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Punishment is really like narrowing your eyes and putting your left hand behind you.

The shadow approached his front five feet and stopped. He was dressed in a black night suit and stood out in the white snow. A wide-brimmed hat blocked his whole face in the dark and made people look unreal.
Punishment is really like a laugh with a slight irony. "You are really careful to dress up as a thief in the back of your house."
The man in black snorted, "Be careful of the big mistake, especially at this hour. What did you call me here for?" His voice is low and hoarse, which is obviously disguised.
"The first thing to wake you up is that Pan Hui seems to have noticed something. Someone in Changxuan has contacted me. Recently, you and I don’t want to meet again. Your identity is exposed."
The black dress person was a little flustered when he heard the words. "I told you not to provoke Pan Hui. That woman’s mind has never even touched you. Approaching her so rashly will inevitably arouse her vigilance and suspicion!"
"Ha ha ….." Punishment really like laughing otherwise "good! I let Pan Hui off the hook, but do you still want to deal with that man? The only flaw I know about that man is Pan Hui … You have to think about it … Who am I doing this? "
He blinked, and his smile became deeper and deeper, but he also made public a few minutes.
The man in black was suddenly silent, and then he heard the punishment as if he had said, "That man was designed by you for ten years from Changxuan. In these ten years, he never resigned himself and never gave up seeking the truth. What do you think he would do if one day he knew that you had framed him? ! Ha ha! Nowadays, he is no longer the big brother Chang Xuan who was as elegant as a fairy and open-minded as before. Do you think he will let you go? "
"Hum, if he doesn’t want to accept his fate, he has to accept it!" The black man’s hands have clenched the back of his hand, and the veins stood out suddenly and violently because of anger, and the sound is also a little cold. "I could get him out of Changxuan in the past, and now I can make him fall through the abyss!"
Punishment is really like reaching out and clapping your hands, which is an affirmation of the rhetoric of the other party. He applauded and said, "In that case, do you still insist that I let Pan Hui go?"
Men in black just a thoughtfully finally chose to give up "no! A great man is nothing but a woman. "
He said this, but he didn’t see the punishment. When he heard this sentence, there was a dull flash in his eyes. He looked up slightly at the punishment. It was like his lips and Ba finally emerged from the shadow of the brim. "What else?"
"oh! It’s not a big deal, just please help me sneak this thing into Pan Hui’s room and give it to her. "Punishment is really like stretching out the chalcedony in the palm of your right hand in the moonlight.
Black dress person looking at punishment is really like the cynical smile at the corner of his mouth. "You just said that you told me to be careful not to be noticed by her, and now you told me to go to such an affair! You are simply … "
"I’m not familiar with the terrain of Changxuan, so I’ll give it to you as an acquaintance." Punishment is really like a sly smile in my eyes. "Or I can go by myself, but I can’t guarantee that no one will find out if I’m caught. Do you think I’ll be very loyal to you? !”
The strength of the oncoming punishment is really like dodging a smile. "You might as well think about it as sneaking into Pan Hui’s room if you have the strength to fight here."
"Pan Huili has lived in seclusion for a long time and there are many people in the temple. It’s easy to talk about it without being discovered!" The black dress person even made several moves and found that he had never even met the punishment as true as a sleeve, so he had to stop and feel quite stuffy in his heart.
Punishment is really like a leisurely dress. Regan never cluttered his sleeves and sighed, "This is your business, and I just want to take this opportunity to see your strength. If you can’t even do this little thing, I can consider finding another alliance."
"You …" The black dress person blocked his chest in one breath, and it took him a long time to get over it. "Punishment is really like you!"
Chapter 2 Mysterious Shadow (2)
Punishment is really like walking around the swing with a smile and a silence, reaching for the string.
The black dress person’s eyes shifted to the swing as he moved and then gnashed his teeth. "This swing is of course more and more unpleasant!"
"If you don’t like it, then tear it down …" The punishment is really like laughing so lightly that even your eyes become illusory. "Anyway, it will be torn down sooner or later, isn’t it?"
The man in black bowed his head and slowly uttered a word with unusual determination. "I will tear it down myself!" "
Punishment is really like laughing, loosening the string and turning to the mountain. "I’ll go back first and don’t forget what you promised me."
Black dress person looked at him far away figure will eventually condense in the palm of your hand qi dispersed staring at the chalcedony for a long time and took a deep breath for several times before finally restrained the impulse to crush directly and turned to the long porch.
Until the eyes disappeared behind him, the punishment was really like walking for about a mile without trust, and then stopped and coughed up a mouthful of congestion.
He has been forcibly propping up the momentum to prevent the other party from finding himself hurt, otherwise once he is countered by the other party, the initiative will fall into the other party’s hands.
This is something that he absolutely forbid.
Punishment is really like raising my hand at Shoulder Well Point, which forcefully speeds up the pace of gas and blood pressure, leaving Changxuan’s low order. Now, if his injury is not healed, he will not be able to get away easily if he meets Changxuan’s night patrol.
All the way carefully, he avoided two rounds of night patrol on the way. He finally walked out of the Changxuan boundary and entered the cold water mountain where the Fire Palace was located. The punishment was really like taking a breath and feeling a burning pain in his chest. Even the breath exhaled in his voice was seven points hot. He hurriedly found a secret place nearby to meditate and pranayama.
