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Zhao Shen is also very interested in finding a chef who can cook Kaifeng dishes to hold a banquet, so that the old imperial clan can’t help crying at the table.

Then everyone cried again.
This scene is really touching, and those officials in the Ministry of Rites are crying.
However, the emperor Zhao Gou never appeared.
Chapter 54 Zhao Gou has a basic judgment on Su Yonglin.
For this banquet, many imperial clan brothers were very much looking forward to seeing the emperor Zhao Gou, but he did not appear in public.
It was not until after the banquet that Zhao Jinnu, Zhao Xu and Zhao Qi were informed by the court eunuch to go to the palace to see the emperor Zhao Gou.
Zhao Gou saw these three adults older than him.
An elder sister and two older brothers, he is quite impressed and can vaguely remember their outlines.
Zhao Jinnu and other three people came to the palace with excitement and anxiety, and finally met Zhao Gou, the emperor’s brother who had been away for more than 30 years.
But they don’t know that Zhao Gou’s heart doesn’t matter if they live or die.
It’s better to say that they are all dead. It’s better for him to save money.
Of course, all this is not without roots.
Zhao Gou’s biological mother, Webster’s Zhao Ji, is not favored because of her humble background, so she can’t get extra irrigation from Zhao Ji. Unlike Zhao Gou, many of her brothers have half brothers and sisters.
Before being captured, Zhao Gou’s position in the palace was not very high. It can be said that he was a little isolated. His brothers and sisters made friends with each other, but Zhao Gou did not get their favor
When the Jin people asked Zhao Huan to send a prince’s envoy to the Golden Camp to cede land, Zhao Huan chose Zhao Gou, who ranked ninth in birth, and Zhao Gou was sent to the Golden Camp twice.
At that time, when the prince was sent to the Golden Camp to cede territory, he was taken hostage and sacrificed. It is likely that he will never come back because he may be insulted and killed. Everyone knows this clearly.
So who wants to go to that dragon pool and tiger cave like a golden camp?
Zhao Huan chose Zhao Gou among dozens of brothers and huge clan brothers, which seems to prove Zhao Gou’s embarrassing and isolated situation at that time.
He sacrificed the whole Zhao and Song royal family.
In saying whether Zhao Gou volunteered or not, he righteously said to Zhao Huan, "If you have the chance, you can attack 8 Jin J and don’t care if he lives or dies." Perhaps this is really unknown.
But can Zhao Gou, who has experienced such an incident, have any extra enthusiasm for those brothers and sisters who did not lend him a helping hand and watched him run to the Dragon Pool and Tiger Cave?
Up to now, it is even more indifferent, because it is necessary to pretend to appease people’s minds.
For sixty-year-old Zhao Jinnu and fifty-year-old Zhao Xu and Zhao Qi, he showed a pair of sadness and moved, and when he saw the three people coming from afar, he took the lead in shedding tears and went to the three people to care for each other.
The three men have been away from politics for a long time, and the infighting in the court has long since disappeared, leaving a broken body and soul.
See the face of the old Zhao Gou, tears streaming down her face. They just burst into tears. On the spot, four elderly people gathered together and wept bitterly, even afraid to persuade the eunuchs around them to go forward.
Finally, the tears dried up. Zhao Gou took his old brother and sister to sit down and give them tea. He asked them to be caring and attentive and asked them about the wind, frost, rain and snow over the years.
How did Zhao Ji die? What was the last moment of his life?
How did Zhao Huan die? What was the last moment of his life?
What they know is how the brothers and sisters died, how they were treated cruelly and so on.
With the three people’s painful self-report that Rao is Zhao Gou’s years of experience, the human mood can’t help but fluctuate
But it’s just a little fluctuation
Because when Zhao Gou was sent by Zhao Huan to be an emissary of land division, no one came out to speak in Zhao Gou. Outside the palace, he was surprisingly isolated except his mother Webster.
In addition to the slightest fluctuation, Zhao Gou still has a little bit of electrocuting pleasure.
They deserve to be guaranteed. They have suffered for more than thirty years.
He was supposed to be sacrificed, but he was emperor for more than 30 years by mistake.
