is threatened.
After the heroic episode, Li Ziyu’s position in Meng Xin’s heart rose a lot involuntarily, and she said, it won’t be too bad that she likes men.
Being less willing to help catch thieves is a great business, surpassing too many people.
Afterwards, she was praised by the school and rewarded with credits. Everyone regarded her as a little hero and returned to the dormitory after the scenery was limited, and was scolded by Min Mengjie as a pig’s head.
Especially her ugly face. It took half a month to return to normal color.
"By the way, have you confessed to Li Ziyu?" Min Mengjie scolded everyone and made friends again.
"No, what do you mean?" Meng Xin’s alarm went off immediately. She didn’t give her away, did she?
"No, no, you react so much? You and I will betray you? Meng Xin, I tell you that since I promised you not to say anything, I would never say that I look down on people less. "Min Mengjie was also so angry that she died immediately.
Is this guy trying to challenge Meng Xin’s bottom line?
"That you just asked me like that to misunderstand." Meng Xin explained that Min Mengjie was really angry or scared her.
"I woke up in good faith because I was annoyed by Feng Meiting recently. She asked me to tell you inexplicably that day that you’d better not call Li Ziyu. I was wondering this. I left when I talked about her, and I didn’t want to ask her."
Min Mengjie shrugged. She really didn’t like talking to Feng Meiting, so she could come back and wake Meng Xin.
"…" Meng Xin naturally believes Min Mengjie’s rhetoric, but she can’t figure out why Feng Meiting would say that.
Just as Meng Xin continued to be ignorant of her marriage, she met Feng Meiting on her way home at the weekend, but the meeting was a bit embarrassing.
It’s not that she has a secret crush on Liziyu, but that Feng Meiting was held in her arms by other men. Even though Feng Meiting is struggling, this picture is still very uncomfortable for Meng Xin.
In her opinion, Feng Meiting should not have this kind of cuddling with other men since she has Liziyu.
She still has some anger at the thought.
Feng Meiting also saw her at this time, especially when she touched Meng Xin’s face of disapproval. She was so angry that she thought that Liziyu had repeatedly seen this woman in front of her.
She really didn’t expect this little girl who looks like a junior high school student to be so resourceful. With her, Liziyu never remembered other girls’ names. She Meng Xin was the first one.
Feng Meiting didn’t know what she said to the man, and the man finally let her go. As soon as she was free, Feng Meiting strode towards Meng Xin.
Even if she walks more than usual, she probably dances, and her walking posture is quite elegant and eye-catching
Meng Xin didn’t move. She just stood there waiting for Feng Meiting to approach.
"Little girl, you really have something to do. I really didn’t see it. When did you stare at him?" Feng Meiting’s tone is quite impolite, and this naturally refers to Li Ziyu.
"I don’t know what you mean and you asked Meng Jie to tell me that sentence. I think you misunderstood something?" Meng Xin is not going to admit it when she doesn’t know what is going on here.
"Whether it’s a misunderstanding or not, I’ll wake you up. He’s not you. Do you understand?" Feng Meiting naturally won’t believe that Liziyu will be hooked by Meng Xin, a Chinese cabbage, after having her.
But no matter how confident a woman is, she must eliminate the time bomb lurking around her. When Li Ziyu arrives at this person, it feels really strange to her.
"I understand this, you can rest assured that I am not that kind of person, and your boyfriend is not that kind of person." Meng Xin nodded and consciously pulled the clothes. "No, don’t say it, right? Then I’ll go first. "
Took two steps Meng Xin also don’t know what to think and turned around. Feng Meiting had to go, too. When she turned around, she continued to look at her in situ.
She probably guessed what she was going to say.
Sure enough—
"By the way, you have a boyfriend. After personal advice, you should be more dignified. Even couples should not make such indecent moves in public …"
Meng Xin couldn’t really say what happened. They didn’t think that Feng Meiting had just been held in her arms by a man who was still there and kissed her hair. She felt chilling for Liziyu.
"We’re not, are we?" Feng Meiting has a high profile there. She looks 1.72 meters tall and Meng Xin is 1.65 meters tall. Comparatively speaking, she wants to look more tall and straight.
"…" Meng Xin didn’t speak. They just know it. Some words are not too obvious.
"I’ll tell you my business. Leave it alone. If he knows about this today, I can guarantee that your day will not be too easy." Feng Meiting threatened and turned around and left. The man was not close to the man and took her by the waist.
That posture is as intimate as it is intimate, and the man’s hands are more and more irregular and stop at the most sensitive part of the woman.
Meng Xin felt that somewhere in her chest was very sour, and the feeling became more and more swollen. I don’t know how long it took, but it moved to her eyes, which made her feel that the corner of her eyes was hot and swollen, causing her pain.
The number of words is progressing too fast, so we have to control it these two days. Sorry, dear friends, we will return to two thousand in a few days.
☆, 11 willies
Meng Xin was not in a good mood when he saw Li Ziyu again.
It was just after the New Year’s Day holiday and she came back to class, but she felt extremely depressed when she thought of what happened at grandpa’s house that day.
The thing is, on New Year’s Day, Meng Jingyao, the lobby sister of my second uncle’s house, brought a boyfriend back. The man is said to be from Kyoto, a second-generation grandfather or an officer. Meng Xin can’t remember what his position is.
She has no idea about these things, and her own parents naturally won’t pay attention to them
However, the family from grandpa, uncle, uncle and family all regarded others as guests, and her snobbish face made her feel a little cold when she remembered it now.
It was at grandpa’s house that she never spoke to her mother, and she never bothered to speak at home when she grew up.
It happened that grandpa didn’t ask her at dinner that day, so he asked the man if there were any brothers in the family who were single or not, and there were two maids here.
Nature means that she and her cousin Meng Wanyan, even if it’s past ten, but Wan Yan is only sixteen. What’s the hurry?
Later, when they got home, grandpa called his father to tell him about it. Qi Xinglin was also very angry. If it weren’t for his father’s sake, I’m afraid she would have quarreled with grandpa that day.