Vulcan wounds have been running in the body for a big week, and the punishment is really like feeling that the body is getting hotter and hotter. The most chest pain runs along the true qi and the major meridians are propped up like bursting, and sweat keeps dripping down the cheeks. In an instant, the whole person is soaked like being fished out of the water.
Punishment is really like a frown, with a few wisps of black gas looming between the eyebrows, not obvious in the moonlight, strong and weak when the whole body is covered with dark red fire.
I don’t know how long it’s been. When he got up again, his body gave off a stronger momentum than before. I don’t know how much he felt the majestic qi and a wicked smile on his mouth. Even his eyes were a little more charming and cold.
He looked up at the moonlight, and saw that the moon was hanging, and it was midnight in the west, so he arranged a shape and walked to the Fire Palace, leaving a piece of charred land braving plumes of black smoke.
One by one, the blackened footprints appeared on the stone route as he walked, and gradually disappeared from deep to shallow.
Punishment is really like walking so fast that I didn’t notice the abnormality behind me. When I walked halfway up the mountain, there were no more black footprints.
Footprints, together with the previous piece of black smoke, disappeared very strangely.
Punishment is really like walking to the front of the hall of the Fire Palace and stopping. He looked at the Kuang Hall and there was a storm brewing in his eyes. He quickly closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths. When he opened them again, his eyes were as calm as a silent lake.
His left hand stretched out in front of him, then held it tightly, as if trying to catch something, but finally he had to let go. There was a moment of confusion and hole in his eyes, and it seemed to be broken, but there was also a moment when a meteor flashed through his eyes.
For a long time, he took back his left hand and took a deep look at the hall. He turned and walked in the direction of Wu balcony.
He has always been very clear that some things can’t be found when you are not fully sure; Some things, even if you like them again, should not be known until you have no ability to protect them from harm, because it is very likely to become a means for others to hurt you! And you can give up what you want!
When he approached the balcony, he saw that his room was already lit, and a figure was printed on the window lattice by candlelight.
Punishment is really like eyes slightly squinting dew yoshimitsu feet is power rushed into the room.
There was a light ring at the door, and Qiao Yin turned her head to look at it with joy. There was already a person at the door in front of her, and her smile just appeared at the corner of her mouth. The man had stretched out his hand and grabbed her by the neck.
Severe pain comes from the neck, and Qiao Yin’s legs stare at each other in the middle of the game, grasping each other’s wrists and opening their mouths, gasping for breath, but still feeling the way to breathe. She can stare at the punishment with wide eyes, just like her whole face is getting pale due to suffocation.
Punishment is true, but she didn’t let go because of her struggle. She continued to appreciate her panic and struggle in her hands, as if a drowning man were like a cruel smile on her face. Her eyes were full of murder and joy, and even her voice was a bit ethereal. "Punishment Qiaoyin, if you really have an old man to protect you, I won’t kill you?" You can try to see if I kill your old man now and make me pay for it! "
Punishment Qiao Yin has been so uncomfortable that he is about to hold his breath, waving his hands and beating the punishment. I really hope he can let himself go.
Maybe it’s enough to appreciate the punishment. It’s like suddenly giving up the punishment. Qiaoyin slipped from her hands and never looked at her again. She lifted her foot and walked over to the room, leaving her alone on the ground to survive.
Punishment Qiao Yin gulped and gasped. Her heart was filled with fear just now. She remembered to make a look just now. She was sure that at that moment, eldest brother really wanted to kill her and threatened absolutely.
She has been rampaging in the Fire Palace since she was born. Today is the first time that she deeply feels that death is approaching. Even when the fire was cured, she never had such fear. Even her pores are emitting fear.
It was not until her breathing finally became smooth that she slowly got up on the foot of the table. She was still immersed in the breath of death and kept shaking. Although she knew that the punishment was really like this, she still felt that there was murder hanging over her, which made her want to escape from the balcony at once.
Just as she moved to the door and reached for the gate, the punishment really came from the room "take your things away!" Don’t let me find you in my room again! "
Punishment Qiao Yin frighten a quivering hurriedly turned back and took the round table that set of tea set to go.
She found this tea set today and gave it to her eldest brother.
She was thinking about how close she could get to sending tea sets, but now she wants to escape as quickly as possible!
Listening to the sound coming from the outside, I felt that the breath of punishment had disappeared. It was like this that I opened my eyes and looked at the black flame in my palm, and my face was dark.
Chapter 29 Mysterious shadows (3)
Although he was always paying attention to the movement of punishment outside, he was already angry. When he found that the silk black gas occasionally appeared in the true qi on Sunday, his heart sank.
Sure enough, it’s still too reluctant.
Yesterday, when the old man said that his Vulcan blood was thin, his heart was really falling into the abyss, but he was not as good as a woman by virtue of his body!
Isn’t punishment Qiao Yin’s fire poison the best proof of Vulcan blood?
If he is not jealous or resentful, it is false. Just now, he really wanted to kill his sister, but he finally stopped because he didn’t want to give in to fate.
If he kills Qiao Yin in this way, he can say that he believes in numerology and the so-called fate is determined by heaven.