Fate! Fate!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
If there is no one here, Zhao Gou would like to enlarge and laugh until he is hoarse!
Unfortunately, there are outsiders here.
Of course, Zhao Gou summoned the three of them not only to listen to them crying, but also enough for this topic of nutrition to last for a while. Is it more interesting to pick up Zhao Gou or are they all familiar with the Guangfu Army?
Knowing that they all met Su Yonglin, Zhao Gou immediately became interested and asked them questions about Su Yonglin.
Zhao Jinnu three people suddenly feel that Zhao Gou seems to be more interested in Su Yonglin than their relatives?
"General Su is very young, handsome and tall, but we can’t feel that he is the commander of thousands of troops. When we first met him, we all felt that he was a noble man rather than a general of the Guangfu Army."
Zhao Jinnu honestly told Zhao Gou his first impression of Su Yonglin.
"Young? Junxiu? "
Zhao Gou frowned.
In his impression, he felt that Su Yonglin’s plotting abruptly pushed back 8 Jin Jun’s fierce man, not to mention the superhuman powers, but also the kind of leopard-headed and eye-catching King Kong beard with five big and three thick backs.
As a result, the other person actually looks like a noble male?
Zhao Xu and Zhao Qi also gave the same answer. They also felt that Su Yonglin didn’t look like a middleman, but insisted on talking, perhaps compared with Di Qing, a famous Song Dynasty star.
Di Qing is particularly handsome, but the war is particularly fierce. After Zhao Jinnu checked in, all three of them thought Su Yonglin and Di Qing were very similar.
However, it seems to Zhao Gou that a figure like Di Qing is rare in a hundred years, and no one has ever said that Di Qing was born in an extraordinary way.
Su Yonglin shouldn’t have been born in a rough place, and he is likely to have been born in a Xiangmen family and received a good education.
Zhao Gou had a basic judgment on Su Yonglin.
Then he went on asking Su Yonglin questions, asking him words, asking others, asking all Zhao Jinnu and others to know, and asking them until late at night.
Since then, Zhao Gou has never seen Zhao Jinnu and other brothers from the southern imperial clan.
They were treated differently by officials of the Ministry of Rites according to certain treatment, including prince treatment and small official treatment.
The place of residence is also very different. The top few people have a big house to live in, and the living conditions are very good. Some people can live in a small door, and even their living conditions in the Golden State are not as good as theirs.
There are still many women of marriageable age who have been arbitrarily decided to get married immediately and will be sent to others’ homes after they have not even realized the style of Lin’ an.
Most of the imperial clan brothers were not treated well as expected, but were manipulated by officials of the Ministry of Rites like objects, which made them dissatisfied, but they were rejected when they wanted to see Zhao Gou’s request.
And even if Zhao Gou knew about these things, he would not let the officials of the Ministry of Rites intensify their efforts to minimize the financial problems brought about by the return of these imperial brothers.
He doesn’t have that much spare money to keep idle people.
Because his money has a very important place to go.
Chen Kangbo brought another important negotiation result.
The Guangfu Army intends to include Kaifeng’s entire Nanjing Road land in the Southern Song Dynasty in exchange for a large amount of strategic materials such as money and food to maintain its own war needs.
Chen Kangbo North’s main purpose is to discuss a problem with the Guangfu Army. If an agreement can be reached, they will really win, regardless of their title and salary.
However, the Guangfu Army did not talk to them about this issue, or they did not come to inquire about the rule will of the Guangfu Army, so it was a big problem that the Guangfu Army blocked.
Kaifeng and Nanjing Road are equivalent to more than half of Henan. Do you want it?
If so, how much will it cost?
This problem was not discussed publicly at first after Chen Kangbo brought it back, but was discussed by Zaifu team office.
Both the Zaifu team and Zhao Gou people have a strong sense of sight on this issue, and they can’t help but begin to recall historical stories.
Chapter 541 Zhao Gou has entered the comfort zone.
In the second year of Xuanhe in the Northern Song Dynasty, Song Huizong made a sad wish for the Jin State to form a maritime alliance in order to complete the occupation of sixteen prefectures in the Song Dynasty.