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Knowing that Yun Fan came here, Hou Liangdao said, "The title of’ outstanding youth’ is indeed qualified to buy D-class mecha. The purchase price of D-class mecha is 10 million federal dollars. However, D-class mecha already belongs to the’ middle class’ and can only be bought and sold by the military. I will give you a referral and go to the military to find the head of the military to buy it."

Mecha grades from low to high are F, E, D, C, B, A, S, SS, SSS, and S-class special mechs and S-class ordinary mechs.
Among the six levels of ordinary mecha, F and E-level low-order mecha D, C-level medium-order mecha B and A-level high-order mecha have different access channels.
Low-order mecha can be obtained in various competitions, and can also be purchased by city political centers. High-order mechs can be purchased by city military departments, but they need to be purchased by military headquarters in the earth area.
Ordinary people know the difference between the mecha model and grade. Many specific news are not clear. Yun Fan didn’t know today that the original D-class mecha needed to go to the military to buy it.
Hou Liang signed a recommendation for Yun Fan to let Yun Fan go to the army to find the director of the mecha division.
The administrative department and the military department are two major components of the federal government, and they do not interfere with each other. Most people have access to the administrative department on weekdays and know little about the military department.
Knowing that the battle of human gene life mainly depends on the military department is not accessible to ordinary people.
There are military strongholds in the east, south, west and north of Yuecheng, and the highest command department is located in the north of the city.
The north of the city is connected with the Yangtze River, and sometimes advanced genetic monsters will emerge from the river to attack the city. The north of the city is the most important defense point, and the highest department of Yuecheng Military Department is naturally located at this moment to protect Yuecheng ‘an.
Yuecheng, Yun Fan, was introduced by a famous person and a municipal center master. He smoothly entered Yuecheng Military Department and met the director of the Mecha Division’ Wan Hongjia’.
Wan Hongjia was about 40 years old, with a short and thick beard and a very strong volume. He was nearly 1.9 meters tall
Yun Fan nodded slightly to Wan Hongjia. "Director Wan Yun Fan and Hou Liang introduced …!"
Wan Hongjia’s hand interrupted Yun Fan’s words, "You don’t have to introduce your name Yuecheng, but the other day, two big families, Cui and Mu, were shocked. Who else in Yuecheng doesn’t know you, the new Yuecheng Boxing Head?"
Yun Fan ha ha smiled. "Is it okay for me to buy a D-class mecha?"
Wan Hongjia said, "The actual purchase of D-class mecha requires military service, but’ outstanding young people’ are eligible to buy D-class mecha, which is the policy of the administrative department, and the military can’t sell D-class mecha to you depending on the military.
However, the military may be flexible, and he has to protect human beings according to the rules of the military. It’s a bit unreasonable for a mecha to have a D-class intermediate mecha if he hasn’t even killed a genetic monster, right?
You need to kill 100 level-4 gene monsters, and the mecha will record videos. Only when you personally kill more than 100 level-4 gene monsters will the military sell you the level-D mecha! "
Yun Fan had long expected that there would be new conditions for the military to buy D-class mecha, and this condition was not harsh without military restrictions.
E-class mecha can sweep the five-level gene monster. Yun Fan has an E-class mecha to kill one hundred four-level gene monsters, which is not a problem for Yun Fan.
Yun Fan said, "No problem. I can’t buy a D-class mecha now, but there should be no limit to his equipment, right?"
Wan Hongjia shook his head and said, "The body mecha wants you to have money. You can buy all kinds of equipment except the mecha by the military!"
Yun Fan said, "Well, I need a personal aircraft, a D-class alloy blade and a device that can accommodate personal aircraft. How much does it cost?"
Wan Hongjia said, "Ten million D-class alloy blades for personal aircrafts, ten million personal aircrafts are six meters long and three meters long, so it doesn’t need ten meters of second-order devices to put them.
The second-order device needs thirty-one million, a total of fifty million. Even a family is under pressure to buy this set of equipment. But you, Cui Jia and Mu Jia, knocked seventy million in cash to buy these, which is more than enough. "
It is very dangerous to go out to the city, and it is necessary for personal aircraft. The D-class alloy blade can greatly enhance Yun Fan’s attack power and it is also necessary to be able to display the sword.
The length of a personal aircraft is six meters, and the ring obtained by the mainland is one meter smaller than that of the earth’s first-order device.
The second order is also necessary.
This 50 million can’t be saved.
Di …
Transfer 5 federal dollars from your personal account.
Anyway, it’s from Cui’s family and Mu’s family to win compensation for Yun Fan. It doesn’t hurt to spend fifty million federal dollars, so it went out.
Soon a second-order device arrived in Yun Fan, and the hand looked like a mechanical ring
The earth technology is higher than the dry yuan continent. The refiner does not need refining, just like a bag, but the bag has a special shape and is a mechanical ring.
