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"Hehe, maybe I am a baby!" The little girl’s innocence makes 6 Can snigger. What a confused guy. He is running around this dangerous dead city with the mid-term repair of the elixir, not to mention seeing strangers and being wary of a curious baby.

"Uncle is a person, how can he be a baby!" The little girl covered her mouth and smiled.
"Uncle? !” 6 can one leng then wry smile unceasingly oneself less than twenty years old, although just cherish a war with the king is a little miserable, but how also not to rise to the uncle level?
"What a lovely girl …" Suddenly 6 Can smiled and said in a low voice, "Little girl, are you wearing a black suit and carrying a broken sword?"
"That’s not a broken sword. How do you know that’s a dragon sword? ! Don’t you are a fairy? "The little girl first disagrees and then one leng is surprised that this uncle is like knowing that his dragon eats his brother 6 Can. Now Yuan Ying’s breath is naturally scattered, and there is also a kind of fairy wind.
"Haha, I’m not a fairy, but he’s coming!" I heard that a fix-true person should call others immortals. 6 Can laughed heartily.
My sister, stay away! "With a cold drink a ten-year-old boy dressed in black carrying a general black iron sword across 6 can and little girl.
6 can eyebrows a lift surprised to see the young then later and turned out to be a fighter, just now he rushed to make the pace is more mysterious than treading on the waves.
"The dragon eats my brother and it’s okay. Xiaoyu says uncle is a good man!" The little girl’s dragon eats behind his skirt and says
I heard that the treasure-hunting mouse commented on 6 Can’s dragon bite and said, "Ziyinmen dragon bite, thank you for taking care of your senior, sister!" The dragon eats is not the confused little girl who can naturally feel 6 Can Xiu. At this time, I know that it is not the enemy’s nervousness, and my body is gradually relaxed. It is very amazing for a yuan infant predecessor to hold this pressure.
"Ziyinmen?" 6 Can One Leng 6 Can’s understanding of three continents and six islands is nothing more than the vast expanse of the wilderness, but dozens of sects have never heard of it in this purple gate.
"Six masters are the ones who saved six masters!" At this moment, Liu gudi’s people finally hurried and said
"6 master? Are you Fengyang’s six families and six cans? !” The young dragon in black eats and hears that the predecessor in Yuan’s infancy actually has a surname of 6. A closer look reveals 6 can’s striking red eyebrows.
"It’s me!" 6 Can smiled indifferently. I didn’t expect these two teenagers to actually save 6 Yunren.
"You are LingXuan brother-in-law? Are you really brother-in-law Ling Xuan? " Heard that 6 can admit his identity, the little girl asked with a red eye.
"Ling xuan brother-in-law? You mean Ye Lingxuan? !” I didn’t expect this little girl to call her brother-in-law at one leng.
"Brother-in-law Ling Xuan … Sister Ling Xuan … blare …" Without saying a word, the little girl seemed to collapse and was in pain.
Chapter 14 Broken array [four more three]
There is another chapter around eleven o’clock.
"What’s the matter with ling xuan? Say it quickly! " 6 Can’s look changed. Before acting quickly, I felt very complicated about Ye Lingxuan. Although my virgin career ended in this woman, it was said before that feelings were not real feelings after the disaster, and from Ye Lingxuan’s later performance, she should rely more on herself than love.
"Elder martial sister Ling Xuan was imprisoned by the Five Elements Gate …" It’s still that young dragon in black eats more steadily, although it’s also sad, but it’s also a peace of mind for elder martial sister Ling Xuan to see 6 Can’s nervousness. It seems that this man is still nervous, elder martial sister.
"Imprisoned by five elements? Isn’t Lingxuan a master of five elements? " 6 can doubt asked.
"It seems that it is because Elder Martial Sister Ling Xuan suddenly has some special abilities after returning to the Five Elements Gate, and the Master of the Five Elements Gate imprisoned Elder Martial Sister Ling Xuan because they wanted to find out the source of their abilities." The dragon said in a low voice.
"How dare you!" 6 Can flew into a rage, and these five elements dared to imprison their own women. Then suddenly, they thought of something and hurriedly asked, "What ability is worth imprisoning their disciples?"
