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Mu Tianxuan winked at Wan Wenbin, and several people guessed that the stone bead had a history. Later, Hu Yingxue was sure to find a winning Sue to ask about the stone bead. There was nothing to buy, so he went back to Jiqian with Hu Yingxue and arranged a pavilion for them.

After entering the pavilion, Win Sue sent the servant away before reaching out to Zongjiu to "show me your pearl."
Zong Jiu turned the palm of his hand, but it was not a stone bead, but two stones with the same size and texture, but one of them was obviously smooth and many of them knew that it was often played with in his hand.
The surface layer is not very smooth. The other one was given to Zongjiu by Cui Xin. The surface layer is as smooth as a mirror, so I don’t know where Zongjiu got it. Hu Yingxue can’t help but feel ashamed. She is not only incompetent as a grandmaster and master, but also incompetent.
Zong Jiu made no secret of seeing everyone’s eyes fixed on another stone bead and said, "I am a widowed foster mother. When she died, her foster mother said that my baby’s quilt was made of brocade, but there was a word that said’ Zong Jiu’ and a stone bead. She also said that I was placed at her door in the shade, so I felt that my biological parents should have abandoned me because of necessity."
Win Sue took two stone beads and looked at them for a few times, then returned them to Zong Jiu. "I’m sure both stone beads are from Penglai Island."
Penglai Island said that it is not a dry world, but a mixed world, where Penglai Xianzong Xiaopenglai belongs to the clan. Without this background, it is not very popular in the dry world, and it is impossible for Xiaopenglai to rank among the clans.
Unlike the little Penglai in the Ganyuan world, the immortal Sect of Penglai is truly a big Sect in the mixed Yuan world, and it is an ancient relic Sect. Because it has never accepted a female brother, it does not prohibit his disciples from looking for a Taoist couple, which has a special position in various sects
Many people are born in Penglai Daolv Rong, but not everyone can be a humanitarian partner in Penglai Gate. In Daolv, people choose Penglai Xianzong to make rules, which are criticized. The second door is still the second door. My brother will never allow the practitioner to form a partner with the demon family, so he is forced to fly away. There are many lovers.
Thinking of these wins, Su frowned and continued, "If your mother is a master of Penglai and your father doesn’t meet Penglai’s mate selection criteria, then your mother will probably have to abandon you to protect your life."
Zong Jiu’s eyes flashed. "To save my life?"
I noticed that Zhong Tong, who was sitting next to Ying Su, touched Ba and looked at Zong Jiu’s eyes flashing. Wan Wenbin’s eyebrows moved. "Zhong Tong, there are no outsiders here. You have something to say."
"That’s true, so I’ll ask you directly." Zhong Tong let go and still fixed his eyes on Zong Jiushen. "Is there a birthmark with a light blue leaf shape on your chest?"
Zong Jiu was slightly stunned. "I do have a mark on my chest, but I don’t know if it is a birthmark. Dan was very light before it broke into a baby, but it became clear after it broke into a baby. Not only was the shape like a leaf, but even the texture of the leaf was very clear, so I guess it should be my parents or mother. I will recognize it in the future."
Ying Su looked at Zong Jiu and asked Zhong Tong, "You don’t know this little story, do you?"
"I don’t know his life experience" once again, my eyes fell on Zong Jiushen’s child’s face, which was a little dignified. "I can guess how many kinds of this little boy will be deliberately abandoned to ordinary people."
Zong Jiu got up and gave a ceremony to Zhong Tong, "Please ask the elder to speak."
Zhong Tong sighed, "If you don’t ask me, I will tell you about it. I think Hu Shimei is a close friend. You are her great-disciple. It’s natural to maintain something. As you grow up, you will get more and more enchanting. You can’t hide it if you want it. You can do more countermeasures if you know it early."
"Demon spirit? !” Zong Jiu was a little dumbfounded. He lived for more than a hundred years and didn’t know he was not a human being.
"Zongjiu, have you found anything unusual about yourself?" After listening to the fairy tale, Hu Yingxue carefully looked at the smell of Zong Jiushen, and the color in his eyes immediately increased. It should be too familiar. The smell of Heizong Jiushen has changed, and none of them close to them actually found it.
Zong Jiu frowned and thought, "There are probably some abnormal places where meditation practice has not grown in recent years, but the growth rate is much faster than before."
Hu Yingxue listened to Wei Zhe’s comments that his three disciples, Su Yi, the eldest, were very strict in their work, and Min Shao, the second, was persistent in his work. Old Zong Jiu was alone in his practice, and he was lazy and difficult to train. Some people watched Zong Jiu practice, but that’s how he cultivated two senior brothers who were slightly weaker than three years old and slightly longer than him.
