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South China Sea Dragon Palace brocade scale casually devours a pair of eyes in front of a shrimp soldier, overlooking Fang Xu. "Break the long river of fate, clear the clouds, and I must find the trace of Hongjun before Aole that bitch. Locking the demon tower has now become the decisive key. Who can devour the two old loaches in the tower and who is the strongest in heaven and earth will reproduce the great power of the ancestors?"

"Can all the detectives report back?" Brocade scales look to the side of quasi Long Jun.
"Report back to Long Jun, according to the news, and tell him that not only did we search for Hung Jun, but also searched for Hung Jun on that dry day."
"Dry day?" Jin Lin’s eyes showed thoughtful color. "The ghost Lord lifted a stone and hit his own foot, which made Gantiancheng disaster out of control! I didn’t expect this fellow to want to hit your feet in the dry day. This dry day is a good means! If you have the opportunity, you will never mind sending Hongjun to the west. You must do it before the day. Keep an eye on the dry day and don’t give it a chance. "
"Yes," Long Jun heard a respectful ceremony and immediately turned around and went back out …
Chapter 2153 Lack of virtue will make it difficult.
Just after returning to heaven on a dry day, I was in trouble, not ordinary trouble, but great trouble.
You see me, I see you are too aggressive in teaching your ancestors, saying, "God, this man has gradually become a big trend now, but he can’t be tolerated any longer. We should cut off the foundation by drastic measures."
"It’s better to send him to reincarnation." The Taiping ancestor smiled coldly. "The balance of yin and yang in the world is the fairy’s suppression of dry days. Although it proves the imperial avenue, it is just a quasi-fairy. How can you balance yin and yang? If you want to pacify Yin and Yang, you need reincarnation after 129,600 doom. "
"fellow ~ ~ ~"
After listening to the words of the Taiping ancestor, the ancestors suddenly gasped. Isn’t the fate of 129.6 million saying that this fellow will return to France forever? Sink in eternal reincarnation?
Thousands of years of reincarnation are enough to erase the dry days, and the innate light is immortal. My name is eternal reincarnation.
"It’s really your Taiping Dao brother’s deity, and it’s also your Taiping Dao. It’s natural to have your Taiping Dao cut off." It’s unexpected that Tai Yi’s ancestor’s eyelids jumped. "To tell the truth, it’s true that it’s a reincarnation of keeping the truth in the dry sky."
"Before it’s too late, let’s go and send the demon race back to life together. This fellow is more than a loser. My Terran has suffered many times. This person has nothing to do with the catastrophe of the Terran in those days. If this person hadn’t colluded with the demon god and given the demon race a chance to intervene in my Terran and China, how could my Terran end up like this?" The ancestor of Taiping angered him and then said, "Now the dry sky is still wandering around the heavens and the earth. It’s really reckless!"
Talking, all the godfathers came to the Lingxiao Hall together, and as soon as the dry day turned around, there was a sudden surge of fear in their hearts. I don’t want to think that I have seen a godfather come together.
Looking at a godfather who came in, he suddenly felt a sudden "it’s time to calculate the general ledger!" Even today is doomed! With my glib tongue, the grandfathers will not leave me alone. "
"I’m sorry that I’m too far away to meet you, sir." Dry days never got up and had a presentiment that their doom would tear their faces, so how could they continue to be so hypocritical today?
Listening to the dry talk, many ancestors glanced at Lingxiao Hall and said, "A group of gods?"
"You" sounded in all directions, and then I saw a series of bright divine arrival. The halls of Lingxiao knelt down and saluted the ancestors.
"I’ve seen my godfather!"
"Get up, everyone." The ancestor of Taiping told a group of gods to keep their orders in order and then looked at the dry sky. "Should the ancestor tell you to dry the sky or keep it true?"
"Is there a difference?" In the dry, heavenly heart, I was anxious to look at the appearance in front of me and secretly said, "I don’t know if the jade bodhi old zu has not come yet."