"We are not very clear about this. The Five Elements Gate is not very close to our Ziyin Gate, but the elder sister Lingxuan is the cousin of Qingyi. We just listened to Yao Yuan’s remarks …"
Can one leng carefully looked at Youzi crying behind the dragon bite. The little girl was somewhat similar to Ling Ye Xuan, but the little girl was too young to have the charm of Ye Lingxuan.
The Liu Emperor’s condition was silent, and he dared not say a word. The young householder seemed very angry, and he dared not provoke him more.
"Five elements gate can someone come to the dead city this time!" 6 can on cold asked.
Had been trapped in front of a large array … "The dragon eats even said.
"What about you?" It’s a little strange for these two teenagers to be able to appear here.
Smelling 6 Can’s question, the dragon ate his cold face and couldn’t help but say with embarrassment, "It was the runaway of Qingyi spell that accidentally injured me. We have been in the healing center and were not trapped in the big array, but we can’t do anything about that big array!"
"spell runaway?" 6 Can one leng and then look at the little girl who cried into a pear flower and took rain. Although she was in a bad mood because of Ye Lingxuan’s imprisonment, she couldn’t help laughing that a mid-then-fix-true person should have lost control of spells. This little girl is not generally confused.
The little girl who heard that the dragon eats and tells her embarrassing things feels ashamed in front of her future brother-in-law.
"Little girl, what’s your name? How do you say you are my aunt? I’ll give you a present!" Can took out a flying sword from the ring and found it in the ring of Wang Xi ‘na.
"Brother-in-law, my name is Mo Qingyi!" The red and bright fire attribute flying sword attracted the little girl’s attention. 6 Can give flying sword is much better than her own flying sword. Grasping it quickly, her eyes are shining and she is very happy. When she rubs it, she laughs while hanging tears. It’s really cute.
Children go to the big array, then I want to see how these five elements explain to me! I saved their lives and helped them get the baby grass. How dare they imprison my woman! "6 can cold drink a step toward the front large array.
Xiao and Mo Qingyi also regard Ye Lingxuan as their elder sister, and now they are very worried that this future brother-in-law is obviously a master in infancy. With him, I believe that Sister Lingxuan will be safe and well.
That large array stretches for more than ten miles, but it can move autonomously instead of probing out a wave and incorporating everything around it. It is very alarming and expanding. The visibility of smoke in the large array is lower than that of the surrounding white fog, even if it is 6 cans, the powerful gods can penetrate it.
"This large array suddenly fell from the sky and covered our Ziyinmen and Qianlong 6 people in it. Qingyi and I could do nothing!" Looking at the expanding array, the dragon eats a while, and it seems that personal strength is very small in front of this array.
6 Can came to the edge of the large array and gently put his hand on the edge of the large array. The semi-permeable film surged in a thousand folds of waves, and the three colors were really blaster.
Through the film, a violent shaking and surging ripple swept the 6 Canjin gas to the whole array and finally disappeared.
"That’s all!" 6 can corners of the mouth become warped disdain said, "this array is just a decentralized way to disperse the attack power and hinder the external force from breaking the array!" "
I just told the large array that the powerful and powerful dragon ate a while and felt that this future brother-in-law was arrogant.
Where did he know that 6 Can had seen a large array of scattered fairy cloth in the beast’s nest in the wild? Compared with this array, it is difficult to get into 6 Can’s eyes.
I found out the details of this large array. 6 Can gave up the original method of making the silent curse shielding array enter quickly. I haven’t attacked it since I entered the Yuan infant period. It’s just that this defense force is still a large array to try the attack power of Yuan infant period.
Right hand to find out the thunder hammer 6 can wind walk moving hands held high huge thunder hammer mountain crashing into the large array of defense film.
The violent shaking of the film stirred the surrounding air and scattered it around for a full minute before the fluctuation stopped slowly, but the color of the film became more transparent as if it would disappear at any time.
"Eleven times the attack power in the yuan baby period still can’t be broken!" 6 Can was disappointed and looked at the thunder hammer in his hand.
Don’t you know that the three people next to you have already opened their eyes, and a hammer can make the large array produce such fluctuations. They have been studying the dragon bite and Mo Qing’s recollection for half a day, and now they are regarded as the real strength of this future brother-in-law
While the Liu family is staring unblinkingly at the thunder hammer in 6 Can’s hands. I think this is to kill the hidden dragon big 6, the first person, the king, and cherish the weapon. Indeed, it is domineering and powerful.