Eyes flashing Hu Yingxue looked at Zhong Tong. "Brother Cang Shuozong of Zhong Tong has a habit of setting a ban on his younger brother to increase the difficulty of cultivation, so it can be confirmed that Zong Jiushen has no other restrictions. If no one finds him abnormal before Zong Jiuyao Ling?"
When Zhong Tong answered the question, people had to sigh that there was no same-sex love in the world. It was surprising that there was a same-sex demon monk to continue the blood and create a kind of Kirin spiritual plant, which had to suffer from the pregnancy in October. One person released a drop of Jingxue to give birth to Kirin species, and it would take another ten or a hundred years to harvest a child.
This should sound like a good thing. With Kirin, not only couples of the same sex can have children in common for many years, but couples of the opposite sex can also have their own children in this way, but there is a problem that children born normally are naturally abnormal.
This kind of children are born with evil spirits, and it is hard to say that they are still moving in the eyes of others. Whether they are swallowed directly or in a furnace pot, people can benefit a lot. It is conceivable that if there is no strong background, the fate of such children will be disastrous.
Although there are cruel parents, most parents don’t have the heart to let their daughters be doomed to many disasters. Moreover, those who practice hard can stay together for a long time. Most people don’t care much about the issue of heirs, and there are few people who continue their blood in this way.
However, not all children born from Kirin are doomed. If their parents are of the same race, they will be born and die like ordinary people, and will not leave their physique to future generations. At most, there will be a few more talented talents in the future generations.
After going through a life and death, the soul of the essence and blood will have a complete soul and can enter the reincarnation. Some people have sent their children to ordinary families to experience life and death, and then they will find them and raise them after their reincarnation. If this is the case, someone who took him into the path will definitely be stopped. It should not be.
Although Zhong Tong’s words are surprising, it is not difficult to accept that it is impossible to determine the truth by guessing, but one thing is certain that no matter what the purpose of sending Shi Zhuren by Petboy’s hand is, Zong Jiu will have trouble, but it will not be less.
After Zhong Tong finished asking Hu Yingxue, she wanted to ask the question "What is the significance of winning Brother Su’s stone ball to Penglai Xianzong people?"
Win Sue replied, "Polishing stone beads has a bay in Penglai Island. It is necessary to cultivate Penglai Xianzong from an early age. Generally speaking, children who have never practiced are elected to the court. The first thing to do is to choose a stone from that bay and polish it into stone beads.
It is said that the younger brother who wants to wake up here is a stone even after some polishing if it is not cultivated by the clan. Because that kind of stone comes out of Penglai Island, it gradually becomes a token. Penglai disciples are particularly concerned about their identity, and important friends or devoted talents will be lucky enough to get stone beads from them.
Hu Yingxue looked at Zongjiu’s eyes. "There was a note and a stone bead in its infancy, so it can be inferred that at least one of Zongjiu’s parents is a Penglai master, but it is not easy to speculate whether he left him in front of an ordinary person to finish his life as an ordinary person or for other reasons. So it is not easy to speculate that someone deliberately sent a stone bead to Zongjiu’s hand, and it is also possible to speculate whether to let him be careful about Penglai Xianzong or to lead him to investigate his life experience from Penglai Xianzong."
The life experience of Zong Jiu is foggy, and he is not a man who wants to be white. He suddenly finds himself a demon spirit or a mobile tonic Dan and an extremely furnace tripod. However, he is open-minded by nature and cannot say that there is no pressure, but he can’t reach the degree of pressure multiplication.
I have read all the words I have just heard in my mind. Zong Jiu’s eyes swept across the palm of my hand and two stone beads smiled indifferently. "No matter what the other party’s goals and actions are, they will definitely show their tails. If they are malicious to me, my sword has always been sharp and I can eat anything at home, but I won’t suffer."
Zhong Tong clapped his hands. "I love to hear the phrase’ you can eat anything without losing money’" He said, and handed it to Zong Jiu. "You should not let people find that you are abnormal until your demon breath is revealed. What you can do is to be more careful and stick to the soaring world. It is a blessing and a curse. Now you can get rid of the demon identity and achieve immortality because of your demon life experience."
Zong Jiu didn’t mention it. He stretched out his hand and took Huan Pei’s bow to salute. "Before practicing Zong Jiu, he was generally lazy."
At this time, a waiter said outside that "we are going to have a private banquet for you to have a drink."
People who can be called positions in Lotte City are now invited by Ji Qian, Hu Yingxue and others. Although it is said that it is a private banquet, everyone will change it. Most of them will wear ornaments on formal occasions before going to the main house for dinner.