In the spiritual penetration, there are ten meters long, ten meters wide and six meters high, which is more than enough for a personal aircraft to put in.
Next to the aircraft, there is an alloy blade about one meter long, which reveals the cold light. This is a weapon that can destroy the D-class mecha magic weapon.
D-class mecha strength is equivalent to dry yuan mainland true Dan condition strong earth three flowers gather the top GuWu strong, that is to say, this D-class alloy blade has extremely strong lethality for true Dan condition and three flowers gather the top strong. No wonder it costs ten million federal dollars and the same price as D-class mecha.
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Chapter 5 A Lord has fallen from heaven!
Leaving Yun Fan from Yuecheng Military Department made the aircraft fly into the sky.
The aircraft is an automatic navigation intelligent system, and the operator needs voice to reach the command.
Soon the aircraft flew away from Yuecheng, reaching a speed of one meter and three hundred meters, close to the speed of sound.
Through the glass window, Yun Fan looked at the distant wilderness mountains outside Yuecheng, and there was a sense of excitement in his heart.
The second time I left by aircraft, I went to Gujing to participate in the high school mecha league, and I took the Yuecheng Mecha high school multiplayer aircraft.
This time, Yun Fan made his private aircraft feel completely different.
And the second purpose is to go to Gujing to participate in the competition, but this time it is to reach the wild wilderness to kill the genetic monster, and the feeling will be cloudy and the sails will be full of expectations.
Yuecheng is mostly surrounded by first-,second-and third-level genetic monsters, and fourth-level genetic monsters are rare.
Four-level gene monsters are usually hundreds of miles away from the city. If there is no aircraft, it is not only dangerous to run away from the city by mecha on the ground, but also more likely to go out for a day without even finding a four-level gene monster.
It is much easier to find the fourth-grade gene monster by flying in the aircraft and seeing the distribution of gene monsters in Fiona Fang for more than ten miles.
That’s why Yun Fan spent 10 million federal dollars to buy a personal aircraft, which is essential.
Yun Fan flies to the southeast of Yuecheng, where there are Mufu Mountain and Lianyun Mountain. There are many wild animals, genetic monsters, high-level monsters and mountains.
Flying away from Yuecheng for more than ten miles, Yunfan found a four-level genetic monster-the spotted leopard with dark stripes!
The spotted leopard is drinking water by a big reservoir. Yun Fan ordered the aircraft to land nearby.
Yun Fan first collected the aircraft and then equipped it with 21 to run to the spotted leopard.
Just after drinking water, the leopard with dark stripes was manipulated by Yun Fan. 21 blocked the side of the reservoir to escape.
For the mecha spotted leopard, there is a kind of fear, but the beast has a welcome. The spotted leopard can watch the 21-eye dew warily.
Yun Fan manipulated 21 strides forward and quickly rushed to the dark spotted leopard, which opened the mecha camera function to record the first world war.
Dark-striped leopard road can retreat, open its mouth and yell
Although it is afraid, but the fierceness in its blood is aroused, it still pounces on 21 with fierce momentum.
The speed of the spotted leopard is so fast that it rushes out of the four-level gene monster of more than 40 meters in one second, which is simply rapid.
However, compared with Yun Fan’s manipulation of 21, it is very slow for more than 40 meters in a second. The dark-striped spotted leopard has just jumped in front of 21 and 21 iron fists have already flashed out.
Right in the head of a leopard with dark stripes!
There was a loud noise, and the head of the spotted leopard was smashed with an iron fist, and the skull of the spotted leopard was blasted deep into the head.
The leopard with dark stripes was beaten back ten meters and fell to the ground without moving **21 to kill it with one punch.
21 power has great advantages in the face of five-level gene monsters, and four-level gene monsters are completely crushed.
The corpse of a four-level gene monster can also be worth 10,000 federal dollars, but the leopard with dark stripes is huge and six meters long, with Yu Yunfan in the second stage. There is not much to put in the aircraft.
Ten thousand pieces are not expensive for Yun Fan. Instead of taking care of the body of the spotted leopard, he continued to take the aircraft to find his four-level gene monster and strive to finish the goal of killing one hundred four-level gene monsters and buy the D-level mecha quickly.
It’s very efficient to kill genetic monsters regardless of the body by using such a tube as Yunfan.
In just half a day, Yun Fan found a dozen head four gene monsters to kill.
Yun Fan returned to Yuecheng by plane and came to Yun Fan for a whole day to kill the 27-head four-level gene monster.
At this rate, the target of killing one hundred four-level gene monsters can be completed in four days.
The next day, Yunfan continued to look for the four-level gene monster to hunt. He bought the maps of Mufu Mountain and Lianyun Mountain, and knew where the six-level gene monster nest was afraid to approach, and also knew that the four-level and five-level gene monsters were distributed in the main four-level gene monster activity areas, and the base of the gene monster was all four levels.
The next day, there were twenty-four monsters with four genes killed less than the first day!