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If it weren’t for those who know her, they would be surprised at her performance now, because she is so far away from her now, it’s just one day at a time

When I got home, Tang Wei had a very bad time. She was still alone in front of a room every day. Fortunately, she is left alone now, which shows that this room is too much.
Because of her hard life and owing money to the wretched old man, Tang Wei forgot her identity and went to the nightclub late.
It didn’t take long for Tang Wei to hook up with a big name, but it was the kind of fat head and big ears, and then the big name paid off the wretched old man’s money
In this way, Tang Wei unconsciously hangs a rich man in a nightclub every night to support her.
☆ Chapter 31 Dear Lady
Shen Qing and Tang Wei’s life are so different. One is that they are too desperate for each other, and the other is too ignorant of each other. None of them is willing to take that step.
Shen Nuo is not clear about these things, of course. She is a hot potato at home now.
Lu Xiusi wanted to be bored with following Shen Nuo, but every time Shen Nuo was either playing with his son or chatting with Xiaojin, Lu Xiusi was naked and ignored by Shen Nuo.
In this case, Lu Xiusi felt that she was ignored by Shen Nuo, and she felt very pitiful. On this day, she went to school by general manager Xiaojin, and Lu Yichen fell asleep, so she hugged her and sat on the sofa. Shen Nuo said pitifully, "Wife, we haven’t been together for a long time. Don’t you miss me?"
Shen Nuo feel language for such selling Meng Lu Xiusi. "What do you want?"? I can see it every day and I’m not separated from you. What’s wrong? "
Lu Xiusi took a deep look at Shen Nuo’s way, "But I miss you very much, and my little brother misses your little sister."
Listen to Lu Xiusi’s explicit words. Shen Nuo is glad that there are two of them now. Otherwise, how shameful it would be.
Shen Nuo blushed and didn’t good the spirit to one side, Lu Xiusi said, "When did you become so cheeky, Lu Xiusi? Well, it’s a good thing Xiaojin isn’t here, or I won’t talk to you later."
Lu Xiusi looked at Shen Nuo blushing and thought that she was cute. He overbearing, "Then we are now …"
Shen Nuo ignored him and then bit his apple, and then he felt his body soar. Shen Nuo looked up and it turned out that it was Lu Xiusi who picked himself up. She hit Lu Xiusi on the shoulder and said, "What are you doing?"
Lu Hugh thought while walking to the stairs gas light idle way "what do you say? Hmm? Dear madam and husband, I want to consummate my marriage with you! You don’t know, don’t you? You’re going on holiday this time! "
They haven’t done that kind of thing since that embarrassing thing happened last time, so Lu Xiusi will complain about Shen Nuo so much.
Shen Nuo knew that this time he could not escape, so he crustily skin of head and said, "Well, there is no going." He resigned himself to burying himself in Lu Xiusi’s arms.
The next day, Shen Nuo was like being run over by a car. It seems that it is dangerous to be hungry for men. On the other hand, Lu Xiusi looks relaxed and feels sad about his future. There is still a long way to go.
Section 232
At breakfast, Shen Nuo ignored Lu Xiusi, but he didn’t stop for begging for mercy last night. Shen Nuo is deeply complaining about him now.
Lu Xiusi saw that Shen Nuo ignored herself and didn’t complain to her like yesterday. After all, she tasted the sweetness herself. What’s the matter?
Lu Xiusi funny clip a chopsticks dish to Shen Nuo bowl apology way "Nuo Nuo or I ask for leave with Miranda for you and say you are ill? Huh? "
No, it’s okay. This Shen Nuo thought that if he went to work like this today, he would be seen by his colleagues, and he would be humiliated.
Shen Nuo didn’t good the spirit way, "I don’t know who is wrong. I’m not bashful to say here that I don’t even want to talk to you. Besides, I don’t want you to ask Miranda for leave until I ask for leave myself."
They knew what they were talking about, but Xiaojin didn’t know that he was in a hurry. "Sister Nuo, what did you do? Are you sick? Why do you want to ask for leave when you are ready? "
Shen Nuo said angrily, "I was bitten by a dog last night, and the dog was big and fierce."
Xiaojin said in a hurry, "Sister Nano, are you all right? Will that dog have a dog disease or something? Do you want to go to the hospital or I won’t go to school today. I’ll ask for leave to go and have a look with you!"
Shen Nuo didn’t expect Xiaojin to take it seriously. She was embarrassed. "No, I’ll go by myself. You’d better learn. Rest assured that the dog is a family dog. It’s okay. You’re not too worried."
Xiaojin always spat out a sigh and said, "It’s good to have no dog disease. Then go and see for yourself. I’m going to learn." Then I went to learn with my bag on my back.
Before leaving, Lu Xiusi had a special meaning for Xiaojin. "Xiaojin doesn’t know how you chase girls. It’s not that other girls chase you!"
