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"Let’s eat. Anyway, I’m going out for a trip to buy it again." Xing Feng said and gave his lunch box to Xia Zhu.

Xia Zhu was embarrassed to take it. "Thank you and I’ll treat you to a big meal."
"I’m going to give psychological counseling to a child outside the school. Would you like to go and see it together if you are interested?" Xing Feng suddenly made an invitation.
Xia Zhu is a little surprised. This teacher Xing is the object of many girls’ pursuit. She really doesn’t want to get herself into trouble, so it’s better to keep her distance.
Was about to refuse Xing Feng’s cell phone rang and Xia Zhu waited for a while.
"Hello" Xing Feng answered. I don’t know what the other party said. Xing Feng’s face suddenly changed and he was worried. "How can it be gone? He’s only six years old, and he’s not good at expressing himself. It’s dangerous. Madoff asked some people to go out and look for him. "
Hung up the words Xia Zhu see his impatience hurriedly asked "what’s the matter? Do you want to go to the heart to guide the child to disappear? "
"Yes, this child saw his mother killed with his own eyes some time ago, and he was traumatized. He hasn’t spoken for many days, and his mood has been tense. He refused to sleep at night. His friend asked me for help. This hasn’t happened yet, and he has disappeared." Xing Fenghai is worried.
"Have children photos? I’ll accompany you to find "Xia Zhu is also a warm-hearted person. Although I’ve never met before, I’m also a poor person.
"Go" Xing Feng let Xia Zhu sit in the back seat of his bike and leave the campus together.
When he got off campus, Xing Feng parked his bike at the door of a store and took out his car keys. Xia Zhu was one leng. It turned out that he also had a nice luxury car and stopped off campus.
After getting out of the car, Xing Feng is considerate to let Xia Zhuxian eat breakfast, otherwise he won’t have the physical strength to help find a child for a while.
I was a little surprised to open the lunch box, Xiazhu. It was a very delicate lunch with sushi and rice balls neatly placed inside and a bag of milk next to it.
"It’s not particularly funny to do a little craft casually," said Xing Feng.
"It’s already very good." Xia Zhu praised the sentence, and there was no lady image. He ate a little, but left some for Xing Feng.
"I’m full. I hope I don’t dislike my leftovers and make sure I’m clean without saliva." Xia Zhu said seriously.
Xing Feng didn’t know for a moment that if Xia Zhu answered well, he directly entered a topic "Where is the boy photo?"
Xing Feng handed him his mobile phone, and Xia Zhu quickly found the child. The photo is a very cute little boy with a special sunshine smile.
I’m afraid he’ll never see such a beautiful smile on his face again.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-five Smell at sixes and sevens
The street is still very cold in the morning, and Xia Zhu has been paying attention to the window, hoping to be lucky enough to see that lonely figure.
"The child should not go far or go to the place where he has been with his mother according to his memory," Xing Feng analyzed.
Xia Zhu thought what he said made sense, so they rushed to the little boy’s house and called his family at the same time.
Fortunately, the child found it soon, near their community, Little Square, which is said to be the place where his mother often takes him to play.
The child’s father hugged him and cried bitterly. He said that the child is his life now. If anything happens to the child, it is meaningless for him to live.
It’s almost midnight when they all return to the boy’s house.
Xia Zhu looked at him like Xing Feng’s assistant at the moment, especially gentle, and the little boy talked. The whole process was almost said by him alone, and many things were urgent.
I didn’t get into the topic until the chat ended.
"When my brother is well, he will come to see you every day. Let’s make a secret signal," said Xing Feng, taking out a lollipop from his pocket. "After that, I will bring you a lollipop every day. Can you also give me something every day? Anything is ok. "
The child stared at the lollipop and seemed indifferent.
Xing Feng looked at his eyes and pointed to the desk where the little boy scribbled a picture. "Can you send me a pair of your paintings every day? My brother especially likes it. "
The little boy turned to look at the table, and Xia Zhu was surprised. This was the first move the little boy made in nearly an hour.
"Give the picture to my brother is loathe to give up? Because the painting is so good, "Xing Feng emphasized it again.
The little boy kept staring at the table and seemed to remember something. Xing Feng suddenly blocked his eyes and said with a smile, "Brother decided not to be forced, so just give him a hug."
The little boy took the initiative to hug Xing Feng without moving, then put the lollipop in his hand, got up and waved goodbye to him.
When he came out, the little boy’s father asked the child about his illness, and Xing Feng asked him to pay attention to what the child drew when he scribbled again, and he had better take pictures and send them to him.
Children need psychological counseling, but they can’t be eager for success. It needs a process.
When Xing Feng took a look at the way back to school, "Do you have classes in the afternoon?"
"noon?" Xia Zhu blinked. It seems that there is a big class this afternoon. "I’m going to be late after it."
"I’m sorry I delayed you," said Xing Feng apologetically.
"Without me, I have benefited a lot." I don’t know what Xia Zhu and Xing Feng are not particularly familiar with, but they have a feeling of deja vu.
He is like his big brother who lives in his neighbor’s house coming back from afar.
Back outside the school, Xia Zhu hurried to the car. "Teacher Xing, I’ll go first."
"You ride my bike so that it’s faster." Xing Feng couldn’t help laughing at Xia Zhu’s flustered appearance.
"Good" Xia Zhu didn’t think too much and agreed to ride Xing Feng’s bike straight to the campus.
When she was a child, what she longed for most was to have a bicycle of her own, which was not realized until she grew up.
Later, I borrowed my classmate’s bike and learned to get a bad look. After so many years, I rode my bike again, and I still looked at it, which was not an ordinary bike. I was inexplicably impressed.
Good Xia Zhu didn’t arrive late at last, so he hurried into the classroom and gasped, feeling his heart was about to jump out.
But soon after she and Xing Feng heard all kinds of things, they opened on campus.
After hearing the incredible news, Liu Yao was totally attracted to Xia Zhupei, and she changed from strange to ambiguous in one night.
"Xia Zhu, how did you do it?" Liu Yao is full of worship.
"Don’t listen to their nonsense. Teacher Xing and I don’t have those messy roots, okay?" Xia Zhunai, why do people always like hexagrams so much?