Yu Jing shan zhong
Jade bodhi old zu is not blind to see the movement naturally.
"This old guy now aggressive frame not small! I want to come to the real thing! " Jade bodhi old zu scratched his head "bodhi old zu, I’m looking for hung-chun now, but I don’t want to get involved in this junk of Terran, and this fellow is too restless and I can’t come forward …"
Jade bodhi old zu is a little difficult at this time. In those days, Jade Duxiu told herself to protect the dry sky. Now the jade bodhi old zu is too playful, but he is too lazy to pay attention to the dry sky.
When I was tangled, suddenly a light cut across the sky and fell into the hands of the jade bodhi old zu.
Looking at the old ancestors who are familiar with Fu Yin jade in their hands, they are one leng and then suddenly surprised. "I rely on this little talent reincarnation to restore my memory. Is this fellow illegitimate? This is unreasonable! "
"Do you know the way to balance Yin and Yang in dry days?" Taiping ancestor looked at the dry sky.
"I also know how to practice naturally!" Dry day expression way
"Now the Queen Mother’s wonderful jade has become an immortal, and you are still a quasi-immortal. Yin and Yang are out of balance, and the fear of virtue is not enough to shock the masculine law of heaven and earth!" Taiping jiaozu unhurried way
"Is the ancestor knowledgeable?" Looking at Taiping’s godfather in dry days
"It’s better to go into reincarnation once, and it takes 129.6 million fates to gather the yin force of the wonderful jade immortal, and then reconcile the law of balance between yin and yang, which is conducive to the world’s operation."
"Taiping million years have passed, but I didn’t expect you to be as good as that, and you haven’t made any progress all day."
"In ancient times, I don’t want to talk more about reincarnation." Taiping’s ancestor sighed gently and his eyes were full of compassion. "Alas, I pity you for your hard-won certificate of imperial law, but it ended."
"I am a 99-year-old orthodoxy of heaven and earth. How can I be reincarnated because of your words?" Dry days shook their heads, and their eyes were full of ridicule. "I put my trust in the gods, but how can I be strong?"
"It’s not the abolition of your throne, but the pursuit of virtue. Nowadays, it’s even difficult to call the hearts of all beings in heaven, and please pursue reincarnation." Tai Yuan’s ancestor also came out at this time
"What if I say no?" It’s really refreshing in dry weather.
"no? Do you dare to disobey our golden decree? Are you tired of living and don’t want to live? " Grandfather Taiyi’s eyes flashed with cold light. "Don’t make me wait!"
"I’m now Emperor Avenue Xiaocheng was about to ask a few ancestors for advice." The dry sky roared slowly and got up, only to see the law of heaven and earth turbulent at this time. The dry sky formed a imitation of the dragon robe and clothes, and the resonance on the top of the head was constantly intertwined and circulated, forming a crown. There is a road arch, and it is awesome and majestic.
"The Imperial Avenue is really mysterious". The turtle shell in the hands of Tai Yi’s ancestor keeps flowing, and the long river of fate is twisted in his eyes, looking at the fruit of Gan Tiandao.
Seeing the palm of your hand stretch out in the dry day, the sword slowly condenses to form the sword, and the sun, the moon and the stars arch down the rivers, lakes and seas, and the order is dignified and tidy.
"I’ve never moved a real force since I came to the Imperial Avenue. In those days, you and I never had an ancient grudge, but today we’re about to learn from our ancestors." On a dry day, a pair of eyes looked at the Taiping ancestor intensely.
"In ancient times, you were also a quasi-ancestor, and you can strike reincarnation now! In my eyes, the quasi-fairy is the quasi-fairy. It doesn’t matter what the law is! " With a sigh, the ancestor of Taiping gently stretched out a roll of imperial pictures and was taken in his hand. "Let’s show you the great gap between being a fairy and being above the strong."
The words of "I am the heavenly sword" fell into the hands of the divine light brewing hundreds of millions of people’s thoughts, and some of them were slowly mobilized to bless the heavenly sword and cut it towards the Taiping ancestor.