Manager Xiaojin knows everything. What does Lu Xiusi say? He knows that he and Zhang Xirui really took the initiative.
Zhang Xirui waved at Lu Xiusi without thinking too much. "Brother Lu, I’m going to school. You and Sister Nuo go to the hospital and then go to work. It’s not good if there is rabies."
Lu Xiusi didn’t respond to general manager Xiaojin’s words, but urged him to say, "You’d better hurry to school, otherwise it will be bad to be late, and your girlfriend will run away."
Manager Xiaojin calmly said, "If she runs away with someone else so easily, then such a girl can be left alone. I’m going to school. Bye."
Manager Xiaojin left without saying anything to Lu Xiusi, but he was worried that it was not his girlfriend who was going to run away, but that the teacher would have a bad impression on him.
Shen Nuo said to Lu Xiusi, who was sitting opposite her, "Why did you tell Jin that? Jin Chang is so handsome, are you still afraid that he will not have a girlfriend? I’m afraid he has more suitors than you now! "
Lu Xiusi pretended to be angry and asked, "Is he as handsome as me? I have a lot of pursuers, too. Okay! "
Shen Nuo teased him, "Yes, you are very handsome. The suitors have all come to the door and are still fighting with me. How awesome!"
Lu Xiusi also teased her, "Yeah, I don’t know who the suitor tried to help you but almost killed you. I want to say that your suitor is not bad!"
Shen Nuo ignored Lu Xiusi and then ate his breakfast, but it seemed that Lu Xiusi didn’t want to let her go. Lu Xiusi chased and asked Shen Nuo, "How did you tell Jin that I was a dog just now? Hmm? Still domestic! "
Shen Nuo didn’t good the spirit way "who is that man yesterday? It hurts so much that I told you to stop and didn’t listen to me. I don’t even want to talk to you. How can I explain to them that I can’t go to class today? "
After dinner, Lu Xiusi took the bus to work, so Shen Nuo lay on the sofa and picked up a message to call Miranda. "Hello Miranda, it’s Shen Nuo."
Miranda worried, "Nuo Nuo, is your baby okay? Manager Lu told me that your son is ill. How about taking care of him at home? Is the child okay? "
Shen Nuo swallowed everything she wanted to say. She said to Miranda, "Miranda, thank you. It’s just a small cold. Give him a needle and I’ll be fine. I can go to work tomorrow. Let me work in my email!"
Miranda said, "No, you are tired enough taking care of the children. Take a good rest today so that the genius can come to work with a good look. Okay, I have to go to work."
After hanging up, Shen Nuo felt sorry. Miranda was considerate. Knowing that this was Lu Xiusi making excuses for herself, she felt very warm because she didn’t know what excuse to ask for leave.
Shen Nuo made a message in the past to connect Lu Xiusi Lu Xiusi and quipped, "How can my wife miss me soon?" Call me if you miss me very much! "
Shen Nuo didn’t good the spirit way, "No, I just want to say thank you, thank you for helping me find an excuse. Why should I thank you? It’s your fault that I should blame you."
Lu Xiusi laughed. "Nuo Nuo, why did you react now? If you have nothing to do, I will hang up. I have to work to support my wife and children!"
Shen Nuo knew that Lu Xiusi was teasing herself. She Nuo Nuo said, "Forget it. It’s okay. I can talk now. I asked Miranda to send it to me. Just say that her son is really sick and tell me not to worry about it. Then I feel so sorry for her."
Lu Xiusi overbearingly said, "You are not sorry for her. I am your boss. You just need to please me. There is no need to apologize to her. She works for me. After all, you are still her boss’s wife!"
Shen Nuo told Lu Xiusi that she was the proprietress in their company, and she was a little shy. She explained, "But I am still her employee now, and I want to be her employee. She has a lot of experience for me to learn."
Lu Xiusi is very dedicated to Shen Nuo, telling her that she can feed her and go to work, but that’s how confident Shen Nuo is, that is, Lu Xiusi likes it, or he wouldn’t like it if it were someone else!
Lu Xiusi said to Shen Nuonai, "Then you can keep in touch with your son at home. If I work hard, you can be beautiful as a flower and cute as a rabbit."
Shen Nuo said to Lu Xiusi, "Then I’ll go home soon after I hang up, or we won’t wait for you to eat!" Ok, hang up. "
Shen Nuo thinks about it, and she hasn’t been with her son for a long time. She pushed Lu Xiusi into the living room and then just sat there watching TV dramas.
In a short time, there was a bell at the door. Shen Nuo lost his remote control and said as he walked, "I will come as soon as I wait."
Shen Nuo knocked on the door and saw Liu Fei holding her son at the door, smiling at her and jokingly saying, "Why don’t you welcome your son in?"