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The sound is full of indifference.

I didn’t mean to be indifferent to the other party. Jim Woz looked as usual and said, "The existing cults are hiding in the king’s capital. They are trying to create great trouble, and the king’s palace is at risk. I need to inspect the king’s palace. I hope the mother won’t take it amiss."
The other party smiled contemptuously and said, "normal? Hum, what am I saying now? "
With that, she walked straight away without even looking at her son, Jim Woz.
Aside Safi’s face, although there is no expression, I immediately feel that there are many scenes in it, otherwise a pair of mothers should not mix like enemies again.
When the other party left, Jemworth looked as usual and waved to the soldier priest behind him. "Search carefully and try not to destroy things."
Some shire noticed that Jim Woz’s eyes were dull as if remembering something.
Obviously, the heart is far less calm than the face.
But Charles didn’t ask much, because he knew what kind of person Jemworth was, and there must be reasons why he didn’t want to be told.
So I did nothing quietly beside me.
Soon after, after some searching,
They confirmed that there was no problem in the palace.
With Jim Woz instructing them to go to another place.
Looking at the building in front, Safi controlled the horse and stopped. He looked very serious and said, "We seem to have found the target."
"Do you simply stop pretending because you are aware that we are approaching and you are not sure that you will not be discovered?"
Feeling the usual different atmosphere of the building, Jim Woz calmly analyzed, "It seems that by understanding the movement in our city, they have inferred that we are going to burn our bridges directly."
The director of the largest building in the King’s Capital of Fighting Beasts has always been a member of the royal family who takes turns to sit. I remember that the person in charge here is my uncle Richard Woz. Is it his negligence that he can be used as a den by the evil spirits? Or his reason …’
After thinking about it, he gave up obsessing about the problem.
Because there is a problem in front of him, that is, it was given the "Wangdu Defense Fortress" when the Beastie Garden was built. Its construction specifications are exceptionally high, and the height of the outer wall is close to 35 meters. Except for the knight, ordinary people can sigh at the ocean even if they have ropes, while the gate is made of iron wood and metal. Even the siege hammer can break it in a short time.
In the face of this fortress that stood in front of him, Jemworth directly gave up his plan to take the main entrance.
After his eyes flashed for a few times, he raised his hand and shouted, "All knights and grand knights are going to climb the wall to prepare for the wall battle! If the strength is less than the knight level, change the bow and arrow and tie the infected oil cloth to me to shoot inside. "
Unlike the earth, siege must rely on large-scale equipment such as siege ladders. In this world, human beings have extraordinary strength and some tools have extra development. The wall-climbing hook is one of them, which can make people climb the wall to a certain extent, but it relies too much on physical strength. Once they climb high, they will easily fall to their death.
Moreover, this thing needs all limbs, so that people can’t even lift the shield, and it is easy to be hit by the defender as a moving target. Most of it is a sneak attack and a frontal battle, and it is simply a death.
However, although the other side has already taken precautions, Jim Woz does not believe that a group of shady cultists can hastily come up with hundreds of people to defend themselves, and only a few dozen people have bow and arrow support. Thousands of knights here can climb the wall by climbing hooks, which may have a certain degree of casualties, but it is less acceptable!
With his order, the soldiers and generals immediately changed their clothes and put on the wall climbing hook without hesitation, while the priests of the church heresy hunting ground hesitated and looked at Safi.
After some hesitation, Safi gritted his teeth and ordered, "The knight level and the big knight level wear wall-climbing hooks to prepare for the coordinated attack without the knight level bow and arrow as a cover attack."
He knew that it was necessary to sacrifice at this time, otherwise, when the sacrifice ceremony of the fighting animal garden was completely completed, the devil really came to this world and would definitely cause greater losses, which was not what he wanted to see.
No matter what his purpose is or what he thinks about the principality of Marton, a devout man’s aversion to demons is absolutely unbearable for that to happen before his eyes
As soon as this order reached many priests, they immediately changed their equipment like the soldiers of Marton Principality.
Climbing the wall hook is a standing weapon and special warfare for them, just like the sword. On the one hand, they often have to deal with evil creatures of cults. They are more familiar than most soldiers!
When everything was ready, with several rounds of rocket fire, there were screams, and the fighting animal park sounded, which was the sound of cultists being hit.
Pinned a bow and arrow attack, and Jim Woz did not hesitate to order "assault!"
Thousands of soldiers equipped with wall hooks are clinging to the wall like lizards. Climb quickly!
During the period, many cultists tried to shoot them down, but the bow and arrow kept attacking, which severely suppressed most of them. Some stars were able to draw out their hands and attack the wall climbers.
In the face of these attacks, although the climbers fought back, they directly broke through their defense with absolute superiority in numbers and casualties.
With their continuous success in climbing the wall, Jim Woz immediately stopped the archers from shooting.
Because of the change in the number of people, it is not only beneficial to shoot one’s own people.
Didn’t keep him waiting too long, accompanied by the friction between the edges and corners of the gate, the gate of the animal garden was hit by people from the Ministry!
Jim Woz ordered, "Archers change their bodies for melee weapons! Kill if you encounter resistance! "
Chapter 34 Richard Woz
"bang! Bang! Hey! "
Looking at the impregnable room secret door in front of him, Jim Woz couldn’t help but frown deeply.
At this time, it has experienced some not-so-strong fighting, and the number of people is absolutely dominant. They have cleared the periphery of the fighting beast garden to defend all cultists and found the eye room in the end.
And this metal door made of special metal becomes the biggest problem in front of them.
Because the terrain is narrow and the body is more than ten meters deep, more people will get in the way.
Even if we arrange several big knights to hammer it, there is no way to do any harm to it.
Except for a little dust falling from the crack of the door, even dents have not been generated.
Judging from the sound produced when the hammer strikes, the thickness of this metal door may be close to more than ten centimeters, and it is almost impossible to hit it violently.
After thinking about it, he suddenly thought that since it couldn’t be broken, could he just take it apart?
So he quickly ordered the big knights to change hammers to crowbars and hoes to crack Shi Zhuan along the iron gate and loosen the soil on both sides …
Looking at the rising dust, Charles glanced at the crowd behind him, worried, and said to Jim Woz, "We are now more than ten meters deep. Are you sure this will not cause the tunnel to collapse and bury our department alive?"
Jim immediately took a deep breath and shook his head and said, "… I’m not sure, but this is the only way. Besides, I can’t think of a short-term attack method. I can expect the other side to do a good job in preventing collapse when building this basement."
I don’t know if it was because the basement was well repaired or because Jim and others were lucky.
Until the gate was demolished, the tunnel was dusty, and Jim Woz’s heart was pounding, but there were no big cracks and it was still very stable.
Let Jim Woz Shire’s heart be silent and secure.
Breaking the secret door and walking a distance, accompanied by a burst of singing unknown spells, a huge room entered their eyes.