When I arrived at the place, I found Cangshuo and Qingyun were also in other numbers, which were familiar or unfamiliar. In the rest of the Mahayana period, all the heroes Cangshuo Sect and Qingyun Master occupied a large area. Even if they were dissatisfied with Cangshuo Sect and Qingyun Gate, few of them dared to speak out.
Actually, it’s a drink. To put it bluntly, the Mahayana period is given to people who behave well in the underground robbery. It’s not for nothing to listen to other people’s ideas and feel about themselves. It will also help. The banquet is one or six days, and everyone still hasn’t enjoyed it.
Instead of Ji Qian, Cheng Ganyuan, the host of the world will have to stop at the party. When Hu Yingxue comes out of the main house, she hears someone talking about it.
Du Yujie, a little Penglai, was stripped naked and hung on a column in the square. She wrote a lot of rags. Although the position of the column was quite biased, it was verified by several people. What the rags wrote was actually true. The little Penglai Baomian has announced that it will be expelled from the family.
Hearing this, Hu Yingxue thought of Petboy, and soon she heard someone say that Petboy generously admitted that it was the person who stripped the cloth and hung it on the column, but the rotten cloth was not her. Petboy said that her original intention was to humiliate the design, and she almost got into big trouble. The former teacher elder sister didn’t expect someone to be more malicious than her.
Expulsion is different from self-expulsion. Even if it’s a smelly name, Petboy stands up and says that she is happy to live like this. Du Yujie will not be able to hang the label of expulsion unless she goes to a place where she will never know her past. Otherwise, she won’t want to look up and find Du Yujie’s body in the bay two days ago. Many people say that she is dirty. There is no one who sympathizes with her in that good place.
Back at the entrance of the couch pavilion, a little girl with a double bun ran to Hu Yingxue with a small basket more than a foot high. "This is my mother’s picking flowers and asking for an intermediate lingshi."
Some people want to ridicule the little girl, and they want to change a piece of intermediate lingshi to see clearly the big white flower in the basket. If they want to export ridicule, they choke in their throat and swallow their saliva hard. When they look at Hu Yingxue, they are somewhat jealous.
Eating the white flower name alone can make people who have already shown their old age rejuvenate, and adding a few flavors of spiritual plants can make people pay attention to Yan Dan. Some male practitioners are eager for this kind of order, but an intermediate spiritual stone is not only inexpensive, but also too cheap.
Hu Yingxue’s secret house has hundreds of beautiful flowers, but she decided to buy this one in the little girl’s hand, took out a bag and handed it to the little girl "take this to your mother"
The little girl didn’t dare to reach out and meet her face with some hesitation, and then she seemed to get something. She took the bag in Hu Yingxue’s hand with her eyes bent. "Thank you," then she turned and pattered away.
Hu Yingxue followed the little girl to "see" until she ran out of her horizon and then turned into an alley with a cloak wrapped around her. The man stretched out his hand and pulled the little girl into the cloak, and then they disappeared in a white light.
Carrying a small basket to the pavilion, Hu Yingxue picked up the white flower and looked at it for a while. On a bottom leaf, he found a few lines of fine print:’ Du Yujie didn’t commit suicide, but was killed by someone searching for her soul. The person who killed Du Yujie is looking for the stone bead. It seems that the news is that you have given me a hand in the teahouse. I hope I will never see you again.’
After reading a few lines of fine print, Hu Yingxue put away the smiling face and seemed to be very satisfied with the white group flower. "What a confusing thing. I wonder if this game is for Zongjiu or for more people?"
Mu Tianxuan is also a smiling voice and answered, "Zong Jiu’s words were very good. We can’t suffer anyway."
Hu Yingxue cocked his head and corners of his mouth just raised his voice. "I like the saying that I can eat anything but not suffer."
Passing by, the maid secretly glanced at her eyes, then turned her head with red ears, and told people that Mu Tianxuan didn’t know what to say to make Hu Yingxue laugh so sweetly.
This almost made Hu Yingxue laugh when she was drinking tea. That’s not her style, okay?
A little girl selling flowers in front of a forest outside the city handed the bag in her hand to Petboy Petboy, and looked at the corners of her mouth in the bag. "I knew this deal would not be lost."
"I …"
Petboy stretched out his hand and played the little girl’s forehead. "After I let you call me Niang, you have to call me Niang. My name is Petboy, and you will be called Cui Luoer from now on." Seeing the little girl immediately became tearful and giggled. "Let’s go find a place to be a hermit and remember what we can live. We have our own decisions."
"Niang Luo Er remembers"
Chapter 274 Deliberately? Don’t give a chance yet