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Guan Fei’s smile is still there. Blood has oozed from her pores, and her clothes have infiltrated from the outside layer by layer until the light gray vestment oozed a little scarlet. Duane finally confirmed that this person is really hopeless, and he also believed Guan Fei’s words at this moment.

A woman who can be so cruel to herself should leave no room for others.
Chapter 416 People die like lights go out (2)
"I promise you"
No one knows whether Guanfeier said anything or not. I heard that Duane suddenly said that his voice was not loud and didn’t need to be loud. He was telling Guanfeier to listen to it alone at the moment when this woman was dying.
Officer Phyl had been distracted and suddenly there was light in her pupil. She opened her mouth, but she couldn’t say anything.
She has lost her voice, and she can turn her face to a person by memory in a haze, a person she once loved, and a person who never said a word to her in the end.
Wrong step, wrong step, worse or wrong love?
Guanfeier finally tried to close her eyes. The passage of life has made her unable to support anything any more. The feeling of floating is full of pain, but it becomes very light at this moment.
She can’t see nature, and she doesn’t know that she is dissipating now. Little by little, she slowly disappears into the rain, leaving Duane alone in a one-legged kneeling posture, and her face doesn’t look too much.
It was not until the man finished dissipating that Du Angcai slowly got up and glanced at Du He meaningfully and turned around and walked to the deep temple.
Many things don’t mean that forgiveness can be forgiven.
In Duane’s view, Guan Feier can get close to it, which is Du He who gave her the illusion that she can get close.
He will never make such a mistake in his life. The woman will protect herself. Stand your ground and stick to it.
This is that root of his existence.
This life is the same!
Duane’s figure slowly disappeared in the rain, and Pan Hui took a long time to return to absolute being and wordlessly left the square in front of the temple.
It doesn’t matter to her what happened just now. What matters is that it came to a complete conclusion 17 years ago, and no one will ever question the elder brother again. This is what she cares most and values most.
In the end, the master elder brother promised Guanfeier what Pan Hui didn’t intend to ask.
In seventeen years, there are some things that she has never participated in, so there is no benefit to ask. She needs that person to be with her all the time from now on, even if it is repaired and even destroyed.
If he doesn’t leave her, he will never give up!
As Douang Pan Hui left Du He, he turned and walked to Tianlu Mountain, without giving up the password for what happened today.
Anyway, people are gone, and the roots of the past are no longer important. He just needs to make sure that no one will hurt his son again.
Du He admitted that Guan Feier was right. He was really a selfish man. He cared about his relatives selfishly.
But Guanfeier was wrong. He had many relatives, not only blood relatives, but also brothers who shared life and death, including Qin or early summer. Guanfeier used to be a relative to him, but after being calculated, he was completely regarded as a familiar stranger.
Some can’t jump, some can’t touch the bottom line.
Du He’s selfishness is just dividing the line between the line and the bottom line too accurately, that’s all!
Qin or watching Du He’s back disappear, I didn’t find him. The master elder brother’s back was bent. I couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. He turned his head and took a deep look at Guan Yuchen, and then said to everyone, "Let’s all go!" If I find out today that someone is talking privately about betraying his legacy, punish him! "
Qin or not Du He knows that Du He doesn’t like to explain anything because of disdain, but he can’t.
Other disciples have been in Qin for many years, or have already regarded Du Hexia as a brother at first, and he is more intimate than a brother. He absolutely does not allow people to seriously hurt them behind their backs.
Since Du He doesn’t want to explain and doesn’t intend to seal up everyone’s mouth, it’s no harm for him to do this wicked man. Anyway, he has been a teaching elder for so many years, and now he is a Changxuan reward elder. No one is more suitable to do this than him.
When Guan Yuchen was in Qin or his eyes floated, it was already his heart. When he found Qin or saw him, he moved his eyes to his heart. Then it was a loose one. When he stayed in Qin or dismissed everyone, Guan Yuchen followed all the other disciples and left the square in front of the temple.
Although Guan Yuchen knows clearly that Qin may not do anything to him, he is no longer willing to trust Changxuan alone. He needs to protect himself better to get more.
The heavy rain didn’t last for many days, and it seemed to wash away all the bad luck that happened in Changxuan during these days. Until the last day of March, the long-lost sun finally reappeared in the broken tooth mountain, and the warm sunshine filled the whole mountain, bringing a rare vitality.
When Pan Huigang went out, he met Fang Xiaoting, who immediately stopped him and asked, "What happened?"
Fang Xiaoting looked somewhat dignified and was suddenly stopped by Pan Hui. Some of them became speechless and didn’t return to absolute being until Pan Hui asked him again. He didn’t react and replied, "There was a big chaos."
Pan Hui’s eyebrows open and her eyes open.
She still remembers Aoqing telling her the wrong thing when she was in the Arctic ice sheet, and Mr. Taichen sent divination and divination.
What a mess!
It just happened in less than half a year!
Pan Hui’s face sank a little, and her voice sank with it. "What’s wrong?"
"Chaos, chaos," Fang Xiaoting said urgently, "Because Nan Chen’s army joined the war, the Western Song Dynasty was finally forced to retreat, and the Eastern Zhou Dynasty and Nan Chen reached a non-aggression agreement. However, no one expected that the evidence of the assassination of Emperor Zhao Yang in the Western Song Dynasty was directed at the Northern Qi royal family."
"How did this happen?" Pan Hui was puzzled. "Beiqi never participated in the wars of the other three countries. How could it get involved this time?"
Beiqi has always been guarded and protected by Aoqing. For thousands of years, the royal family has never changed and disturbed, and it will not take the initiative to invade other countries. How can such a country, which has always been rich and world-contending, suddenly start work?
Murphy …
Pan Hui heart I feel this is AoQing idea?
Fang Xiaoting said, "I don’t know very well that the Western Song Dynasty is in chaos now. Zhao Changdeng set up his younger sister, Zhao Tuo, to dust princess royal, and … and it’s really like recruiting a husband!"
Punishment is really like being a Xu in the Western Song Dynasty!
Pan Hui will be directly shocked in the face.
People who cultivate immortals are not allowed to participate in worldly affairs. This is the default iron law of all the gates of cultivating immortals, but now this iron law has been broken and it has been broken from the magic door!
Pan Hui suddenly worried that she finally knew what this so-called chaos was!
It’s not the chaos of the four countries on earth, but the chaos of the whole human world! It’s the chaos of the Xiuxian Mountain Gate in the whole human world! The magic door is a mess!
Chapter 417 People die like lights go out (3)